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100 Things I Love

  The day before Thanksgiving, I found via a Facebook shout out, a blog post by Jennifer P. Williams, whom I had never heard of before. 100 Things I Love. Simple enough and full of amazing things to well, love. At the end of the list, she wrote Inspired by Melisa Wells. WAIT, I KNOW… Continue reading 100 Things I Love

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How To Decorate For the Holidays Using Only the Target Dollar Spot

  Target Dollar Spot, for those who aren't informed, is the little section at Target by the front doors that offers little items for under five dollars. Back in ye olden days (so like five years ago or maybe more), they only offered items at a one dollar price point. Then Target being the sneaky bastards… Continue reading How To Decorate For the Holidays Using Only the Target Dollar Spot

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Ten Stuffing Recipes Because Stuffing is Good

  So many synonyms for good but could I think of one to put in the title? Tip-top was one. Tip-top just isn't used enough. How was your stuffing, dear? Fine job! TIP-TOP!! This post is twofold! You will not only get ten of the best stuffing recipes you've ever laid your mouth on, BUT… Continue reading Ten Stuffing Recipes Because Stuffing is Good

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Unsponsored Clothespin Wreath Post

  So Rebecca and I decided for the sake of humankind that we should do a craft once a month. I've been transparent about self-care, about my foray into being Ma Ingalls, about me going to therapy and now you know another secret: I do monthly crafts so I don't stab anyone while waiting in… Continue reading Unsponsored Clothespin Wreath Post

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Leftover Chicken Nachos

  To be clear, the nachos aren't leftover just the chicken is. Because if we are being honest, leftover nachos are the nacho version of swamp ass. Nasty, soggy, messy, and just not something you want to be around. So here's a tip if you want second-day nachos: save the toppings SEPARATELY from the tortilla chips. You'll… Continue reading Leftover Chicken Nachos