100 Things I Love

A Grace Full Life

I loved writing this post back in 2018 for many reasons but the biggest is that it’s really nice to have a list of things you love in one place. I have referred to this list (which remains in my phone notes) a lot over the past two years but never more than in the past three weeks. I have had Ella create one in her phone as part of a homeschool writing project because it’s just nice to have things that make you smile at your disposal. 

First published November 30, 2018

The day before Thanksgiving, I found via a Facebook shout out, a blog post by Jennifer P. Williams, whom I had never heard of before.

100 Things I Love.

Simple enough and full of amazing things to well, love.

It inspired me to create my own 100 things I love list in my phone, adding…

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2 thoughts on “100 Things I Love”

  1. I love this so much. Your blog is saving me lately and also giving me beautiful ideas. I’m going to start my own list and I’m excited about it.
    Your list is amazing and we appreciate all of the same things.

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