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I’ve Been Using Karma Incorrectly and I’m Guessing Tori Spelling Has As Well

That title got you in here, didn’t it?


No, but really, we need to discuss something serious.

A few months ago, my husband (the hoarder that he is) brought home some candlesticks from a former co-workers office.

Let’s just say the situation on how he got them wasn’t ideal.


But it got me thinking, which we all know is dangerous on many levels, that what if the candlesticks have some bad karma associated with them?

And what if that bad karma is now in my home?

Selective Focus of Candlesticks on Table With Wedding Set-up

So I threw away the candlesticks.

Yes, I now realize those candlesticks will be sitting in a landfill for eternity bad karma’ing up the joint, but I recycle daily like I am paid to do it, so I was due.


So after throwing away the candlesticks, I started to head down a karmic mind spiral like one really bad acid trip from the 60s.

What if some or every one of the things I have ever bought at a thrift shop, Goodwill, or garage sale has bad karma associated with it?

It turns out that I am using Karma all wrong in this scenario, or in general.

I thought about changing it here to make myself look better, but I feel like this level of incompetence is almost expected at this point.

So the term I am really looking for is energy.

Negative energy, to be clear.

Not the physics term.

I can’t believe I had to clarify that I was NOT talking about physics on this blog.

A few years ago, a boom of sorts happened.

Bloggers everywhere decided that Goodwill was the shit.

That anything within the store was fair game as long as you had some spray paint, a glue gun, and burlap.

They, in turn, convinced the general public that Goodwill was a great place to get ugly things and beautify them.

When you think about it, thrift stores have never been at their peak more than in the past 10 years or so.

Which means that there are a plethora of people right now who have items, in some case houses full, of OTHER PEOPLE’S crap.

And with other people, comes other people’s energy.

Shouldn’t we be concerned about this?

I mean, what if all of the bad luck we’ve had, inconveniences we’ve experienced, icky stuff happening, is simply because we were too cheap to buy stuff that is new?

That thought alone made me want to evaluate my decor and become a minimalist.

Side note: this is a huge first world problem. 

As someone who has had to shop at thrift stores, it is very first world to shop at a thrift store only to buy stuff to decorate. Then throw it all out and go shop full price because of bad karma/negative energy. Not all of us has this luxury. 

But I am not alone in thinking about this negative energy idea, because when I researched it via the halls of Google, I found many articles about bad energy stemming from used crap.

NOW, I need to state that I have been buying other people’s throwaways for a solid decade.

Do I think it has brought bad juju into my home?


But I also love some of the stuff I have brought into my home.

The Goodwill lamp that I repainted back in 2011:


The green cart that we got from our neighbor’s parents’ in 2016:


This subway art of all the places that mean something to my husband and me which I made using an old piece of artwork I found at Goodwill in 2011:


And the kitchen chairs we found on the side of the road in 2010:


Could they be to blame for some of the crummy things that have happened within the walls of our home?

Could simply removing these items help get rid of bad energy?

And how long would that energy even last??

I love the idea of saving money on decor and I love bringing old things back to life, but in the age of minimalism and Marie Kondo, Goodwill shopping has taken on a different meaning for me as of late.

Recently, I have been spending a lot of time at Goodwill but not shopping for new things; I’ve been dropping off old things.

Which makes me think maybe I shouldn’t be going into the store after dropping off my stuff to buy more of someone else’s stuff. Isn’t that the opposite of what I want to be doing anyway?


So apparently the word I am searching for is called energetic imprinting, meaning energy that is built up on used items from the previous owner.

According to the website Space Clearing:

“the more the item was used and the longer the person owned it, the more imprinting it will have.  Of course, if the previous owner was someone you love or respect, this can be a good thing. It’s also the reason why so many people seek to own an item that once belonged to a celebrity because some of that person’s energy will be imprinted into it.

But most objects you acquire second-hand, including antiques, are unlikely to have such desirable histories. It’s pot luck. You have no idea what embedded imprints you’ll be taking home with you or how they will affect you. More often than not, they will have energies that hinder rather than help you in your life.” 

I know, right??

But there IS a way to get rid of that negative energy: space clearing.

No, I am not making this up as I go.  Trust me, I wish like hell I was.

Space clearing is probably exactly what you think it is: getting rid of that bad energy.

Please say it’s done by eating tacos….

You can hire a professional space clearer (no I am not making this up) or you could do something called smudging which is the burning of sacred herbs.

So it’s at this point when you’re probably wondering why Tori Spelling’s name is in the title.

Years ago I was a big fan of Tori Spelling’s reality television programs.

This was before I started watching more mature television, like the Real Housewives franchise.

In the many moves to her incrementally larger homes in the San Fernando Valley, Tori would pay someone to come into her home to blaze up a joint and blow it all over each room.

Or it was sage. Whatever.

The sager/smudger/space clearer would then try to clear any negative energy from the used homes before Tori lowered herself to live with the regular people in neighborhoods with home values under a million dollars.

But I am pretty sure that Tori Spelling doesn’t know that the word we are looking for is energy, smudging, clearing and that no, tacos won’t get rid of it. Or won’t they?

I mean, when I eat tacos I am indeed much more positive than before I started eating them.

Maybe they DO clear negative energy!

So what’s a person to do if you’re not Tori Spelling?

And where in the hell can you find sage anyway?

Eff it, I’m just getting tacos.

17 thoughts on “I’ve Been Using Karma Incorrectly and I’m Guessing Tori Spelling Has As Well”

  1. I have nothing to add because I’m laughing too hard. I am not a goodwill shopper because I never get around to doing those Pinterest crafts I’ve pinned over the years. I am really good at unloading, so apologies to all the anxiety my crap has been imprinted with over the years.


  2. So, is that why Marie Kondo has you say thanks to the stuff before you trash it? To wipe off some of that juju? And honestly I believe in the smudge stick. Even though it smells awful. I haven’t done it at my new house, but I will, once it’s warmer and I can open the windows.

    My question is though, if you buy something and put the love into it by repurposing it, couldn’t that negate some of the bad juju? Also, if you buy new, what about the factory in which it was made and the working conditions? I ask because I work in health and safety, and I used to work in manufacturing. There was definitely some bad juju going around in those plants!


    1. OMG, I never even thought of that! I bet that IS the reason.

      I did think about the repurposing love thing but I guess the energy is still there whether you give it love or not. Sage, it is and according to my friend Melisa, you can get it on Amazon. 🙂


  3. Actually, you can get sage on Amazon and I know this because I ordered some a while back for two very dear friends who wanted/needed to sage their house! 🙂


  4. The one thing I wouldn’t buy used or vintage is jewelry. I feel like it is too personal hence tons of energy imprinting possibilities. For some reason, I always think of negative energy. Creepy!


  5. You are hilarious. I love your blog.

    I haven’t stepped foot in a Goodwill in months…until, ironically, today. I mostly stay out nowadays because I don’t want to be dragging more crap into my house and I can’t stand that Goodwill odor. Why do their stores stink? Savers doesn’t smell like that! At least today they weren’t pumping that God-awful chemical air freshener all through the store that makes my throat close up. Anywho! I stopped in on a whim when I was in the area today and did find a round wicker tray and a Polo dress shirt for Brian, but it turned out it’s too big on him.

    I have a sage smudge stick that I got at Fresh Thyme. It’s still just sitting there in my desk drawer. Thanks for the reminder…I probably need so smudge my house!



      1. No, this was an air freshener where they had several dispensers located around the store where it’d pump out the spray every few few minutes. I’m very sensitive to strong scents and chemical air fresheners…not good for those will allergies and asthma!

        I also realized I made a typo in my first reply…it’s supposed to be to, not so. (“I probably need to smudge my house!”)


  6. I’m down for tacos, too.

    I don’t know that I believe the energy/juju thing. I do know that sometimes a thrift store just hits me wrong and all I can see is crap and mindless consumerism and everything that’s wrong with America. I can feel that way in the Dollar Store and Target, too–which is birthplace to too much that ends up at Goodwill.

    So, I dunno. Don’t really have anything profound to contribute. I am in the less-is-more camp these days. Not Marie Kondoing it so much as just not bringing anything in unless I really need/love it. Lately, when I identify a need that I think I can fill at a thrift store, I go there first. Of course I peruse my favorite aisles. Awesomeness can be found there. But more and more I leave with nothing, and it feels pretty great. Fewer things of better quality is my new motto–because I have had WAY too many Goodwill loads that consist mostly of things that I bought there. Often still with the tags on them.

    I do not expect to figure all of this out before I die.


    1. I feel like maybe I am “new” which is why I have so many questions and very few answers. I do admit that I get vibes from things but it is really masked more in OMG THAT IS HIDEOUS or OMG I NEED THIS IN MY LIFE. But again, I’m “new” so what do I know?


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