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The Lazy Person’s Guide to Refinishing a Table


I really need to write about half-assing your way through home improvement and/or life in general.

I am really good at making my home look like I spent a lot of time tending to my decor etc.. when in fact, I am a bit of a fraud.

I am not good at painting, restoring, fixing, and anything else that goes along with home decorating.

I make it nice, as Dorinda from Real Housewives of NYC would say.


I create the illusion of complete serenity as chaos looms underneath the surface.

I have a Pinterest board FULL of splendid ideas to make my home even more homier.



Have I tried most of them? No.

I underestimated how many times one would need a saw to “do it yourself” in your home, and I think we both know I have no business being anywhere around a saw executing any type of project.

Oh sure, there are little projects around my home that I know I could do but man, that takes time and energy and planning.

For example, our dining room table.

It has a problem in that we actually use it and have for over 13 years.

We rarely cover it up with a tablecloth unless it’s a birthday or holiday.

So it has seen lots of potlucks, barbeques, hot pizza boxes, glue, and playdoh in its time.

If my dining room table could talk, oh the things it would say.

“Put a coaster under that” is the first one that comes to mind.

In fairness to myself, my mom and I talked about refinishing the table this past summer.

But then homeschool happened, and as much as I love doing so, it’s a TON of work.

Pre-homeschooling, I had glorious plans of refinishing my table, replacing the bathroom floors (long story for another day), and the like but those projects got put on the back burner for more important projects.

Raising human lives. 


dining room table


So the table was just staring at me one Sunday afternoon as I was cleaning it off after dinner and I felt bad for it.

Poor table, you’ve been so good to us over the years.

I needed to do something!

So I headed to the hallowed halls of Google to ask if there was something I could do to save the table on a budget and without having to spend an entire week working to revive it.

I found a guy on YouTube who also didn’t want to spend a lot of time making his wood look shinier.

I could have worded that better. 

But this is the point I am trying to make, his wood looked better after using only one, I repeat, ONE item!

Again, could have worded that a lot better.

And what is that one item, you ask?



Just kidding but wouldn’t it be amazing if that were it??


No, this is the one thing:


Old English Scratch Cover For Dark Woods Polish 8 oz
Courtesy of Amazon


Old English Scratch Cover


Now, I need to be transparent and let you know that if you click on that link above I get money from Amazon. Not a lot of money, in fact, I may not even see that money until spring but it needs to be said because bloggers can be shifty. Shitty too, but that’s a post for another day.

I also need to tell you that getting that .02 cents was not my motivation for writing this post.

Trust me.

No, I want to share with you how you too can be very lazy this holiday season while getting ready for guests.

I mean you could just put a tablecloth on it but why not let your wood shine this holiday season?


Here is the before:


dining room table


And after two applications, here is the after:


dining room table


Here is another section before:


dining room table


dining room table


It looks like a whole new-ish table.


dining room table


There are pumpkins on my table because that is how fast I get on posts around here.


I love that my table looks like brand new-ish again.

I hope it feels like brand new-ish again.

Go forth and make your wood look really nice because guests are coming and they will be judging your wood.

This post contains an Amazon Affiliate link. See the tab marked Disclosure to read all about my working relationship with Amazon. 

14 thoughts on “The Lazy Person’s Guide to Refinishing a Table”

  1. Old English is the shizz, yo and it did wonders for your table, that’s awesome!! I wish mine only needed a swipe of that glorious wizardry. Four years ago, I refinished all of our wood furniture (two big armoires, one side table and our dining table) Let’s just say between the wax basically being gone and two chunks missing from the top of the table where a brad nails making headers for my doors went rogue, it needs attention. I want to re-stain it but a different color because there’s an orangey hue that must go. When I think about doing it, I think more about setting it on fire and roasting s’mores over it. So I’m going to envy your easy fix while I ponder if my future has stripper (no singles required) or a match in it.


  2. Trust me, I do a lot of things half-assery around here, too. I’m terrible at refinishing or fixing anything. Your table looks great now! I just use plain ol’ olive oil mixed with a drop of lemon juice for a furniture polish – easy, cheap (no, not me), no petroleum products, or chemicals!


  3. Thank you for this—- I have several pieces that I hope will be revived by using this product!!!! Visiting from Across the Boulevard!


  4. Whaaaaat?! Seriously?! Amazing! Can I use this on my floor too? My dogs keep crapping everywhere, and one particularly gnarly poop ate my flooring. I apologize for talking about poop in your comment section. Also for calling it gnarly. I just feel so comfortable on this page. Like pants off, sinking into the couch, with an ice cream sandwich kind of comfortable.


    1. I don’t know if you could use it on the floor but I would think you could?
      Also, I love that you feel comfortable talking about poop in my comment section.
      Hell, I may write a post about poop since you are my lyrical genius comment inspiration.
      You can add that to your business cards.

      You just made my week, you just have no idea. I might add “like pants off, sinking into the couch with an ice cream sandwich kind of comfortable” to my Who I Am page.
      I adore you, Ani.


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