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Instagram Accounts You Need To Follow

I love Instagram more than any other social media form. Maybe it’s because it focuses on pictures rather than opinions or words but the vibe/aesthetic over there is calming for me and it feels much more authentic than Facebook.

Here are some accounts I love and I think you will too.


White House Black Shutters 

I have been following Ann Marie for close to ten years and I love everything about her.

She lives in the Chicago suburbs and we have yet to meet but that’s because she is kinda busy (she has seven kids).

But you will love her gentle voice, her beautiful home, and her minimalist style.


I also spotted this adorable library bag (but in army green) in her home:

Courtesy of Matriarch Handmade


And that led me to the Instagram account of Autumn Rose and her online store, Matriarch Handmade.

Love her style.

I mean, a sign language “fuck off” tote?

Courtesy of Matriarch Handmade

Who doesn’t need this?


Kirsten Day 

I found this next person on Twitter and it led me down the hole to Instagram and that is where I fell in love with her.

She lives in LA, (which will come in handy when I need sunny day pictures in my feed in January) and I love her positive vibe which is very infectious. But the biggest cool thing about her?

She is Skipper’s voice on Barbie Dream House Adventures.

That’s “Barbie” on the left.

I totally fangirl about stuff like this.



Ether and Opal 


So I love me The Real Housewives of every single city (except Potomac and Dallas) on Bravo. It is my #1 guilty pleasure and there is no shame in that game. Ether and Opal is an Etsy shop (based out of Chicago!) that sells items catering to sound bites from my favorite Housewives.

Courtesy of Ether and Opal


Courtesy of Ether and Opal


These will be completely lost on you if you don’t watch. Head here to follow her on Instagram if you do.

I fangirl about this crap as well. If you do too, let me know in the comments because I am dying to get my hands on a post about it. 





If you love mannequins who live in everyday homes (and who the hell doesn’t??), you’re gonna love Amandequin. My sweet friend Andrea recently “adopted” Amandequin a few months ago and so now she has her own Instagram account, obvi.






I love my friends.

Please follow Amanda on Instagram so that Andrea will continue to post updates.

I think this account alone will get me through winter.



Word Porn 

Word Porn, which is Word PORM on Instagram, is a great account to follow for inspiring quotes.



Lord, yes.



Also Lord, yes.


The Big Blue House 

The Big Blue House is a vacation rental in the country outside of Nashville and I have no idea how I stumbled on her. But I love her style and especially all of the pictures of the rambling Tennessee countryside she shares.

Courtesy of The Big Blue House

You can click on the link to reserve your little piece of paradise, but it is pretty pricey to rent this house at $600 plus PER NIGHT but I feel like it would be a great place to stay with a large group so you could split the cost to make it much more affordable.


Courtesy of The Big Blue House

Like maybe a big ole’ blog meetup. Me and 100 of my closest friends which would put it at just over $6 a night! Who’s in?


The Blue Room Designs


Samantha has my dream job of interior design and “DIY assistance”. I WANT TO BE A DIY ASSISTANT….or PROVIDE ASSISTANCE TO DIY!

Her style is exactly what I want my house to look like. She lives in an apartment in NYC and I love her life. I want to be Samantha when I grow up……


Courtesy of The Blue Room Design


Look! It’s the sign from Monica’s apartment!



Kiss My Aster 

Amanda is quirky, funny, and kick ass. Her home is quirky, funny, and kick ass. And if you love any type of landscaping, she is your kick-ass helper.


Courtesy of Amanda Thomsen


Courtesy of Amanda Thomsen



Natasha Nicholes 


Speaking of gardening, I have a friend (and she is a real-life friend as well) who is doing something pretty spectacular in the city of Chicago.


Courtesy of Natasha Nicholes


Natasha has a massive urban garden within a city neighborhood and it is growing in size and in popularity. She runs the We Sow We Grow Project which creates a community with gardening and food education.

Head here to buy a tee-shirt and help with her initiative.


Courtesy of Natasha Nicholes


But she also blogs, homeschools, sews, cooks, and travels. And this is the thing: she does it all really well. She is a huge inspiration for me in many areas of my life and I am proud to call her a friend.

You can follow her at her We Sow We Grow Instagram page but also follow her personal/blog page as well.


Have any other Instagram accounts you just adore? Let me know about them in the comments!

16 thoughts on “Instagram Accounts You Need To Follow”

  1. I like Instagram too, it’s so much nicer and drama free compared to FB. Also, love that sign language tote, I need that in my life.

    I like kristenhamptongoodnews. She is on our local news and does a lot of product reviews in her down time, and they’re all hilariously relatable because I’d be awful at that stuff, too.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. I feel like a granny. Because . . . I do not do instagram. I actually think I have an account, but I cannot remember how to get into it. I wanted to try to do instagram to invite people to read my blog, but I do not even get what instagram is. See: GRANNY. I am feeling right now as I did in much of junior high: UNCOOL & CLUELESS. I do not know if I have time for another reading assignment. I do think your descriptions of these sound hilarious. I will have to check them out.

    And I pretty much hate facebook. I am on a FB group – it is a group of moms and that has led me to find a few of my babysitting jobs, otherwise pure HATE. I tire of people posing stuff that no one cares about or bragging about their kids. Today I heard about a mom at our junior high who hosted a party for 7th graders, only they did not invite all of the 7th graders. Yet ALL OF THE MOMS CAN SEE THE PARTY PICS ON FACEBOOK BECAUSE MANY OF THEM ARE ‘FRIENDS’ (note the quotes) WITH THE BAD MOM WHO POSTED SOMETHING THAT ULTIMATELY MADE OTHER PEOPLE FEEL BAD. I do not have a 7th grader, but this impacted my close friend and I felt bad for her. I want to be snarky and send the mom a FB message and say, ‘Did your mom not teach you any manners?’ Sorry for the FB-hate tangent. Off to check out instagram, because who cares if I make dinner anyway, right?

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I hate Facebook too. I’m only on there now for homeschooling groups because that’s where I’m finding a lot of co-ops etc..

      I think you would like Instagram though.

      Random note – when are we writing about us?? Our story is SO good.


  3. IG is my favorite social media platform, too. I have a love-hate (mostly hate) relationship with FB. I’ll have to check out these accounts you mentioned. I follow almost 1000 people/accounts on IG and can you believe (of course you can) that I can’t think of a single one off the top of my head that’s a must-follow? Terrible brain fog right now, sorry.

    Liked by 1 person

      1. Nah, with IG’s algorithm, you don’t see all 1000 accounts in your feed. I’ve noticed it seems to be the same ones all the time. Maybe the ones I most comment on or like?

        Liked by 1 person

  4. Will check out your suggestions. Oh my gosh, there’s this woman I follow who always makes me laugh! Check her out @celestebarber and thanks so much for linking up at the #UnlimitedMonthlyLinkParty 4. Shared.

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