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Unsponsored Clothespin Wreath Post

So Rebecca and I decided for the sake of humankind that we should do a craft once a month.

I’ve been transparent about self-care, about my foray into being Ma Ingalls, about me going to therapy, and now you know another secret: I do monthly crafts so I don’t stab anyone while waiting in line at the grocery store.

I am seeing a lot of news stories as of late about road rage, people doing weird things to random strangers, superintendents pooping on soccer fields, and I honestly feel that these people would have benefited from monthly crafting sessions.

So in our quest for getting healthier on the inside, Rebecca and I have decided that we shall craft once a month and I will write about it.

Or it’s just a reason to get together, eat, drink coffee, and vent about life.

I feel a segment coming on.

Or a segment title.

Like Rebecca and Kari’s Bitch and Kitsch or something.

On this episode of Rebecca and Kari’s Bitch and Kitsch, we are making:

Inspired by this:

Clothespin Wreath Stained & Painted with Faux Driftwood Look

I should start by saying that I met this blogger in person years ago at an event sponsored by Coca-Cola.

I’d seen many versions of this wreath all over the interweb (Pinterest) and thought it would be a fun and easy to make craft for our little bitch and kitsch.

Rebecca and I will alternate months with crafts, which means she chooses a craft one month, and I pick one the next, etc..

We used Linda’s post as a reference for our clothespin wreath and purchased the following supplies:

-a metal wreath form*
Ours was only two dollars from the craft store in the floral department. I recently discovered that Dollar Tree has these as well.

Also from the craft store in the wood craft section, but you can find them at Dollar Tree too.

-craft paint
We aren’t doing the stain route like Linda because, unlike Linda, Rustoleum isn’t paying us to do so.

-brushes for the paint
Sometimes you can find these at Dollar Tree, but my craft store has them in the craft paint section too.

-a wire-edged ribbon
We got ours in the craft store Christmas section.

As with all of our crafts, make sure you have snacks on hand, as shown in the background, and no, this post was not sponsored by Snickers.

We (Rebecca) decided that we should paint our wreath form off-white because that was the color we were going to paint /whitewash our clothespins.

To be transparent, if I didn’t have Rebecca, I wouldn’t have done this step.

I also probably wouldn’t have found any of the supplies for this craft, but instead found a really cute farmhouse-style sign that I have no room to hang in my home, some new knobs, Christmas ornaments, and a 70% off stencil for a craft I will never make.

After painting the wreath form, we then “painted” the clothespins. By “painted” I mean not really painted, but kind of slap the color on the clothespin because we were going for a farmhouse-ish look which equates to messy.

Finally, a style that fits my crafting style!

Yes, I see that paint all over my fingers.

My fingers are also farmhouse style.

I hate that I gave a free ad to their craft store.

Once your clothespins are dry, start clipping them around the wire frame. There is some debate which row you can clip them, so experiment with it to see what you like best. After some trial and error, Rebecca and I clipped ours to the wire closest to the middle of the wreath.

So here is where I am gonna get a little snippy with Linda.

She didn’t mention how many clothespins you will need.

While I realize there isn’t a finite number of clothespins as everyone has errors (see: me) or maybe a clothespin snafu (see: broken clothespin because Dollar Tree), but there wasn’t even an approximate number given.

But not to worry because that is where I come in!

You will need at least 59 clothespins, so two and a half full packages at the craft store.

Not sure how many that is at Dollar Tree, but get five since they’re only a dollar.

Remember 59.

After you get all of your “painted” clothespins attached to the wire wreath frame, time to hang it up.

This is where the therapy portion ended for me because, as those who receive gifts from me know, I don’t “do” bows or gift wrapping.

So I handed my ribbon to Rebecca because she and I both know that is nothing therapeutic about me trying to learn to tie ornamental ribbons.

Good friends don’t judge your bow tying skills or lack thereof.

When you’re done tying a bow, you have yourself a cool wreath.

All in the name of self-care, too.

12 thoughts on “Unsponsored Clothespin Wreath Post”

  1. I’m down with craft therapy and your title is brilliant! It looks so cute and I’d probably hang it on the laundry room door and giggle every time I saw it because I like obvious stuff like that and am easily amused. I can’t wait to see more of your crafting adventures in the name of good health and good Snickers. (OMG, have you tried Reese’s Outrageous bars? I could live on those things!!)

    I have a craft I need to get to soon or else the cold sweats will set in as it’s deadline related (need them for the tree) therefore it is now causing me stress instead of eliminating it. I found a tub full of lights I was going to use for a craft yesterday…3 years ago. Whoops!


    1. OOH, I never thought to hang it in the laundry room! You are so good for me.
      I have never even heard of Reese’s Outrageous Bars! I feel like I need these in my life.

      When I am paid for a post or have deadlines, I get SO stressed out. Thank God this wasn’t one of them. 🙂


  2. I am huge fan of art therapy! Or rather craft therapy! I love this wreath! I want to make one! I am like you with the craft supplies for projects I’ll never make. At least with this one, if I don’t make the wreath, I’ll have a cool metal wreath that I can just hang up and call it modern art. And who doesn’t need 59 clothes pins?!


    1. You could just get the metal wreath and spray paint it gold or rose gold. Minimalist at its finest AND it only cost less than five bucks.
      Man, I want that wreath now.
      Maybe for after the holidays……


  3. I love your wreath and I just LOVED this post. It made me giggle just a few times! I homeschool 3 boys so I know ALL about crafting therapy. Heck, most of the times I plan the crafts just so I can lock myself in my room and have a good reason for doing so. Pinned.


      1. Absolutely!! Pick away! 🙂 Stopping back by to let you know that this post was one of my featured favorites today on my blog (Our Unschooling Journey) from the party.


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