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Keeping Calendars is My Hoarding Cats

I have a secret hoarding issue.

I keep old calendars.



I have kept a day planner on my kitchen counter (and now one for blogging on my desk) for so many years, I don’t even remember when I started. But I end up keeping the planners long after they have been used and I have moved onto the next year’s planner.  I never really look through them though and it is now when I am slowly running out of things to do because of social distancing/quarantine, that I begin to wonder why do I keep them, to begin with? Hidden behind a desk drawer and never looked at. It’s comforting to know what I was doing in March of 2010 but at the same time, is it?


My saved Lang calendars


I also save old Lang calendars as well.

I’ve written about my love of the Lang calendar and its wooden frame a couple of times in the first few years of blogging when I was annoyingly crafty but mostly because of what I could turn my Lang calendar frame into OTHER than holding its calendars.


Is it a tray for the coffee table?



Or a 4th of July centerpiece?


Consensus? I had way too much fucking energy in 2011.

But never did I focus on the true superstar of the Lang calendar frame; the calendar itself. Particularly the contents of what was in those little dated boxes on the calendar.

Like playdates with Rebecca and her then-toddler (who is graduating from college next month) and the words “baby gym”.


The day Mike proposed to me.


Anna’s first day of preschool.


Wedding preparations.


What “being in the thick of it” looks like on paper.


And the day we found out our lives were going to change yet again.


Girl Scout cookie sales, prenatal visits, and Ella coming into the world.


I remember the reason Anna’s sleepover was crossed out on the 18th. It was a week after Ellie was born and Anna didn’t want to leave her or us. I might not have remembered that little tidbit if I hadn’t kept these calendars.

I don’t think I will be doing anything other than tucking these calendars somewhere in the basement to be unearthed someday when the girls have kids of their own. Or maybe to be opened on a random, slow, quiet and boring Tuesday.

To remember how good we had it and how good it will be again.

24 thoughts on “Keeping Calendars is My Hoarding Cats”

  1. This is crazy. I too keep my calenders, but my calenders are really notebooks full of to do lists. I write the date on the top of the page and then all the stuff I need to do. I find it very entertaining and heart warming to look back. I keep them in a drawer in my study. The coiniqidink part- I used to use a pocket calender by Lang’s that I kept in my purse. I have those stowed away in a desk. (My sister had the wall version like you). I love looking back and seeing the day I found out I was pregnant with so-and-so, etc. Sweet, sweet memories!

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    1. I love that we both keep calendars. The ones I keep in a drawer are like notebooks too. At some point I need to go through them and get rid of them (recycle, of course). But the Lang calendars I won’t. ❤️


  2. Oh WOW, you’re such a hoarder 🙂 Seriously though, never kept any, throw them out when a new year and new calendar comes out.

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  3. I love that you were so fucking crafty in 2011.

    I have all my old calendars too. And a few weeks ago, I found in a box wayyy up in my closet that I have saved all my pocket calendars and day planners. ALL of them. Like before I met my husband and I was 4 1/2 when we met. 🙂 I fell into a rabbit hole reading about all the stupid shit I did and I actually had to throw out a few pages so that my children won’t think badly of me for what I did when I was 16.

    What a sweet walk down memory lane for you. And us. And if I didn’t say it before, congratulations on your engagement, marriage and new baby.
    Well, you know, not so new anymore. Wait, does that make her an OLD baby?

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  4. Calendars can be so personal. I used to hoard my calendars and then one day I decided to toss them all out. I let them go, but cannot say how my life has changed because of it. Maybe for me they didn’t matter? 🤔

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  5. This is so sweet. I don’t keep my calendars or planners but I do keep a Word document of the important things that happened in that particular year. xoxo

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  6. I have some old calendars lying around – but mine are mainly empty because I start out with high hopes and then I fizzle out. If I could make myself use calendars they way you do, then I’d probably definitely keep them!

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  7. Oh, honey. We all had way to much fucking energy in 2011.

    I’m pretty sure calendars are your cats, but who cares? I don’t have that, but I know that as much as I have sometimes loved to hate FB memories, I mostly love them. They are small snippets of my life, and they often remind me of things I’d forgotten. In a good way.

    So hoard on, sister. I think the one big takeaway I’m getting from this event we’re living through is that all “rules” are up for reconsideration. Those calendars aren’t evidence of some sort of deficiency. They are primary source documents of life before. Weren’t you smart to keep them? 😉

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  8. I am so with you on this one. I never throw out calendars. Some of them have barely anything written on them, but others have job interviews, travel, and all sorts of other goodies that I want to remember forever. I love the events that you shared in this point. So much yay! And I so needed this today.

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  9. I only use my Google or dry erase calendar, but I have these little 5×8 notebooks I get from Target that I use to make lists or plans in. I have a stack in my closet, because I hate to get rid of them. It’s nice to flip through them and see what we were doing around a given time, planning for a birthday party, stuff like that.

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  10. I have a ginormous stack of Minted photo calendars. (They really are huge.) I never look at them, I just tuck them away – until I miss a birthday, then I have to pull out an old one and flip through it to figure out what OTHER birthdays I forgot to add to it, too.

    I have no idea why I keep them though, so I’ll just refer to everything here in your post as my reasons.

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