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What I’ve Been Laughing At

I am not an easy laugh. Kind of like saying, I am not an easy lay.

I don’t laugh out loud as much as you would think.

When I text people, this is my code:

lol = not really laughing but I didn’t have anything else to say

LOL = okay, good try. I didn’t actually laugh out loud but came close

LMAO = that WAS funny! But not literal laugh out loud funny

<laughing face emoji> = I laughedΒ 

For someone who appreciates humor more than most, I probably only laugh out loud every other day. I didn’t used to know how much I was laughing until I had nothing but time because of quarantine. That is until recently when I started to pay attention to what I am laughing at.

Woman Smiling While Looking Upwards


I now realize that I have three categories that usually always (that makes no sense) make me laugh: farts or farting but only accidentally, people falling down, or people laughing hysterically.

Have a video of people laughing hysterically until they fall down and fart? I am likely to wet myself.






These blog posts made me laugh out loud in the past few weeks:


I found Suz’s blog via my new/old friend Erin, whom I talked about in the March tater tot post. By the way, that post was only three weeks ago but it feels like I wrote it last year.

Anyhoo, Suz had the regular flu this winter and has the eternal cough (a solid two months later) because of it. She wanted ice-cream but her husband told her to stay in the car so she doesn’t scare people.


Have any of you started coughing over the past few weeks and had a moment of, OH SHIT THIS IS IT.

Or is that just me and my anxiety?

Read here about when my new/old friend Erin went to Costco a few weeks ago and had to cough.


How Michelle now refers to herself Face Touchy McTouchy Face since the epidemic started.


God bless her.

I shared this meme on Facebook a few weeks ago:


Image may contain: possible text that says 'Crazy times were living in. I used to cough to hide a fart now I fart to hide a cough.'
To be clear, I didn’t come up with this. I wish I had but didn’t. No clue who did either.


It gave me a literal laugh out loud when I first read it and thereafter, I would chuckle when I thought about it. Then while on a walk with Mike one Sunday, I spontaneously burst out laughing (during a pandemic EVEN) thinking about the fart cough meme and he started laughing at me laughing and said he knew what I was laughing at. That meme.

THAT is marriage, my friends.

I also love this video and I don’t care if you’ve already seen it.



Speaking of Phil Collins, last year I found this amazing article via Twitter about this guy getting his sleep recorded and in it, you could hear his nighttime farts. Someone shared it on Twitter and made a comment on how the fart noises were so melodic. To which another person asked someone to “turn this into a Phil Collins drum solo”.

A farting Phil Collins drum solo. (click on the link below because I am not able to embed it here)

I laughed so hard, I farted. Of course, I shared it with Ella, who also appreciates a good fart joke and she laughed so hard that she may have farted too.

Then I started laughing at Ella laughing at the farting drum solo.

We recently recreated the above scene (organically) during this pandemic and it made me stop and appreciate the moment.

Look at us laughing! Listen to us laughing! WE ARE LAUGHING!

Before I was social distancing from my parents, I was telling my dad about the above tweet, then shared with him the actual video to which he laughed and laughed as well. To which my mom said we are both exactly the same because we love fart humor.

I love that.


Maybe farting will save us during this end of times? Maybe farting is the answer. To everything.


24 thoughts on “What I’ve Been Laughing At”

  1. I don’t laugh out loud much either but I do almost always find myself laughing over America’s Funniest Home Videos and usually when someone is falling down or getting hurt.. My family is starting to show signs of seasonal allergies and I threatened my husband with bodily harm if he tried to blow his nose while we were in the store. No one is allowed to cough, or sneeze, or sniffle if we are outside this house… and no it’s not just you anytime anyone coughs I do wonder “is this IT?”

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  2. So crazy – but one of my writing assignments is to wake up and write down my dream. I guess we have to do something with the notes on our dreams at some point. Anyway, there were 3 parts to me dream last night. In one part I fell asleep in my car and a dog was hiding inside my car when I woke up – breathing on my leg. No idea what this means – maybe with the number of people in my house, I would be more comfortable sleeping with a dog in a car?

    Anyway – the last part of my dream had something to do with trying to convince women behind a counter to buy my Irish soda bread for their store. (Kari – next time we are together I will make a loaf – guarantee you will love). I was upset that a woman next to me trying to sell her bread was rude and had cut in front of me or stolen my pen. It was weird, but the best part – I farted. Loud and Long. Mini was in the dream, and she made a point to loudly scold Curly for farting and then turned to me with a big wide-eyed expressions like: You’re welcome and you shouldn’t be farting in public no matter how upset you are.

    I hope that story wins the emoji laughing thing even though it was in a dream. My kids will be enjoying that fart news cast laugh and the animal farts later today when they get their butts out of bed.

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    1. Okay here is my amateur take on your dream about the dog: the dog is representing the Coronavirus and him breathing on you is your fear of getting on it.
      The Irish soda bread dream made me laugh so hard because FARTING. Loud and long.

      I am glad these videos will bring joy. πŸ™‚


  3. Oh my goodness. I really LOL’d at a lot. Unlike you, my LOL really means LOL. πŸ™‚
    The bathroom bomb? Awesome.
    Farting animals? Awesome-er. I had no idea birds can fart.
    Now, I’m wondering about butterflies. Can they fart? Hmmmm.

    The Southside Chicago lady; woot woot. DON’T FUCK with her! And who was it that posted her on twitter? Ken Olin? Which is crazy because I was thinking of the show Thirtysomething this morning and he was on it, and possibly the creator of it? Not sure, but how weird is that?

    The fart/cough meme is hil-ar-eous!
    And I almost spit out my coffee with the deer in the plastic toy thing….I didn’t see it coming.

    I followed the twitter link to the sleeping guy farting and there again, coffee in my sinus passages.

    You are too much.
    Thanks for the shoutout! XO

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  4. When I was in 7th grade, my family spent a weekend in the woods with close family friends, which mostly meant spending 48 hours in a trailer with no showers with 5 other people. Except for when we went into town for lunch and I was mortified because: no showers. I remember my mom and her best friend drinking wine and talking about farting. They laughed so hard just talking about farting, and they proclaimed that they were going to start a new kind of FFA, where the letters would stand for Free Farters of America. I stayed in my little elevated bunk space and rolled my eyes and wondered what I’d done to be punished so because: too young to drink wine. Glad I’m not a 7th grader any more. And that you are laughing. πŸ™‚

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  5. This is so good! I need to laugh and know I can count on you to make me smile and laugh and forget about the bad shit.

    You are a ray of light in a dark time. ❀️

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  6. People laughing hysterically get me laughing. I’m not sophisticated enough to care why they’re laughing, all I know is once someone gets the giggles, I do too. Like a yawn, only better.

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  7. Other people laughing is my weakness. I’m still laughing at that first video of the newscaster just not being able to keep it together. Blooper reels? Forget it, I’m crying from laughing.

    Also memes are just amazing. I hate to love them, but I do. I found a site called Mediocre Guitar Player and every picture had me laughing to tears. I showed my husband and he looked at me like I was crazy.

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