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My Favorite Christmas Cookie Recipes


I love cookies any time of year but during the holidays is when it is most acceptable to eat cookies on a regular basis.

Cookies for breakfast? IF I HAVE TO!

Cookies for dinner? Jesus would want it that way!

Cookies at midnight? If it’s good enough for Santa, it’s good enough for me!

Listen, January is just around the corner.

We can eat carrots and low fat ranch dip then.

But for now, let’s eat cookies morning noon and night.

Are you out of cookie inspiration? I am here to help!



1- Rolo Cookies



I have written about my beloved Rolo Cookies for years because they are my happy place in cookie form. I have even started making these in the “offseason” because they make a really bad day much better. I hope they become your happy place cookie as well.

Head here for the full recipe. 


2- Snickerdoodle Cookies 


These award-winning cookies earned me a ribbon at the county fair when I was a tween. It’s a really good story, so you need to read the post if only for that. But make the cookies because they are amazing.

Head here for the full recipe. 


3- Meringue Cookies 


Literally three ingredients. If you thought you could never bake good cookies because you don’t know how to cook, start with this one. The only caveat is that you have to bake it for three hours. Use that time to wrap presents. Or get drunk on eggnog.

Head here for the full recipe. 

Homemade Meringue Cookies


4- Potato Chip and Pretzel Fudge

Oh sure this isn’t really a cookie but it’s good, crunchy, sweet AND salty. All ingredients for a perfect recipe.

Head here for the full recipe. 



This last one isn’t my recipe but rather an old post about making cookies with Ella, and how it could be therapeutic for both her and me.


Little hands helping in the kitchen is one of my favorite things



The funny thing is, I remember this day vividly. Ella stayed home from school because she was struggling (yet again) with well, school. Occasionally I would keep her home for a day for some mental preservation and this was one of those days. Now that she is homeschooled, every day is a mental preservation day for her, and that my friends, makes my heart sing.

Read here about our gingerbread cookie mental health day and for our favorite recipe as well.


What is your favorite holiday cookie? Share them with everyone in the comments!





24 thoughts on “My Favorite Christmas Cookie Recipes”

  1. These all look binge-worthy! I just bought some cream of tartar so I’ll have to make a few of these for sure! (Every time I go to use it, it’s always expired by two months without fail!)

    My favorites are molasses ginger cookies, frosted cut outs and Valrhona chocolate chip cookies. I make choco rolo cookies but I’m definitely trying yours since it’s completely different!


  2. There’s a chocolate chip cookie recipe out on the interwebs that uses vanilla pudding and it is the BEST chocolate chip cookie. It uses a ton of butter, and butter is the secret ingredient to life, so…maybe I should add a ton of butter to everything that ails me.

    My grandma used to make something she called Scotcharoos, which were rice crispie bars with butterscotch and a chocolate fudge topping. I tried to make them once myself and utterly failed. What I wouldn’t give to eat one of hers again.

    Look at that, you got me to read a cookie recipe post and I know I’m not even making any cookies this year. You are that good, girl.


    1. OOOH, I need the vanilla pudding cookies!! Now I need to google that.
      Maybe we should just wear butter around our necks, like a big old butter necklace.

      I have heard of those! My grandma used to make Special K candy with the cereal and peanut butter, oh my Lord.


  3. I will NOT make those meringue cookies, because I don’t understand wanting to eat sugary clouds, but everything else looks amazing! I’ll make the Snickerdoodles and Rolo cookies this week, you cookie-enabler.


  4. Christmas cookies are my favorite. I normally make at least a dozen of each of my favorites. Last year I made chocolate chip, vanilla chip (which is what we call white chocolate chip, because my son is adverse to anything chocolate), peanut butter blossoms, chewy peppermint mocha cookies, and toffee crunch brownies. I go a little overboard…


  5. Oh, you little temptress, you! So far, I have not made any Christmas cookies because I would eat them all. I’ll make some closer to Christmas and put them in the freezer beforehand (like that’ll help – snort). I think I’ll make Snowballs because those are my hubby’s faves, but I’m not sure what else.


  6. These all sound yummy!! Thanks so much for linking up at the #UnlimitedMonthlyLinkParty 7. Shared. I invite you to also link up this post at my Themed Linkup 6 – All Things Christmas for more views and shares 🙂


  7. These sound delicious. Myself, I refuse to buy into diet culture. I spent 33 years of my life yo-yo dieting and trying to hate myself thin. It didn’t make me thin but it sure did make me miserable. I still fight with the eating disorder mindset, and I am great about starving myself if it is triggered. I prefer not to label food as good or bad, but diet food that tastes like cardboard is bad. These cookies are good!

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