Hamsters Are Cool-You Should Get One

We miss you, little guy.

A Grace Full Life

I had another post ready to reblog today and then on February 4, our dear, sweet Nibbles passed away in Ella’s arms on the way to the vet sick call hour. 

It’s been a sad week here because he was so much more to us than just a hamster.

Ella said something interesting on the day he died; she told us that he immediately felt lighter after he died. 

“How is that possible? He still has all of his organs”, she said. 

I said it’s because his soul is no longer in there. 

His soul. It had so much weight.

First published September 14, 2018

You really should.

I’ve noticed that since getting a hamster, I have been less stressed out, and just kind of even.

Even, man.

I do believe that our hamster Nibbles is directly responsible for this behavior.

That and it’s just good to have another living…

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7 thoughts on “Hamsters Are Cool-You Should Get One”

  1. So sorry about Nibbles. I remember feeling the same about the weight with our dog in my arms as we drove her to the pet cemetery. Animals big and small give so much to us. ❤

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  2. Oh, I’m so sorry. My dogs have reached the age that every time one of them doesn’t immediately come out of bed in the morning, I brace myself. I feel such relief when a nose pokes out of the blanket and realize that it’s not going to be this morning. But I know it will be some morning. I’m sorry it was for you this week.

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