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It’s Mid-January and Homemade Thin Mints Will Save Us

This seemed like a good fit for this week. Enjoy. 

First published January 21, 2020

Listen, I love a good Girl Scout cookie like the rest of you, but I don’t have the patience to wait until February. I also know no one locally who sells Girl Scout cookies anymore except for the kids that camp out at the local grocery store, so I needed a thin mint recipe and I have a feeling you do too.

This thin mint obsession actually started as a Christmas cookie recipe I found via Pinterest a few years ago. It was easy, three ingredients, and it tasted amazing, so it stayed in the old recipe box until the following Christmas. Then over Christmas break this year, I thought, why am I only making these during the holidays? This is a great year-round cookie! 

Then I also thought about how January is so damn January around here and decided that this recipe was just the thing to bring happiness back, if only momentarily.

Last Wednesday it was very January here, and I said FUCK IT, I AM MAKING THOSE DAMN THIN MINTS.

I swear a lot on this blog, welcome to it. 

So I made those damn thin mints, but I only made a tiny batch because I am on a diet, and eating 10 homemade thin mints is not on the menu.

It should be, but it isn’t.




There are three different versions of this recipe making the rounds on the internet and Pinterest. One has shortening (Crisco), the other doesn’t, and one is an entire makeover of the original cookie.

I have tried two of the above recipes, but the one I haven’t tried is this one:

Make healthy Thin Mints at home with this easy recipe! The crispy cookies are made with almond flour and maple syrup and coated in dark chocolate. Vegan + gluten-free. #glutenfree #vegan #thinmints #healthy #cookies #girlscoutcookies #copycat
Courtesy of Eating Bird Food


I kind of like the blog/website that the recipe came from (Eating Bird Food, is the name), even though her type of blog isn’t really my thing. BUT some recipes are pretty cool and I love birds so.

Even though that’s not at ALL what her blog is about.

It should be, but it isn’t. 

Side note- remember a few weeks ago how I said go somewhere new each month (or week)? Well, normally I would just pin this and move on, but now I’m following her on Bloglovin because even if I find one new recipe a month from her, it is out of my zone and it might make me a better person.

Probably not, but I am really trying to grow.

But not in waist size, so don’t read too much into that, Universe

Also, blogging is a lost art, and bloggers kind of need to stick together now more than ever.

Anyway, her recipe for from-scratch thin mints uses almond flour, coconut oil, etc.. Definitely something I want to try when I have nothing else to do and also if I want to eat more natural ingredient based and less processed recipes.

But when you don’t have time and want a good old-fashioned thin mint quickly, that up there isn’t gonna cut it.

Homemade Thin Mints (no-bake, vegan) - Only 3 ingredients in this spot on copycat version of real Thin Mints! Easy recipe at
Courtesy of Averie Cooks

So my favorite recipe that I usually make for the holidays has the following ingredients: Ritz crackers, chocolate chips, shortening (only a tablespoon but definitely not low-fat), and peppermint oil. It is SO easy that I can do it in less than 15 minutes; 30 minutes if you include chill time in the fridge. So you could essentially make your homemade thin mint cookie and eat it within a half-hour. AND you don’t need to turn your oven on as I make these in the microwave.

The other recipe I found online was only three ingredients: chocolate chips, Ritz crackers, and peppermint oil. It was good, but the chocolate didn’t go on as smoothly because there wasn’t any shortening to make them shiny and smooth.

But they were DELICIOUS, and if you are on a diet, it’s a fun little snack without feeling like you totally blew it.



They aren’t as pretty as the shortening cookies, but they are delicious, and honestly, who cares what they look like? I have had beautiful food that tastes like what garbage smells like.

These are definitely delicious enough to make January less January, and now you don’t have to wait until those Girl Scout cookies come in.


32 thoughts on “It’s Mid-January and Homemade Thin Mints Will Save Us”

  1. I love thin mints and the peanut butter chocolate ones too. It’s not fair that these cookies come around less than a month after resolutions begin. 😂

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Brittany looks like a nice person who is working hard and I never want to be one of those women who tears other women down (especially a new mama), but…yeah, not my vibe either. I want to read about things like counterfeit Girl Scout cookies and tater tots and obsessions with 80 films and the indignities of menopause. How can a recipe with Ritz crackers and chocolate not be good?

    Liked by 1 person

  3. That almond flour version SOUNDS gluten free. Dangerous- so I am gonna pretend I know nothing about it. I just ordered 50 boxes from my neighbor kid and I texted the mom to say thank God these have gluten. Without celiac disease I would be in serious trouble. No self control. Btw another way to deal with January- fly to Dallas to see friends right before a snowstorm. Highly recommend. I am being a brat, aren’t I?

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Dollar General sells those, the peanut butter ones, and the caramel delites for like a buck per box year round. Just in case you wanna skip on the cooking next time. I make an Andes chocolate bark at Christmas that tastes a lot like the Thin Mints, butter, Andes chips, and chocolate graham crackers. They always look like shit, though.

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  5. I am *not* going to make these because I would eat ten million.

    I’m also not buying Girl Scout Thin Mints because I would eat the whole box in 24 hours.

    Guess what my favorite ice cream flavor is?!

    Liked by 1 person

  6. Great shares for those looking to lighten things up a little bit! Thin Mints were the only ones we liked and since you can get them year round with Keebler’s Grasshoppers, they lost appeal to me. (I don’t like Samoa’s but they have those too…Coconut Dreams or something like that.) The Kit Kat Mint Duos taste just like thin mints too.

    I do have a sleeve of snowflake Ritz left so I might go for the “ugly” ones and put some heart sprinkles on it…voila…Valentine’s dessert! HA!

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  7. I hate to be a Debbie downer, but I can’t imagine anything could taste as good as the original. 😉
    I was a GS leader for many years for both of my daughters AND I was the cookie mom; picture 300 cases of GS cookies in your garage. that you have access to. 24/7.
    Yeah, I surely gained a lot of weight during cookie season.
    I’m pretty good about avoiding them now, but we purchase quite a few and then donate them back. I’m gonna go check out your links just in case I feel like baking something and comparing. ;

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I have to agree with you that there’s nothing like the original. Although if you’ve never had the Aldi brand, I have to say that they come the closest.
      I could never be trusted with 300 boxes of Girl Scout cookies in my garage. I give you mad props. 😂😘


  8. Thin mints are the queen of all the GS cookies. I bought three boxes this year and they are going right into my freezer. No one in my family eats them so they are all mine! A few years ago, I chopped them up and added them to home made mint chocolate ice cream. Good god. It was dangerously good. I used to love Samoas but they changed the recipe since I was a kid and I just don’t like them as much. That didn’t stop me from buying three boxes though. Gotta support the local girl scouts!

    I always see the store brand thin mints, but I never buy them. I’m tempted, but I figure if I remain a thin mint purist, I won’t eat them year round. After the last GG festival, and eating my first Mallomars, I don’t need another cookie addiction. I literally day dream about Mallomars and there is only one place to buy them. And every so often I buy them, and eat the whole box. See, you weren’t even talking about Mallomars, but I love them so much I had to come up with a reason to talk about them.

    I do love the idea of Ritz crackers though, because I love salty and sweet.

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    1. I never knew about the thin mint/freezer connection until several years ago. GAME FUDGIN’ CHANGER. And OMG chopping them up and adding them to desserts is such a good idea! AND Weight Watchers friendly too! I am back on the wagon for four weeks now and down seven pounds….say prayers and chants.

      Aldi’s thin mint cookies are almost identical, so try them when GS cookies are unavailable.

      I love salty and sweet too. 🙂


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