Why I Blog

Sharing old blog posts in 2020 might be one of my new favorite things. Enjoy this post from February of 2011.

A Grace Full Life

*Today begins a weekly series I thought would be kind of fun. I am sharing an old post that I dig up from the archives here in honor of my 10-year blogging anniversary this June!
Each Friday, a new post that hasn’t seen the light of day in a long time will be republished and I hope you enjoy this trip down memory lane. I love the idea of awakening posts from a graveyard of words.
*Full disclosure- I have edited the shit out of my grammar, punctuation, and spelling (I did not, however, change the content). It appears that 2011 Kari was dumb as a box of rocks. To be fair to myself, I had only begun writing a blog six months before this post published. Apparently, that’s also when I started speaking English for the first time as well. 😉 

First published February 4, 2011 

As I have…

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