I Hate Painting Furniture

A Grace Full Life

I am publishing a follow-up post to these hideous nightstands on Monday, so I felt it only necessary to share this post today. Plus it’s one of my most favorite posts. 🙂 

First published on September 12, 2017

I have read my share of DIY blogs to know that everything that I crank out is sub-par at best.

In fact, one could argue that my once DIY blog no longer has anything to do with DIY.

That is unless DIY stood for Dammit!Ick! Yikes! which is exactly my reaction to anything I try to remedy on my own as it pertains to decor.

I am good at decorating. I am bad at painting. And for the sake of every piece of untouched furniture in my home, I need to turn in my paintbrush. Because it’s insulting to the furniture when the after looks worse than the before.


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2 thoughts on “I Hate Painting Furniture”

  1. You just made me laugh out loud. THANK YOU! I laughed out loud the first time I read this post, but it was definitely worth a re-run. (Do kids today know what re-runs are? No, pretty sure they do not.) Just for the last line alone. You are my favorite DIY blogger, btw.

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