Mrs. Pierce

A Grace Full Life

Years ago when I was blogging on the Blogger platform, I had a totally different About Me page. My bio pages have evolved with each year of writing but for many years I had a tiny tribute to my 11th grade English teacher tucked in. Essentially saying that she would be rolling her eyes right now if she saw my blog because of my horrible grasp of the English language and grammar. 
I took Mrs. Pierce off of my About Me page for no other reason than I wanted a change when I moved to WordPress in 2017. But it made me sad that I took her off of there considering how much she meant to me and my writing. 
Recently, I wrote about Mrs. Pierce again and how an email at a dark time came just when I needed it and it made me revisit this post, make the…

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2 thoughts on “Mrs. Pierce”

  1. Kari-what a blessing for you to have had a Mrs. Pierce in your life. She could see the potential in you and I’m so happy your paths crossed when they did, or else ours might not have. I love your “about me” page; you are extremely talented and funny…what a combo!

    Also, we pretty much had the same Junior year of high school; the wrong friends surrounded me and it took a year to get my shit together after that.

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