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How To Decorate For the Holidays Using Only the Target Dollar Spot


Target Dollar Spot, for those who aren’t informed, is the little section at Target by the front doors that offers little items for under five dollars.

Back in ye olden days (so like five years ago or maybe more), they only offered items at a one dollar price point.

Then Target being the sneaky bastards that they are (obviously this isn’t a sponsored post), decided to sneak in some three dollar items to see if we were paying attention.

Then they were just ballsy and added five dollar items as well.

I have a love-hate relationship with my Target Dollar Spot for this reason.

Also because my closest Dollar Spot usually sucks.

You have to get there the actual day they are putting new stuff out.

Like, take it out of the poor employee’s hands who is shoving it into the little shelves.

Because if not, all you are left with are the crappy earbuds, band-aids, and socks.

No one wants those socks, Target.


Over the past couple of years, I have toyed with the idea of creating either a fall or winter mantel for my home using only Target Dollar Spot items.

Then I saw a couple other blogs out there doing this; only, the blogs I was browsing were doing it on this extravagant level that made me chortle (it’s a thing), because if you REALLY need to decorate using items from the Dollar Spot at Target, you wouldn’t be dropping $40 dollars on it.

At that point, you may as well shop at Nordstrom Dollar Spot.*

*Yes I realize Nordstrom doesn’t have a Dollar Spot.

*I think.


We needed a relatable Target Dollar Spot post!

One that EVERYONE can enjoy!

A post that sends you out into the world (Target) and tells you, YOU TOO CAN GET STUFF FOR UNDER 15 DOLLARS TO DECORATE YOUR HOME!




First, let me disclose that I had purchased all of my Dollar Spot items at several different stores. I was NOT, however, on a mission but rather near said Target’s and decided to look at the Dollar Spot while there. 

I say this because I want you to realize that even the periodical Target shopper can create something like this as well.

I also should note that some of the items featured in this post may not be there anymore.

But this should give you inspiration for any holiday, any season, blah blah blah. 




This little metal house (which has a spot for a tealight!!) was one of the first items I found at a Dollar Spot this holiday season and I was giddier than I would like to admit.

I had first seen these on the Instagram story of a fellow blogger who is way cooler than I and felt like I had won the lottery when I found this.

See? It’s the little things.

I threw that thing in my cart so damn fast, I believe that there is a little dent on its backside.

No judgment, I have dents on my backside too.



That adorable little wreath the house is sitting on was also in the Dollar Spot. I had no idea how I wanted to use it but I loved the needles.


Total cost for both? $6.00.




I found these plaid cloth buckets in the Dollar Spot at the Target closest to my Neurologist’s office and picked this bad boy up so fast, I felt like I was stealing something.

I actually looked around to see if anyone was watching me because I couldn’t believe they were still just sitting there unattended!

Did I know what I was gonna do with it?

Hell no!

But that is the foundation of why the Target Dollar Spot works.

It feeds on idiots like me who have no clue what they will do with their purchases; all they know is that they have to have them.



I originally thought it might be cute to store holiday cards we received in here but as I got this into our home, it found a much better purpose.

A plant holder.

I may leave this up all winter because I don’t necessarily think that plaid is just for the holidays.

I mean, flannel shirts?



I actually just plopped my ceramic plant holder inside of this and added some plastic around the bottom to protect the bucket.

$3.00 for the bucket.



For the first time in a very long time, I am madly in love with the way our home looks for the holidays.

Everyone’s idea of decorating is really personal, which is why I don’t like to offer opinions or judgments on this blog about decorating.

Snarky comments? Yes. Self-deprecating humor? Of course.

But holiday decorating for some is therapeutic.

Hell, decorating for some is therapeutic (raises both hands in the air).

But I love the simplicity of our home this holiday season.

I am trying to minimize the stuff in my home and not just because it is all the rage right now.

Let’s just say without going into detail, that it helps immensely with my anxiety.



That up there is a collage of several of my mantels over the years.

There are many reasons I am so glad I have a blog and this is one of them: to see how I used to decorate.

Apparently, I liked dark colors in my thirties.

Won’t read into that.

But this year is the first year that we have a lighter paint color in our family room!

It seems like it’s been on our walls forever, but it’s only been since March.




I can’t tell you how good this mantel (and room) is for my anxiety, seasonal depression, and just sanity.

It is AMAZING what feathering your nest a little differently does for your soul.

For real.

I should totally write a book about that.



That little truck was only a dollar at the Dollar Spot.

I originally got it for Ella for her “horse farm” in the basement but she wasn’t feeling it, so on the mantel it went and I love it so much.

I will fight her for it if she decides she wants it.

The twine tree was also from the Dollar Spot but several years ago.

The greenery, Target Dollar Spot for $5.00 but the church was from Wal-Mart many moons ago.

It’s actually an ornament that I got for a dollar but I took off the hanging string.

The twinkle lights are also from the Target Dollar Spot ($3).



In all, I spent a total of $18 to decorate my home for the holidays and some of that will be used during the winter months as well.


What does your Target Dollar Spot have that mine might not? I want details!


10 thoughts on “How To Decorate For the Holidays Using Only the Target Dollar Spot”

  1. Pssht, our “dollar” spot doesn’t have anything good and honestly, since they added $5 stuff, I purposely won’t shop it anymore because corporate greed irks me. (Obviously I’ll never get Target sponsored posts either.) I’ll look and I did find a stocking stuffer Friday night but it was a dollar and I don’t buy anything higher than that out of principle because I’m weird like that.

    But I see people who find all kinds of stuff like you did and I used to waste $10 in gas driving around to every Target looking for these mythical things that just never materialized at any point during the season for me. I took it as a sign from the universe that my shoebox of a house can’t fit anything else. So I just sit back and admire you and others who do find cool stuff and make a finger gesture toward the nearest Target and sulk.


  2. You are a decorating wizard! Seriously, I’m always amazed when I see what you’ve done with your home. I always want to buy the dollar spot items but know I’ll just end up placing one here or there in random places all over my house all stupidly. 🤣


    1. I adore your new name. By the way, at first when I saw “special friend”, I was so afraid it was a troll. Then I saw your email and I was all YAY!!!

      LOOK AT THAT CALENDAR and we shall go shopping TOGETHER!


  3. I love your holiday Mantel!
    I’m angry I didn’t see the holiday bucket.
    The truck looks so much better on your mantel.
    I too appreciate the therapeutic effects of nest feathering.


  4. Feathering Your Nest For the Soul by Kari Hoban. That has such a nice ring to it! I love that plaid flannel bucket…the two Targets I’ve been in recently did not have those! I did get a strand of snowflake twinkle lights and a white tin row of houses…there’s six of them and they’re thin; they have the hinges in-between each one so you can display them accordian-like.


    1. YES!! I saw those accordion houses too! I hemmed and hawed over them because I had already purchased my little metal house.

      I think maybe I found an idea that is better than the screenplay. Well, a little better. 🙂


  5. Love all of these and I just love that section at Target. I don’t ever seem to make it out of the store without something from there.


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