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Five Interesting Things I Like

So in keeping with one of my promises for this “new” blog, I am doing more prompts, nonsensical writing, nothing of substance.

Not sure if this is a good thing for you but for me, it is kind of nice. Less expectation, less pressure, more time to write about things that mean absolutely nothing but might be kind of fun to read.

Today’s prompt is- Five weird things you like


Weird thing I like #1- The smells of skunk


I do realize that the smell of weed (marijuana) can be very similar to the smell of skunk.

But I know the difference.

Not because I have lots of experience smelling weed but rather, I have lots of experience smelling skunk.

I grew up in rural Ohio and on warm country nights, the smell of skunk was pretty much expected.

Skunks like to skulk around at night where they aren’t to be detected because they don’t like people.


Nighttime country driving is really hard.

No street lights to guide you for miles, curvy, winding roads of death, and 65 mph (minimum) speed limits do not make for skunk crossing-friendly roads.

Skunks then permeate the air with their secret weapon: odor they emit when scared or when hit by a car/truck/semi/bus going 65 on a dark, winding, country road.

But to me, there is nothing like that smell on a warm night.

OMG, I just realized that the smell I love is pretty much the smell of fear.

Or death.

What the hell does that say about me?

Moving on.

Weird thing I like #2- Ketchup on cottage cheese

2 Tomatoes Beside Tomato Ketchup Ketchup

I like lots of weird food pairings: cheese and potato chips; french fries dipped in tartar sauce; watermelon with salt.

Mmm, sodium chloride…..


If you’ve never tried it, don’t knock it!

I cannot eat even a bite of cottage cheese alone but add in some ketchup and I will eat an entire container.

There is really nothing else interesting to say about this.

Image result for capri pants
These aren’t my legs.
Or my pedal pushers.
Or my sandals.

Weird thing I like # 3- Capri pants

I am here to set the record straight on the Capri-pedal pusher-clam digger debate.

Who knew there was a debate?

Not anyone important.

Capri pants- end at the ankle bone

Pedal pushers- ends mid-calf

Clam diggers- ends at the knee

So the pants I like are really pedal pushers but I call them Capri pants because if I call them pedal pushers, I immediately sound like I am 80.

No matter, I do love my Capri pedal pants and you can’t take them away from me no matter what the Queer Eye guys say.


Image result for queer eye


The guy in the polka dot shirt says capris are a no-go.

I say polka dot shirts are a no-go.

Tomato, tomahto.

I love bruce hornsby
This picture was from another post, so the caption up there has nothing to do with THIS post. But it shows you how insane I am, so I left it in.

Weird thing I like #4- When I miss my grandma, I listen to Bruce Hornsby

Even though she probably had no idea who he was when she was alive.

But for some reason, his music makes me feel closer to her and I have no idea why.

Does anyone else have songs or music that just bring a person you miss, back to you?

I also crave listening to his music when it is a cool fall day.

I told you I was weird; there are no secrets here. 


Weird thing I like #5- The smell of chlorine/bleach

I love the smell of my house when it’s towel laundry day. It actually makes me happy to do laundry. 

No, it doesn’t but I do love the smell of bleach in my house.

I also love the smell of the indoor pool in a hotel because of the chlorine. 

Bleach makes me happy.

If Freud was here to figure it out, it might have something to do with my neat freak tendencies.

Or the pool.

Or it reminds me of being on vacation. 

Maye this winter, when things are bleak, I will just wash some white towels, put on some Jimmy Buffet, and douse myself in suntan lotion. 


What “weird” things do YOU like?

Please tell me.

I feel so exposed.



16 thoughts on “Five Interesting Things I Like”

  1. I find these random things interesting and hilarious. Maybe that says a lot about me, too. But ketchup on cottage cheese and the smell of skunks? Ummm…

    Weird things about me: I’m sure there’s plenty. But my brain isn’t working too well this morning, so I can’t come up with anything to share. I do remember one really weird thing I loved to eat as a teen when we had bologna in the house. I’d take a piece of bologna, smear it with mayo and then sprinkle it with Parmesan cheese. Roll it up and eat. Just for the record: I haven’t eaten bologna in over 30 years. 😉


    1. I used to take bologna and American cheese and do the same thing.
      OH! One more weird thing I used to do when I was a kid was asking for orange juice in my Cheerios instead of milk.

      Can we still be friends?


  2. One thing people always give me a hard time for is the dipping french fries and/or chicken nuggets in your shake or frosty…but it is amazing and I have no shame. Kind of similar to your watermelon and salt one…sweet and salty combo…


  3. Geeze a Lou! The thrill of trying to get back into WordPress to comment brought back fond memories. So when you forget your password and then you try to pick a new one using the one you tried to enter three times and it won’t let you use it because you used that one too recently…as in YES, THAT WAS SO MY PASSWORD!!!! Moving on…
    I will try the cottage cheese with ketchup, if you will try the ketchup in kraft Mac and cheese….wait, are you too classy for the blue box? It works in store brand boxes too…wait, are you too classy for boxed Mac and cheese period?
    I am not tall enough to have three different lengths of fancy pants since true capris will just be regular pants for me and then everything else will flow suit and be longer than the rules say! This does remind me to ask if there is an age where we max out in just regular old shorts? I mean, I saw my river road map backs of legs for the first time this year in a Dressing room the other day and while slightly scarred, I still bought some shorter than clam digger shorts.
    (Hey, for the effort of. Ring in your comment section, I am going to stay awhile)
    Mandolin Rain.
    Bleachy clean=peachy keen


    1. I feel like this is the repeat of the Batman Incident? I feel like that also needs to be a blog post.
      OOOH! I will totally try the mac and cheese ketchup thing! And no, I am never too classy for the blue box.

      Fancy pants. Please call me that from now on.

      I wish I could add music to the comments section so Bruce could play me out…….LISTEN TO THE TEARS ROLL DOWN MY FACE AS SHE TURNS TO GO (AS SHE TURNS TO GOOOOO OHHHHH.


  4. Weird about me? Hmm there’s so much- maybe the fact that I often pick things up with my toes. I am tall- why bend over if you don’t have to? My college roomie found my toe abilities odd!

    Those smells that you like- ewww! Guessing you like black licorice and nails on a chalk board too.


  5. Salt on watermelon – I thought everyone had salt on theirs like me and you!! I also add pepper!!


      1. There’s a story to why I add pepper, hmm…sounds like a new blog post coming on 🙂


  6. My best friend likes the smell of skunk too (I do not and was afraid to let our cat out after spying a skunk around our yard a lot this week!). My grandmother loved Kenny Rogers so when I want to think of her I play lots of his music.


    1. I love the smell of skunk BUT would never want my dog to get into a tussle with one because to get the smell out of him is HARD.

      I love that you have memories of your grandma listening to Kenny. I love his music too. 🙂


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