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Bloggers Who Need to Blog Again


Why is it the ones who blog every week (or sometimes three times per week) aren’t the ones you really want to blog in the first place?

I used to have a huge circle of blogging friends four years ago. Let me clarify that: I used to have a huge circle of blogging friends who actually blogged, four years ago; we’re all pretty much still friends.

Four years ago, I would get together with these blogging friends routinely and not just for events that we were paid to attend either.

Meeting for lunches, dinners, drinks, and appetizers, parties within each other’s homes, paid events in the city (they paid us? to be with friends??).

Then there were the cool events that we weren’t paid to attend but got together in the name of blogging, like an annual IKEA trip filled with some of my most favorite people, or the now-defunct Listen to Your Mother.  A stage show I was honored to be part of which featured mom’s (and dad’s) of all ages, many of whom I am still close with.


bloggers, blog, blogging
Photos courtesy of Instagram accounts of my friends. I’m not gonna credit all of them because they know better than to sue me because I don’t have any money.

A lot of those people up there don’t blog anymore.

Man, four years ago was a lot more fun than now as it pertains to blogging.

But if it wasn’t for blogging, I never would have met them in the first place.

See? Blogging isn’t ALL bad.


Here are some bloggers who don’t blog anymore (or not enough), who I wish would come out of “retirement”. 


bloggers, blogging, blog


Ani Kay


Hi and Welcome!

Isn’t she freakin’ adorable? To be clear, she is now blogging more but she could blog seven days a week and it wouldn’t be enough. So many reasons I love Ani. Her writing doesn’t give me a migraine, she loves Gilmore Girls maybe more than I do, she is so damn funny, and she gives me lots of inspiration as it pertains to blog content. I swear to God, if she quits blogging, I am bringing her on over here and will pay her to write. In pop tarts or some shit because I have no payroll.

Becky at Noodleroux 

I got skillz.

I met Becky four years ago (see? FOUR YEARS AGO) at the Erma Bombeck Writing Conference. Much better than a blogging conference, honestly, because it was all humor writers. No coupon bloggers, no DIY bloggers, none of those bloggers who only blog because they think blogging is cool and bloggers get free shit (we don’t). I met Becky on the last night of the event at the dinner and was kind of sad because she would have been fun as FUCK to hang out with all weekend. Her blog is an amazing parting gift of that conference and I have been reading and commenting ever since and so should you now. She hasn’t written a post since the beginning of September. Let’s bum rush her blog and comment over and over so she gets the hint.


Amy at Banana Wheels 


Amy is another person I paid to be friends with me met at the aforementioned Erma conference and alas, I also met her on the last night. What in the hell I was doing the rest of the conference is beyond me. But getting to meet her, Becky, Andrea (up next) were the highlights. Except for me being able to fart in front of Shannon. A story for another day…..

Anyhoo, Amy was carrying this around the conference:

Scary Baby at Erma Bombeck Workshop

I believe I said something to the effect of, I feel so attracted to you right now. She is so hilarious, so underrated, she really needs to be famous. I could read her blog daily but instead, I am reading how to make bat placemats out of shiplap, and how to get 10,000 Pinterest followers a day.

Please come back to blogging on a regular basis, Amy. Do it for humanity.


Andrea at About 100%


Welcome! I'm Andrea, and I like to tell stories. Click on my picture to find out more.

Andrea is one of those people who is just naturally funny. Even when she comments on my blog, it’s funnier than I ever hope to be in a blog post. She hasn’t written in like, a year. Click the link above to go to her blog and spam her comment box with things like IF YOU DON’T BLOG SOON, I WILL COMMENT HERE EVERY HOUR FOR THE NEXT TWO DAYS UNTIL YOU TELL ME TO STOP. She would have made that much funnier. Man, I wish I were Andrea.


Sue would be proud of this illustration.


Sue at Diapers or Wine

I have no link, no picture, no nothing because Sue went off the blogging radar. Oh sure, she emerged last year with another blog but that too has since disappeared. Sue was fucking funny. Not just funny but fucking funny. I get a glimpse of that funny on her personal Facebook page (yes, we crossed the virtual friendship line) but her humor is completely underappreciated by her Facebook friends. I think she needs new ones. Like you and me.


Shannon at My Deepest Worth


Oh Shannon, Shannon. Shannon. I miss her blog so damn much and you know what else I miss? Her. We used to get pie monthly, comment on each other’s blogs, bitch about other bloggers over said pie, and just have each other’s blog backs (totally a “thing”). Now?  I see her maybe every six months for breakfast. Not even pie. You know what breakfast feels like compared to pie? Disappointment. I need her to come out of retirement because the blog world is empty without her.

Here is her Listen to Your Mother performance to give you a taste of what the blogging world is missing:


Erin at Home Everyday


Erin and I once made a video making a mockery out of blogging. Erin was supposed to be the Tina Fey to my Amy Poehler. Erin and I were gonna light the world on fire as it pertained to blogging.

Then she got a job with Collective Bias and now she doesn’t have time for us little people.


Watch our debut here:

And my heart is falling on the floor seeing my “littles” hugging me.



Bec at Little Lucy Lu


Image result for rebecca kuenzi little lucy lu


Bec doesn’t blog anymore and that is a travesty but she is a kindergarten teacher shaping young minds blah blah blah.

I first found her while I was in the trenches of DIY blogging and she was like a big frigging deal back then. If you are a DIY blogger, you might remember this project:


Image result for little lucy lu ladder in laundry room


The infamous ladder in the laundry room project.

It went viral and some bloggers even stole the idea and sold it as their own which may have even been the reason she left blogging altogether.

But throughout all of this, she and I became friends via blogging and also in real life.

Her blog doesn’t exist anymore, in fact, if you google Little Lucy Lu, it takes you to a parenting blog but not Bec’s blog.

Her blog Facebook page is still intact but hasn’t had any activity since 2014 WHAT IS UP WITH 2014????


Eileen at No Wire Hangers Ever


Image result for no wire hangers ever blog eileen o'connor
God, I want her hair…..said in the least Hannibal Lechter voice I can muster.


One blog that is continually hysterical but completely underrated is No Wire Hangers Ever.

She is a Chicago blogger who I wish I was friends with in real life but she’s probably too cool for me.



Did that slip out?

Which bloggers do you miss or wish blogged more? 


32 thoughts on “Bloggers Who Need to Blog Again”

  1. Oh, you. I am so glad that you are still blogging and carrying the torch for us losers. You are the best. xoxo

    There is so much I want to say here, but the most important thing is that as soon as I saw that picture of Amy I hoped to my dearly beloved that you would somehow reference The Doll and voila – the big ol’ picture of it slapped me right in the face and I cry-laughed. I miss blogging, and supporting bloggers, and stories of other bloggers’ lives that were so like mine that I didn’t feel like such a loser, and now I know that back in 2014 we WERE cool and we just didn’t know it.

    Someday I’ll get back to it. SOMEDAY. I may need to borrow The Doll for inspiration. Amy, you reading this? Send. The Doll.


    1. Creepy Baby would probably love to go on a cross-country FedEx tour to visit old friends! Dusting her off today and will give her a hug for everyone.


  2. I feel the same way, as aside from you and one or two others, the tiny community I had to entertain and hang with me have left here. I bribed Delusions of Ingenuity back with some candy, but who knows how many posts that will be good for. And how about that Marianne!?!?!? Did I meet you in her comments section or maybe after the Dyson tour. I miss The Done Life and Kirb Appeal as well. By the way, I barely make it through your summer hiatuses!!!!!!


  3. So, so many bloggers have quit the “biz”!!! In my niche (is that pronounced nitch or neesh?) a lot of them started posting on Instagram and then slowly started blogging less and posting photos with two word sentences on Instagram instead and eventually it was 100% IG. I don’t think it’s necessarily them being lazy, but just didn’t have the time to do everything entailed in blogging anymore, so they get their same fix on IG???


  4. I miss blogging a little bit but I miss you a lot. And pie. I haven’t NOT shared a whole mini pie with you in ages. I have a Friday off work coming up in a few weeks. Let’s make it happen.


  5. Man, I miss Amy’s (Banana Wheels) writing! I miss blogging so much. Creating content for a nonprofit is worthy, but doesn’t have the same feel as writing for myself (with no agenda). Now whenever I open my blog, I am at a complete loss of what to write about.


  6. I love this because now I have plenty to read while in limbo at the hospital. Thank you, Kari! And I love that hair too! (I lust after hair’s pathetic)


  7. You are the sweetest, and I love you! I am going to have to print this out and hang it on my wall to remind me to post at least once a week! I have a big fat post coming, from the Gilmore Girls FanFest this week. Spoiler, Todd Lowe used my guitar!

    Anyhoo, the blog I miss the most is The Dose of Reality. These two ladies were so freakin funny and they were such a joy to read. I check their blog every now and again, but sadly the last post remains from 2015.


    1. The other day, I went back and looked at some of my oldest blog posts from 2011, and it made me sad that so many of them weren’t blogging anymore. I was like, “Where are you?” A couple of women in particular, who I thought had become friends, disappeared. I found one of them on Linkedin, and I was so excited. I messaged her, and I don’t think she even remembered who I was! We had never actually met in real life, but still… (Sorry for this downer comment on a humor blog!) Anyway, I miss the old days of blogging. I agree, Instagram is not blogging! I personally have been co-hosting a linkup every week, because my crazy life has kept me away from my blog, but I’m not letting it go! (And I’m not really a writer, just an introvert who loves having an online magazine.) And, like Ani, I miss The Dose of Reality too!


      1. It’s not a downer at all because I understand this completely! It is so funny how these people you’ve never met in person become friends. Maybe because bloggers let you in and tell things about themselves that you wouldn’t normally tell at say, a lunch or a dinner party.
        Man, I REALLY wish I had read Dose of Reality now.


  8. Oh, my aching inferiority complex! I am open to suggestions on how to get Becky at Noodleroux to blog more frequently. There is nothing I enjoy more than getting an email alerting me that she has a brand new, hilarious post. Until then, I will check out some of these other bloggers and hope that they make a comeback.


  9. Ditto for Dose of Reality. Looooved that blog! I’ve been blogging for nine years now and am in awe at how many are no longer blogging. I can name tons who I came to know (not personally but by reading their blogs) and could tell you about their whole family. Then they up and leave with no rhyme or reason.
    Hey, do me a favor, promise you’ll keep blogging.


    1. OMG, you are the third or fourth person this week to tell me about Dose of Reality! So I went to their blog and tried to comment to say GET THE HELL BACK TO BLOGGING but alas, comments are turned off. 😦

      I promise you that I PLAN to keep blogging. 🙂


  10. DUDE. Duuuuuude. First, thank you loads for including me on this list. I’m honored, truly. I have fallen away from blogging for various life reasons but am trying to get back into writing (was going to attempt NaBloPoMo or whatever the hell it’s called but here we are on Nov 5 and I have yet to start). So I sat at my computer this morning and thought – I need to read some of my fave funny bloggers to start getting back in the zone, and pulled you up, and see this lovely tribute. And it dawned on me – I need to pull Creepy Baby out of my underwear drawer and have her sit next to me when I write. So that’s my new plan. Thanks to you. xoxoxoxoxo. You’re the best and I am in awe of your ability to keep up with writing.


    1. Get that damn baby out of the drawer. Stat.
      Also, don’t do the NABLOIPOLSKSKREFE thing because then you will burn out quick and we will lose your wit to the wind again.
      You are the best and I am so glad you are coming back.


  11. I love your homage to these funny, amazing people. I always heard the blogging community is where you’d meet amazing people, and I’ve only begun to scratch the surface. Great post.


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