My Least Favorite Project Ever- A Curtain Call

A Grace Full Life

These curtains THESE CURTAINS. I don’t have them anymore because they ended up fraying but I think these lasted a good two or three years before I pitched them. 
The blog post was way better than these curtains ever were. 

First published January 23, 2012

I blame Pinterest for this one.

I saw these awesome curtains there back in the summer or fall, not sure when, but loved them when I saw them.

Aren’t these absolutely gorgeous? I love the mix of reds and black/white.

And the best part about these curtains?

No sewing involved!

So I thought, I could do this. I could totally do this and not even break a sweat.

Chuckle, chuckle.

If you want the professional tutorial, go here.

This blogger, by the way, is a designer by trade so of course, her curtains look perfect and of course, she made it sound so easy. So…

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8 thoughts on “My Least Favorite Project Ever- A Curtain Call”

  1. These curtains do look amazing and they WERE inexpensive. I know it is all relative. I made a balloon curtain for Laddie’s room when we bought our first house. He was 1. Oh the frustration and the work. It was a sewing project and when it was lying on the family room floor, it looked great. When we hung them though, they did not balloon or go up evenly or do anything but bunch up and tick me off.
    Love the pictures! Oh and I sewed real curtains in my living room about 4 yrs ago. They are not flawless.


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