Why I Hate Bruce Jenner

A Grace Full Life

Remember the days when the most shocking thing was that Bruce Jenner was now Caitlyn Jenner?
I. Miss. Those. Days. 
Also, running didn’t make me cry or fight with friends (which you will read about) but rather hormones and the possible beginning of my menopause.
After reading this, I realize I am such a different person than I was in 2012; a less angry version of myself. Which is so refreshing to see as I am in the thick of menopause and hormonal loss.
Seeing this growth is why I am so happy I am resharing old posts.
This also ties in with this upcoming Monday’s post. Stay tuned. 😉 

First published June 25, 2012

Growing up, I had three Olympic idols: Dorothy Hamill (I even got her famous haircut when I was in first grade), Nadia Comaneci (I had the album with “her” song on…

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8 thoughts on “Why I Hate Bruce Jenner”

  1. OMG. I was obsessed with Nadia too and I totally forgot about her theme song. I just went down a long rabbit hole on youtube watching her old videos. Thanks for that distraction. 😉

    First of all, I applaud you for doing it as long as you did. I’ve dreamed of being a runner. (actually, in my dreams, I’m a great runner!) It hurts my knees and my lungs. Like really bad. I did the 1-minute run, 5-minute walk, etc….never got better and then my knees hurt for days.
    I felt like running would be a fabulous way to burn calories and lose weight too….but nope, not for this girl. Even in my 40’s, I couldn’t do it and now I’ve given up. I’ll be in the slow lane walking being passed by turtles.

    YOU are a badass for pushing yourself through all those obstacles; I applaud you for that.

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    1. I am totally writing distracting things down so when I get bored (and it is sure to come), I have lots of things to do.
      I need to look up Nadia because it’s been so long but I do remember that song. 🙂

      By the way, I am so excited you have a new blog post. It’s like getting a People magazine in the mail. That is exciting for me. 🙂


  2. I loved running. I ran track and cross country in high school. I’m slow but determined so I absolutely loved long distances. Then I got hit by a car while walking across a street. I have a bunch of issues with one side of my body. Every couple of years I try to c25k myself back into running. I make it about 4 weeks and then..:go back to walking. Honestly I was just thinking about starting it up again because…why not?

    And you’ve definitely got to love running to go through all that and still want to be running.

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    1. OMG! That is horrible! My brother actually got hit by a car while bicycling back when I was 19 and I was in charge of him at the time (he was 16).

      Yeah, not sure I love it or love to torture myself with it. You will read more about that tomorrow but I do love that it is keeping me motivated for now. 🙂


  3. First of all, I, too, got a Dorothy Hamill haircut because I, too, was an ice skater (only not as good), and I really really really wanted my program music to be Nadia’s Theme, but my coach said no. Maybe because it was also the theme to The Young and the Restless? (My gymnast idol was Olga Korbut, though, because I’m just a few years older than you. Like a million other little girls in 1972, I briefly took gymnastics lessons in the fall for a brief amount of time. Also a short-lived career.)

    I was also, in my youth, a runner. I developed the same condition that Mary Decker (later Mary Decker Tabb) had, only I wasn’t a world class runner and so didn’t get surgery to fix it. I spent two years in pain and finally quit the track team when I was waking up crying from pain and needing to take aspirin around the clock to control it.

    So, we have common sports idols and a common situation with running, and I can’t wait to see what you are going to post today about this!

    Also, I so hear you on looking back at your 2012 self. I often think of that as the last really good year, before all kinds of things started falling apart. I wish I could reach back in time and tell her to enjoy it more.

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