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Technology Tips So You Can Show Your Kids How Cool You Really Are


I was thinking about technology the other day (don’t ask) and I had this brilliant idea to talk to you about things we really need to know.

Each generation has cooler shit than the generation before.

Do you realize that third graders in our school district get Chromebooks to work on homework at home?

Do you realize I didn’t start using a computer on the regular until I was 38 damn years old?

We are SO behind.

But not to fear! I am here to help!

Where is my cape……


There are tech things Generation X (my generation), and possibly Baby Boomers (my parents’ generation) might not know or care to know about.

But you need to stay ahead of the game because if you don’t, your kids are going to start making fun of you. Is that wrong? Hell yes. Is it judgemental? Of course it is! But at the end of the day, you need to get into this century if only to communicate with loved ones.

If you don’t know how to do simple things like send an email (yes there are people who don’t know how to do this) or send a text (ditto), or simply create a Facebook account (yes, they do exist and apparently most go to my church), I am here to help you.

Now, there isn’t anything wrong with the above, because some people simply do not want those things. But if you do want those things but don’t know how to create those things, we need to have tutorials and I want to help.

Information is a good thing. Trust me.

And no the government isn’t using it to keep tabs on you.

I don’t think.


iphone, technology



How to react to a comment while texting on your iPhone

Did you even know you could do this? Do you even know what I am talking about?

When you are texting someone on your iPhone, did you know that you can react to a text/comment?



Just hold down the comment you want to react to and the above will pop up. Ignore the Copy Speak More box and notice the box that floats above the text comment.

You can heart it (love), thumbs up it (like), thumbs down it (not like), haha it ….you get the picture, by touching one of those icons to react to the text in question.

I will tell you that if you do this as an older person, you will blow a younger person’s mind because they think you have no clue on such nonsense.

Now you do, so go blow a young person’s mind today.

You can also react to texts from friends who have Android phones as well. Rebecca has an Android and here is a screenshot of what it looks like for her:


tech, android, iphone




How to turn off notifications for social media apps on your iPhone

If no one has told you this, let me be the first: you don’t need alerts every time someone makes a comment on Twitter, any time there is a predator on the loose in Atlanta, every moment someone trolls you to say that UMM KARI, IT WASN’T 1984 WHEN GOONIES CAME OUT SMH EYEROLL EMOJI, etc..

No one needs that much stress and negativity thrown at them at any given time.

Teenagers really need to learn how to turn off the notifications as well because every moment something happens doesn’t need to be delivered to you on a platter.

No wonder they are having trouble making eye contact with other human beings.

Technology isn’t always a good thing but you can make social media YOUR bitch by turning off the notifications.

Here is how to turn them off and get your life back:


tech, iphone,


Click on Notifications (with the red tab).


tech, iphone


And begin clicking everything (or some things) to OFF.


Do it today.


tech, iphone


You can also toggle OFF Government Alerts as well.

You’re welcome.

By the way for all that don’t know, troll= internet bully. A troll can be someone who is harassing you on social media, online, etc.. or it can be a “friend” who has to call you out, correct you constantly, etc.. We all know someone in our lives who knows everything.

Head here to read how to get rid of Notifications on your Android as well.


White Samsung Laptop Computer Showing Smartphones


How to create an Instagram account

Instagram is my personal favorite form of social media but I am a grown woman who follows lots of whimsical bloggers. I can’t imagine the pressure having an Instagram as a tween or teenager.

Instagram is an app that you have to download from your app store (both iPhone and Android can do this) to your phone.

Once installed on your phone, click on the icon (the little camera) to enter Instagram.

You can either sign up with an email address or your phone number, you choose and down the hole you go until you get your account.

Now what?

Well, you will want to add pictures to your Instagram account! It’s pretty straightforward but here is a great tutorial on how to do exactly that.

How to make an Instagram story

I personally like Instagram stories better than Snapchat. I have tried to like Snapchat but it feels a little too juvenile to me and honestly, my oldest is in college and I don’t need to see everything that is going on and neither do you.

But Instagram stories are much better to me because I love Instagram anyway, so why need another app to do essentially what Snapchat does-ish.

I won’t even try to give you a tutorial because it was just two months ago that I figured out how to add music to mine and I’ve been using stories for over six months., so here is a great tutorial.

Oh and Instagram can be accessed on your laptop or desktop computer, but you can’t do more than just like and scroll when not on your phone. You cannot add pictures from your computer, only your phone as it is an app. But if trying to create an account is easier for you on a desktop, by all means, do so. Just know you can’t add pictures from your computer.


Flat Lay Photography of Calendar


How to use the Notes app on your iPhone

I love the Notes app and have been using it over the years for things like Christmas lists, notes to myself, journaling, even writing scenes for my screenplay as they came to me (usually while driving NOT WHILE driving but oh, you know what I mean). But I just started using it for my grocery list and have stopped using the list on my fridge. Let me tell you how nice it is to keep a running list on my phone so if I am out and not necessarily needing a grocery run, I can pick up the items because they are right on my phone and not on the fridge!

I still haven’t found a calendar app on my phone that I love. I have tried to use Google calendar, random calendar apps and nothing is like my good old-fashioned paper calendar on my kitchen counter. I don’t know that I will ever replace it but I also never thought that I would replace my refrigerator grocery list, so……

Head here to see the tutorial from Apple on how to use the Notes app (it comes with your phone so you won’t need to download it from the App Store).

Have an Android phone? Here’s a list of the ten best note-taking apps for Androids. 


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How to create a Facebook account

If you don’t have one, don’t do it. But if you must, head here to create a regular old Facebook account.

Head here to create a Facebook page if you have a business, website, non-profit, etc..

You will need to have a personal Facebook account before you can get a Facebook page. I honestly wish that would change because I can’t take a compete Facebook personal page break as I need to have Facebook for the organizations I am voluntarily running their page for or to get paid for certain campaigns.

By the way, I am loving the break-ish I am taking from Facebook.

Can’t quit Facebook but want to see less of some people or things? Read here about how in self-care I was able to make my feed less well, feedly.


advertising, alphabet, business

How to create a Twitter account

Twitter is my second favorite social media hangout because I find people are much funnier on there than anywhere else. Plus the mute function keeps my timeline full of people I want to see and read.

The hardest part of creating a Twitter account is coming up with your Twitter “handle”. Mine is @AGraceFullLife but if I didn’t have a blog, I would have spent an inordinate amount of time coming up with something witty and it would have sucked.

THEN you have to come up with a bio.


But once you get done with all of that, it’s fun. Trust me.

Head here to create an account.


Struggling to find a good Twitter handle? The lovely people at Post Planner have 13 ideas for you.

Now you need people to follow!

Here are a few to get you started:

Me, of course! A Grace Full Life

Tiny Buddha for inspirational quotes.

Live in the Chicago area and want a good laugh? Chicago Party Aunt is “running” for mayor. Vote for “her”.

Dolly Parton was the first person I followed on Twitter and you should too because she’s Dolly Freakin’ Parton.

John Cusack is one of very few celebrities who actually engages with his followers or doesn’t have someone else writing his tweets for him. He is very political and a lot smarter than I guess I thought he’d be.


android, blur, cellphone


What is the difference between an Android phone and an iPhone

Here is the answer.


How to take great pictures on your iPhone

I’ve learned lots of tips over the years to improve my iPhone picture taking and honestly, most of my blog pictures are taken on my phone. Is it my favorite camera ever? No. But it’s the most convenient.

Here is a great article about taking iPhone pictures to the next level.


How to take great pictures on your Android

If you are an Android user, you are so lucky. When I owned an Android, I loved my camera and got so many compliments on my pictures. But I was a newbie blogger back then and had no idea how to make my pictures even better. If you own an Android, you can use the same tips for the iPhone I shared above although, you might not even need to (yes,  the camera is that good).


How to send pictures from your phone in the body of an email

Sending pictures via email from a laptop is simple: click on the icon (paper clip, photo, etc.) typically next to the send button to attach photos or documents. But sending pictures from a mobile device can be a little bit trickier.

If you have never thought it was tricky, this post isn’t for you. Shoo. 

I could show you step by step but WikiHow has a very easy tutorial with pictures perfect for this exact question.


background, business, camera


Two ways to copy and paste

Do not feel shame if you don’t know how to copy and paste! Do you realize that a lot of things that are unknown are because people are afraid to ask in the first place for fear of being made fun of? I am learning this from Ella big time while homeschooling. If you are making someone else feel bad because they don’t know something that you think is “obvious”, stop.

Seriously. You’re ruining it for everyone.

There are several ways you can copy and paste.

One is by highlighting the item you want to copy with your mouse (or finger pad), then right click with your mouse (or finger pad) to paste!

Another way is by highlighting the item you want to copy and pressing the buttons Ctrl (control) then the letter C, then heading to the page you want to drop it in and pressing Ctrl again, but this time pressing the letter V.

According to WikiHow, there are apparently four ways to copy and paste (allowing for different computers).

So head here to read them AND see them!

If you are a visual learner like me, this will be really helpful. 


Person Using Typewriter


How to create a basic blog for free

The short answer? Blogger. I had a Blogger blog for almost six years before I moved over to WordPress.

NOW, there are two kinds of WordPress blogs: one that you own and can make money on (WordPress.org) and one that you don’t own and can’t (WordPress.com).

If you’re on the fence, here is an article to help guide you.

But if you are just starting out and don’t know that you want to make money? I still say, Blogger, as it’s the easiest to understand.

Head here for all of your blogging questions answered by me (yes, I sometimes know what I’m doing).

Are you still not sure if you want to create a Blogger blog or a WordPress blog? Here is a great side by side comparison.



What is a GIF and how do you pronounce it?

According to the Google Dictionary, GIF: a lossless format for image files that supports both animated and static images.

According to Urban Dictionary, GIF: A word that will cause the next Civil War over how it’s pronounced.

GIF stands for “graphics interchange format” and the correct way to pronounce it is the same way you pronounce this:


Image result for jif peanut butter


How to make a GIF

So now that you know how to say it, let’s make one!

I personally love GIF’s because they’re fun! That’s all. Nothing more. Just. FUN!

My favorite place to find GIF’s is Giphy.com.

In fact, every GIF I’ve ever shared on this blog comes from there.

If you want to add a GIF to your blog posts, it’s really simple, just head to the website, type in what it is you are looking for and click on the GIF.

Click on Embed and copy the GIPHY Embed Player code,

Head to your posts HTML or Text Editor and paste it in!

If you want to add it to your social media accounts, a lot of them already have GIF’s built in! Facebook now has a GIF button in the home page and on most phones for text, you can add GIF’s to text messages.

What a great time to be alive.


What is a Meme and how do you pronounce it

According to Google dictionary: an Internet Meme is an activity, concept, catchphrase, or piece of media that spreads, often as mimicry or for humorous purposes, from person to person via the internet.

How do you pronounce meme? According to the Oxford English Dictionary, it is pronounced MEEM.

Here is an example of a meme:

Extra condescending Wonka meme

There is so much more out there but this is all I am going to give to you.

If you need more, maybe enroll in a class or something.

Or go live in a cabin in the mountains.

That sounds so much better, doesn’t it?


7 thoughts on “Technology Tips So You Can Show Your Kids How Cool You Really Are”

  1. This is a brilliant post, and you are so right, there is so much that we don’t know even though we are the hip and with-it generation. Aren’t we?!

    OK, I am not pronouncing GIF that way, and here’s why. If the acronym is for ‘Graphic’, why would you pronounce it like a J? Jraphic? Like Jraphic Park?! Sounds like an adorable giraffe version of Jurassic Park. But seriously, I always pronounced it with a hard G until someone said it was supposed to be a a soft G, and I just can’t make the switch.

    Fun side note, I also used to pronounce radiator as rah-diator. And someone was like, ‘why would you say it like that? It doesn’t rah-diate heat.’ Ah! Insight! I’ve since pronounced it correctly, though my mom, who was the one who started it all, still pronounces it wrong. As does my husband, cause rebelliousness?

    Also, if you don’t already have a FB account, god bless you, stay far far away from it. It’s become a horrible stressful place!

    (Another also, you inspired my post today, and the fact that I ate more cauliflower last week than in all of 2018)


    1. You are SO good for my ego. So you need to comment every time I post. Every. Time.
      And now I shall always pronounce radiator RAHdiator and people will think I am French or something.
      You made this rainy, gloomy Monday so much better.


  2. I knew how to do all these except for the texting thing – which I don’t understand. If someone texts you, why would you want to react from FB? Why wouldn’t you just react or reply directly through the text? (Forgive the ignorance.) I have an Android, BTW.

    I have an aunt and uncle who do not own smart phones nor a computer – by choice. They both only have basic phones to make calls in case of an emergency. We always tease them when we see them: “How do you LIVE?!” They just laugh at us. They’re probably the smart ones.

    I saw a news article the other day (didn’t get a chance to read it yet) where the headline said something to the effect of, if we weren’t on social media, we could read an additional 200 books per year! Now that really got my attention. I’m only on FB and IG (I have a Twitter account but rarely go on it; and I hardly ever go on Pinterest) but even both of those take up way too much of my time. I get sucked in.


    1. You’re not reacting FROM Facebook. It’s like Facebook; I used an analogy but now I think I need to change how I worded it. Does that make sense?

      They ARE the smart ones LOL. I was much less anxious when I didn’t have social media, which is a huge part of why I left-ish Facebook.

      I read an article about how much more depressed and anxious our teens and tweens are because of all of this “advancement”. I think in small doses it’s good but not to the extent I see most teenagers (and adults) using it.


  3. Hi, I would like to invite you to my blog party “The Classy Flamingos” held each Wednesday thru Friday. You’ll get large picture exposure and shout outs. You may get PINKED and get even more exposure! I hope you’ll come join us. ~Linda poinsettiadr.com


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