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Nobody Puts Gravy in a Corner- I Didn’t Make That Up

I can’t believe this was last November. This feels like FIVE years ago. The comments alone were fun to read to see what some of us were doing last year so don’t look at this reblog as depressing. Look at it as hopeful for what is in store for next year because next year will be better. 

First published November 18, 2019

I needed to add “I didn’t make that up” to the title because nobody puts gravy in a corner is pretty funny but it’s not something I came up with. It’s a play on a Dirty Dancing line and no, I won’t elaborate because if you’ve never watched Dirty Dancing, I don’t know that you can read my blog anymore.

I did however google “nobody puts gravy in a corner” to see if it was copyrighted but it’s not. It is in a Country Living magazine article, an Etsy card, Facebook captions, Instagram captions, random Tweets…..the list goes on.

In fairness to all of the unoriginal people above, Country Living did write an entire article on phrases you can use steal for your Instagram posts that have to do with Thanksgiving.

Don’t get me started on how the mighty have fallen. 

In honor of Thanksgiving next week, I thought I would share a post stuffed (get it?) with Thanksgiving goodies.



You need a music arsenal, which can either be an Apple Music playlist or Pandora Sunday Brunch radio (perfect for parties or gatherings), or create your own Spotify playlist for free.

Here is my Turkey Day playlist to help you along.

Think Adam Sandler meets Green Day meets Charlie Brown.


Tigerdoe Turkey Hats - 3 Pack Plush Turkey Costumes - Thanksgiving Party Headband - Roasted Turkey Hat (3 Pack Turkey Hats)
Courtesy of Amazon

Who the hell DOESN’T need this hat? If someone’s Uncle doesn’t show up in one of these bad boys, THAT would be a travesty.

There there’s this…..


CieKen Women's Fried Chicken Leg Pants Novelty Loose Cosplay Party Pants for Thanksgiving Day (L, Brown)
Courtesy of Amazon


Chicken leg pants marketed for Thanksgiving.

For once, I have no words.

Stumped for table decorating ideas but have literally no budget? I can help.

Kind of. 


How to create a Dollar Store Thanksgiving table!

When I moved to this new WordPress, I lost a lot of photos which is so irritating since most of my blog is based on pictures. The above post, for example, barely works without pictures. But read the post because it gives great ideas for decorating on a Dollar Tree budget and just use your imagination in lieu of well-placed pictures.

Toilet Signage Beside Green Leaf

Did you know the day after Thanksgiving is known to plumbers as Brown Friday?

Listen! I didn’t need to know it either but now I do and now you do too.

Shallow Focus Photography of Bananas

Don’t know how to cook? This chick made an entire Thanksgiving dinner using pre-cooked Trader Joe’s foods.

Don’t know what the hell to talk about at the table? Real Simple has some thoughts. Buzzfeed has some thoughts on what not to talk about.

The star of the show, for me at least, is stuffing. Or dressing. Whatever you call it, here are ten recipes you might want to try this year.

You know you know someone like this:

This is for Mother’s Day but this always makes me laugh and also family dysfunction is, when not your own, hilarious.

Need a drinking game to survive Thanksgiving with your cousins? Here’s a list of 12.

Now you’re gonna need dranks! Yes, I said dranks.

Courtesy of Food Network

Like “Frosty the Caramel Apple Pie”.

Courtesy of Food Network

Or “Toasted Cider”.

You’ll totally be toasted after drinking 12 of those.

Or just make a pumpkin keg:


Lastly, it’s important to show gratitude year-round and not just in November, so here is one of my favorite inspiring website’s tips on ways to show gratitude to everyone in your life, even those who challenge you.

Happy Thanksgiving!

26 thoughts on “Nobody Puts Gravy in a Corner- I Didn’t Make That Up”

    1. This is awesome! I LOVE Adam Sandler’s Turkey song. Those turkey pants are so cheap that they tempt me. The hat, not so much. Weird, right? My ability to make a playlist or upload music or know the names of songs is downright embarrassing. I can only get by on my ‘but my parents only had an AM radio in our station wagon’ excuse for so long. I am pathetic, there I said it. So when you come to my house someday- that is gonna happen! you will need to remind me to play tunes thru an alexa or a wireless speaker or whatever, because I am your worst-host nightmare.

      Thanksgiving is kind of a stressful time for me. Curly dances every year in the midwest championships the weekend after turkey day. This year I go back to Louisville with her and hopefully Mini, if her coaches let her blow off bball. I am always very thankful when it is OVER! Plus food-centric holidays suck for celiac disease peeps.

      We are going to my local sister’s. One of my brothers and his fam plus my folks will be there. Small, but should be enjoyable. Fingers crossed though, because family.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Please get those pants and wear them to Thanksgiving. I AM BEGGING YOU.

        I love small celebrations. We are going to my mom and dad’s and it’s only going to be my husband, Ellie and I because Anna is traveling to Minnesota with her dad’s family. We will miss her but she’s only gone for two days.

        Have a great Thanksgiving! ❤️


      2. Look at that, this comment still holds up.

        Actually don’t mind not being with family this year. No need to explain Lad’s absence.

        I usually don’t have to cook because of the dancing competition. This year, I have no choice. Cooking Thursday for us AND THEN driving to Curly’s competition. Silver lining: leftovers!

        Liked by 1 person

  1. Brown Friday. Wow. Chilling.

    I cannot believe that Thanksgiving is next week. Like, literally cannot believe it. I want to hold onto the ends of the weeks and just hold on to them so they don’t keep chugging along.

    Anyhoo, thanksgiving is my favorite holiday. I love spending the morning cooking. Oh, and this year my brother is taking us all to his office in the city to watch the parade! I’ve always wanted to see it, but just thinking about the crowds makes my palms sweat.

    What’s your Thanksgiving plan?

    Liked by 1 person

    1. It’s my favorite too! It didn’t used to be but it is now. Because I’ve never appreciated food more in my life since entering menopause.

      My mom and dad are hosting…my favorite place on Earth to be on Thanksgiving. ❤️


      1. I’m cooking on Thanksgiving after going to the parade in NYC. My first time there! And we may be doing another Thanksgiving this Sunday with Eric’s family, and I’ll be cooking then too.

        Liked by 1 person

  2. Welp, next week is going to be crrraaazy around here! I have 3 days of Thanksgiving feasts in a row. I am going to be wearing stretchy pants for weeks. The bright side? I am not hosting any of them! And one is at a restaurant, so I don’t have to eat turkey and ham and dressing and potatoes three days in a row.

    I had never heard of Brown Thanksgiving. Who knew?


    Liked by 1 person

  3. I have to add that this morning on the radio I head a list of things that you could say both at the Thanksgiving table and in the bedroom. It was, as you can imagine, pretty funny. ‘I prefer dark meat,’ ‘Is that my gravy or yours,’ OK, I will stop there. It made me thing of your ‘no one puts gravy in the corner’ post.

    Liked by 1 person

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