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Searching for the Good


The inspiration for this post started with this video:


Hey, guess what? There were some really good things that happened last year, believe it or not. But I bet you didn’t see a lot these stories because bad outweighs good.

I’m really tired of people sharing bad shit. I mean, I get it that we can’t live in a bubble but to those of you who are consistently sharing bad news on your Facebook, Twitter, and beyond feeds, who hurt you?

For real.

Because you are bringing everyone down.

I’m always drawn to the saying be the good because I don’t think you need to be rich, famous, or particularly influential to make a difference.

In this time of our lives, being bad is given more attention than being good. What kind of messed up message is that sending to our youth?

In the age of all things technology (which is not a good thing, by the way), we say things behind computer screens that we would never say to someone in person.

We have, as a society, become horrible human beings.

But it’s not really our own faults; we can’t help ourselves, get out of our own way.

I propose that there be a three-step system before we share anything on social media.

Are you sure you want to post this? 

Are you absolutely positive? 

Will this make your grandma smile? 

That’s the kind of prompt we need.

Because common sense has gone out the window.

If you’re constantly sharing negative information, or making rude comments that you would never say in person, or just writing things that would make Grandma Elsie cringe, you need to keep it to yourself.

It’s really that simple.

Slam the laptop shut.

Throw your phone in your purse or on the damn ground.

Smash it while it’s down there.

Head to Sprint to tell them you accidentally broke it.

THEN see if it’s still something you should say.

I’m guessing that is a big nope.


No one wants to hear about the biggest flu outbreak this side of the Andes Mountains unless you are CNN or MSNBC.

Yeah, still don’t want to hear about it. 

No one wants to hear about how there was the biggest drug raid in the county unless you happened to be there and you smiled at the camera.

No one wants to hear about your opinions on child-rearing, education, politics, religion, and marijuana legalization.

Now, I am not talking about sharing good bad news; the lost pets in your area or the salmonella outbreak at a local restaurant to help others avoid it or the lettuce contaminations, ohhhh the lettuce contaminations, that help people pitch that shit out.

I am talking about the bad stuff that you can’t possibly do anything about.


So to get you started with all happy all the time, here are a few great websites, articles, videos, and the like.

Go forth, pay them forward like you are paying for someones damn Frappucino.

But hey, don’t tell everyone and anyone you did that because then it isn’t a good deed.

Did Phoebe teach you nothing??




Let’s start with one of my favorite commercials:



Speaking of Amazon, this skit on SNL made water come out of my nose. No, I am not making that up for effect.



The website Tiny Buddha is great for making me feel better about life in general and I am thinking it might help you too.

You can get daily or weekly nice happy soft thoughts in your inbox, you can follow them on social media for quotes that will make you feel seen, or you can join the forums to find your tribe.

They even have a course to essentially rewrite your life story which looks very intriguing.

I personally just love the quotes.




Take the time to watch this video (only six minutes long), trust me it’s worth it:



Did you know that there is a website entirely dedicated to good news?

Good News Network only shares news stories from all over the globe, focusing on the good not the bad.

For instance, did you know that the global suicide rate has declined by 29% since the year 2000?

I am quite positive you didn’t know that.


Photo of Woman Holding a Green Paper


MSN even has a section on their website dedicated strictly to good news.

Of course, it’s not on their front page but now you can save the link on your favorites tab and only see the good stuff every day.

Click here for the link and to see the happy.


My mom sent me this video around Christmas time.

Prepare to cry. The good cry.



Animals are just good, aren’t they?

Speaking of animals, check out these amazing drone pictures from all over our beautiful planet here.

Oh hi there, Lion.


Lion Vs Drone By Bachirm
Courtesy of Bachirm Photo Factory via Bored Panda


If you have an Instagram account, you NEED to follow Rita Safady aka celebrity_morph. She combines two different celebrities or reality television stars photographs to create one cool face.


Like Elvis and Khloe Kardashian.


Photo courtesy of Rita Safady


Meghan Markle and Halle Berry.

Photo courtesy of Rita Safady


President Barack Obama and Nelson Mandela.

Photo courtesy of Rita Safady


Looking for a happy song? Anna got me hooked on it years ago and I play it when I am having a bad day. It always works.



Now go and tell your Mama/ Daddy/ Sister/ Homies etc. you love them.



Bored Panda is a great website to lose a couple of hours on.

For example, did you know you can take toilet paper roll selfies to look like you’re on the moon?


Alien Moon
Courtesy of Bored Panda


I used to play this video that went viral over ten years ago over and over.  It will make you dance in your seat. I also told Anna and Ella I expect this kind of processional at their weddings. No pressure.



If the laughter from the unsuspecting guests in the pews doesn’t make you smile and laugh, I can’t help you.


Glenn Close gave a touching and close to home speech at the Golden Globes a few weeks ago, in case you missed it with all of the salmonella/blizzards of epic proportions/flu outbreak of 2019 coverage.



Did you know they are making a sequel to Coming to America?

Normally I am not a fan of sequels but man, I cannot wait for this one.

It may actually get me inside of a theater.

Courtesy of Bunny Ears website shop


Did you know that Macaulay Culkin runs a website? And it’s actually really funny?

It’s called Bunny Ears and I really want to be a contributor but they don’t accept outside submissions.

Anyway, still, go read his site because it’s actually good to see Macaulay out and about and not only as a barista.


This video made me smile and dance even with my headache tour going on:



I want to be Katelyn Ohashi when I grow up.

Or Shannon Evans’ Super Mario-inspired performance.

Watch it via Twitter (thanks to Katelyn Ohashi) because it is the only video without the commentator talking over the music.



Ella and I have been learning in depth about Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. this month in homeschool. We watched videos about his different speeches, documentaries about his assassination, read his entire I Have a Dream speech, learned about his childhood, virtually visited The King Center in Atlanta Georgia among many other things.

But his I Have a Dream speech has stuck with me this past week. If you want to read the entire speech, head here. Do like we did and print it out; maybe take your time and read it before bed or even put it on the fridge and really look at it every day.



I hope this post left you feeling a little lighter, a little better about the state of the world, and just good.

There is good happening every single day.

You just need to search for it.

21 thoughts on “Searching for the Good”

  1. I love tiny buddha! I’ve actually left most social media just for this reason… I’m much happier focusing on the positive and the good.


  2. I cry everytime I hear a replay of MLK making his speech. And I love this post. Good medicine. That’s a pretty Elvis right there!🤣. NO! I did not know that suicide statistic and I can’t wait to tell my husband About the sequel to “Coming to America”. We’re going to have to figure out how to make a date night out of it.


  3. Thank you so much for writing this, Kari. I absolutely agree with you. I don’t even like going on social media anymore because there’s so much negative. We need more positive. I always try to focus on the positive and I try to tell my college students to do the same. My motto lately: be positive; be kind.


  4. I was thinking about the good news journal from Gilmore Girls when I first started reading this. I agree there is so much negativity out there, sometimes it gets unbearable. In the last two years, I’ve had to shift my social media and news exposure. I tell my husband when I’m not exactly emotionally prepared to discuss the news story he just read. And I check Facebook maybe once a week. And honestly every time I do, I read or see something horrible that I wish I hadn’t. I have been doing some serious work to uncover the joy. Last year, my focus was joy. Finding my joy, and eliminating the things around me that don’t bring me joy. Even Marie Kondo gets me with her advice about joy. Right now, we need joy in our lives because we are bombarded by the horrible so often. I love this post, and it did make me happy.

    Also, my brothers and I were talking about the gymnast videos, and we all agreed that we wanted to be that good at anything. We settled on the fact that we are mediocre, at best, at a lot of things. And that’s ok 🙂


    1. YES to being that good at anything! I have always been completely in awe of athletes like gymnasts. Their bodies are absolutely amazing. I can barely get up the stairs without being out of breath. Mediocre is underrated. Let’s be proud of our mediocrity. 🙂


      1. Hear hear! Let’s make shirts that say “mediocrity is underrated” I would wear that ish all over town! Seriously though, you and I should start a shirt shop. I am obsessed with slouchy sweatshirts, now that I work out, and I have a few ideas that I would love to make. And I’m CERTAIN your shirt ideas are amazing.


  5. Thank you for this reminder to be looking for the good! There is way too much negative stuff out there and I admit, I get sucked into it sometimes – and I do share it on FB. I will continue to post news stories about drugs though, as I use those stories to show people what’s really going on out there. I don’t do public speaking or any other kind of outward advocacy, so this is what I fall back on.

    That dog video you shared….oh, my heart!


  6. I stopped watching the news 4 years ago, way before Morrissey encouraged me to. (“Spent the Day in Bed”) It is a horrible way to start your day, to “unwind” after work and to end your day before trying to sleep after seeing it all. I check out the window every morning and if there’s no steaming crater, I’m good to go. Weather? They can’t predict it. They are literally worse at predicting it now with all of this “technology” than they were 30 years ago when I was in elementary school so I pack all the things in the car. Sunscreen, umbrella, windbreaker, scarf, mittens and silver emergency blanket. Good to go again.

    Did you guys watch The Witness: From the Balcony of Room 306? I can’t believe they have the whole thing on YouTube ( We watched this at the Civil Rights Museum in Memphis and I think my hubby was embarrassed because I was ugly crying uncontrollably. Like, I couldn’t stop if I wanted to; things leaking out of my face in every way. Every human should watch it and have tissues handy.

    I will visit these sites because we all need some good news and things that make us ugly cry for good reasons to restore our faith in humanity a bit. Thanks for making those things easier to find. Now, I’m going to go wash my eyes out after seeing that picture ruin Elvis’ beautiful face.


    1. I have another tab open to watch the YouTube video, so I may be back here to snot nose comment about what I saw.
      We watched this video by the Daily Woo: It was like being there but I want to take Ella to the museum in person and take a black history tour of the south, not that there is such a thing (there SHOULD be such a thing). But seeing these things in person is so much more valuable than reading it on a page or seeing it in a video.

      Also, yes to not watching the news. My husband loves the news so I leave the room when he watches. It’s called self-preservation.


      1. I know, right? We are not really “museum people” for the most part but I have to say, if you get a chance for a field trip to Memphis, I highly recommend it. The fact it is part of the Lorraine Motel and you can stand in the spot in the next room and see inside his room is probably one of the most powerful historical moments you can see (as well as the building across the street where the shooter was.)

        I think you can write most of it off too ( I suggest calling the owner of Muddy’s Bake Shop and asking if she can explain the science behind making their cupcakes when they mix the batter so you can write those off too because “SCIENCE!!” (You know you said it just like the doc in Thomas Dolby’s video.)


      2. You are a treasure, I hope you know this.

        The best thing about homeschool is the ability to curate things that appeal to only her. We have spent three weeks talking about Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. and heading down rabbit holes of information about him and his life (including the video you shared) has been amazing. I have talked about him more in the past three weeks than I have in my entire life.

        So that link is super helpful because I was told in several homeschool groups that there was nothing deductible. It says that even THERAPY is deductible. That is huge.

        Also, cupcake making IS Science. 🙂


  7. So true. I consider myself a little old-fashioned because I am NOT really on social media much. Never have the time for it. Rarely post anything on Facebook. I do a Christmas card poem that recaps our year as a family – mostly everything with a humorous twist, but it rhyme. When I do go on Facebook it keep suggesting I watch videos like this dog one, because those tend to be the things I focus on. That Facebook – so smart.


  8. OK, I started to comment and then I lost it, so hoping this is not repetitive . . . Definitely a good point here. I am not much of a social media user. I thought it was just because I am old-school, but let’s just say now that I saw the negativity of it coming forever ago and I kept my distance, yeah – that’s the ticket! When I am on Facebook, it keep suggesting that I watch videos like this dog one you have posted here. So, Facebook is on to me, I guess? Pulling at my heartstrings. My kids are old enough to hear all the craziness on the news – I have the news on in the morning, and sometimes I feel like I should start humming loudly so they cannot hear it. They would hate my humming or singing, so that wouldn’t probably not help!


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