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50 Questions-One for Each Year of My Life

My friend Erika wrote a post last year, “Nifty Fifty Survey” which lists 50 questions and answers. I love posts like these, selfishly to write and less to read. Like, I want to know probably 20 things about you but after that, I’m not really listening anymore and I know you are probably like that as well.

So it’s okay if you only glance at maybe 10 or 20 items. It’s my birthday month and anything I gotta do to avoid running butt-naked through the streets of my neighborhood whilst motherfucking our government at the top of my lungs, well, I think you’d agree is good self-care.

I may still run naked through the streets, to be clear.

Just leaving that on the table for May.

Closeup Photo of 50 Against Red Background

 50 Questions

1- what is the color of your toothbrush -White, I think. I hope these questions get better.

2- name someone who made you smile today– Mike saying something about ham farts (it’s a thing).

3- what were you doing at 7 a.m. this morning? Tomfoolery. (let’s bring that word back)

4- what were you doing 45 minutes ago? The same thing I was doing at 7 a.m.

5- favorite candy bar– A soft, smushy Twix.

6- last thing you said out loud– Omg Mike, really? (in relation to the story about ham farts)

7- favorite ice cream– I have a couple: Oberweis Chocolate Peanut Butter; Ben and Jerry’s Phish Food; Edy’s French Silk.

8- last thing you had to drink– Coffee

Happy Coffee

9- do you like your wallet? Not particularly. Of course, I haven’t really used it in a while so maybe this break is just what we needed.

10- last thing you ate– Chocolate chip cookies last night

11- did you buy any new clothes lately? Leggings on Amazon because I guess this is what we are wearing from now on.

12- last sporting event you watched? Ella’s horse show on the first day of March

13- favorite flavor of popcorn? Garrett’s Chicago Mix

14- last person you sent a text to– Rebecca

15- ever go camping? The last time I went camping was in 2003.

16- do you take vitamins? Yes, daily.

17- do you go to church every Sunday? I used to but haven’t this winter because of illness. Not sure how that will play out after lockdown.

18- do you have a tan? HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

Dish With Rice on Plate

19- do you prefer pizza or Chinese food? Chinese food lately because I feel like I have been eating too much pizza. There IS such a thing, I am discovering sadly.

20- do you drink your soda with a straw? I really don’t drink soda. In fact, the only time I ever drink soda is when I have a severe migraine (Coca-Cola) and no, I don’t use a straw.

21- what did your last text say? “How was the Panda Express?”

22- what are you doing tomorrow? HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

23- how many towns have you lived in? Eight

24- look to your left, what do you see? A wall. A good metaphor for our current state.

25- what color is your watch? I haven’t worn a watch since 1998.

26- what do you think of when you hear the word Australia? The Wiggles, not gonna lie.

The Wiggles original group discuss 'suspicion' faced early on
THESE Wiggles (aka the originals) courtesy/ Yahoo Lifestyle

27- do you go inside of a fast food place or through the drive-thru? Is this survey mocking me?

28- what is your favorite number? 11 and 13

29- who’s the last person you talked to on the phone? My mom

30-any plans today? Laundry, walking on treadmill, homeschooling, making meals, going to Rebecca’s to pick up masks she made for my parents, putting away groceries from Walmart pickup (that process will take a solid hour)

31- how many states have you lived in? Two

32- biggest annoyance right now? What do you think?

33- last song you listened to? Some songs on a Spotify curated playlist; background music is saving me right now.

34- can you say the alphabet backward? No, but now I have something new to learn for April.

35- do you have a maid or cleaning service? Yeah, ME. Eyeroll.

Person in Blue Denim Jeans and White Converse Sneakers

36- favorite pair of shoes you wear all the time? My white Converse, when it’s not Anna’s Adidas slides.

37- are you jealous of anyone right now? People who have pools; dogs.

38- is anyone jealous of you? Probably people who work outside of the home, so I need to shut the eff up and be grateful.

39-do you live with anyone? My husband, our two daughters, a three-year-old dog, a one-year-old bird, and a 13- year-old fish.

40- do any of your friends have kids? All of my friends have kids, either human or fur.

41- what do you usually do during the day? Currently…running/walking on the treadmill, homeschool, laundry, eat meals with my girls, drink coffee, look out the windows, talk to the bird, dog, and fish; write, go on social media, look for memes, text friends, talk to my mom on the phone, watch stuff with the girls, clean, work in the yard, wipe surfaces, go for walks at local forest preserves, put away groceries like I am dismantling a bomb, cry.

42- do you hate anyone right now? Our president

43- do you use the word hello daily? Probably

44- what color is your car? Dark gray

45- are you thinking of someone right now? My parents

46- have you ever been to Six Flags? Unfortunately, yes.

47- how did you get your worst scar? One time when I was like, 12. my dad and brother were at soccer practice (my dad was the coach) and I was playing on a playground where the field was and my arm got caught on chain link fence. There was a deep hole in my skin but I kept playing because I wasn’t hurting and also, we couldn’t go home because my dad was coaching. When I showed it to my mom later, she thought maybe it needed stitches but it was decided I was fine and I was fine but I still have that scar.

My dog thinks “what the fkkk, lady?” on the daily.

*edited to add- I also have a c-section scar but I hate using the word “worst scar” for that because honestly, it is the BEST scar. 🙂

48- what song(s) makes you happy immediately when you hear them? Come Dancing by The Kinks, No Rain by Blind Melon, Send Me on My Way by Rusted Root, Shine by Mondo Cozmo.

49- what are some things that would surprise us about you? I believe in reincarnation but I also believe in God, and I am a cannabis advocate

50- what are you most insecure about? My smile

What songs make you happy when you hear them? 

24 thoughts on “50 Questions-One for Each Year of My Life”

  1. I love shit like this! You are keeping me sane with every post! I am going to create a note in my phone and write my answers down even though I don’t have a blog. Hell, I might even start a blog after all this!

    Adding all of those songs to a playlist to listen to when I’m down.

    Buffalo Stance by Neneh Cherry is a song that makes me dance every time I hear it.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. I think reincarnation is SUCH a cool idea and kind of hope that’s real.

    I am sincerely jealous that you don’t drink soda. I’ve been trying to break that habit for YEARS. I next to never drank pop until I met my husband…I blame the addiction on him 😉

    Also: I feel like a 13 year old fish is OLD?? Very impressive.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I hope it’s real too.

      I used to be addicted to soda (Pepsi, in particular) when I was in my late teens/early twenties. Long boring story, I stopped drinking it when I was 22 and only drank Sprite. But now I only drink Sprite when my tummy is upset. Coffee has filled that void now. 🙂

      She IS impressive! I guess goldfish can live up to 30 years?? WHO THE HECK KNEW??


  3. I am also pro-marijuana and get dirty looks when I say so. I live where it isn’t legal yet, so maybe that’s why.

    I love those songs too!

    I would add Yummy by Justin Bieber. Don’t judge me. All I know is that it makes me dance in my seat whenever I hear it.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. It’s legal here in Illinois and I am sure I will get dirty looks for saying it here and I don’t care lol. But I am talking about for medicinal purposes as it has helped me with chronic migraine IMMENSELY.

      That is so funny you mentioned that song! I love it…secretly. Whenever it comes on, I too am dancing in my chair. 🙂


  4. Send Me on My Way and No Rain are the happiest of the songs. Also, your dog. I can’t even. I know we all make fun of celebrities with Instagram accounts of their dog, but your dog really deserves one. Or rather we deserve an Instagram to scroll of your dog. Or maybe we don’t deserve it, but we need it. Please make this happen during quarantine.

    Do you use the word hello daily is such a weird question. I like this list a lot and I made it through the whole thing, and paid attention. You should take this survey again next year and see how your answers change. Also I’m jealous of you for eating Chinese food, my kids won’t eat it and I can’t justify just getting it for me and Eric while still having to cook for the kids. Especially in quarantine.

    Ugh it’s like that game when you add “in bed” to the end of your fortune cookie fortune, but it’s “while in quarantine” and it’s not actually any fun.

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    1. He really does need an Instagram account but I think you and I both know that account wouldn’t be kept updated. I can barely manage my blog Instagram. 😂

      We have THE best Chinese restaurant near us that has spoiled us for any other restaurant. It’s SO good. Now I want Chinese food….


  5. If I have not confessed here before, I am the WORST at knowing songs I like, titles, groups, words, beat, etc. I wonder if there is a name for it, other than clueless. I like U2 and Prince and Neil Diamond. I love Good Vibration- I think Marky Mark, but I am probably wrong. It gets me moving. Love Brown Eyed Girl. I also like Walking on Sunshine.

    I enjoyed the list. 50 sounded like a lot, but it really wasn’t.

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  6. OMG. I just left a long comment and then *poof* it was gone. Gone girl gone.

    I love your questions and answers; we are very similar, but I know that my toothbrush is pink.
    I love a good scar story and yours is pretty nice compared to some others.

    When this crap all started, I was immediately mad at China. I swore off Chinese food and even threatened to throw out all my good China. But, I’m also famous for idle threats.

    I love your songs/videos. The last one was new to me, but I enjoyed it.
    I have so many songs that will come on and instantly upgrade my mood. The only one I can think of right now is Pharrell’s Happy.

    I hope that your birthday month and year will be awesome even in the midst of the shit show happening outside.

    Liked by 2 people

    1. At first, I felt that way about China but then I realized that no one would want this for anyone, so I stopped. Also, seeing how dirty Americans are makes me realize this could very well have started here. I mean, without bats. But you know what I mean.

      Happy!! Yes!! That’s the BEST happy song.

      I hope so too. ❤️


  7. We will have to agree to disagree about pizza. And can I just say, I love your answer to #42. May it be so for the majority of people in your state. Living in a state where cannabis is legal (which I voted for), I now have mixed feelings. I still think it should be legal (no one gets in bar fights or drives stupidly fast when they are stoned–they just eat a bunch of Doritos and go to sleep), but I kinda hate the pot shops on almost every corner. I thought it would be regulated like alcohol, but it’s not. I also wish it worked for migraines for me. Tried CBD gummies for insomnia and hated how it felt.

    Love this list. But I thought you were only 49? 😉

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Well, we are in a blue state but none of that matters. Also? Can we just get rid of the electoral college?

      It just became legal in January, so we don’t have all the shops yet. I’m sure I’ll feel the same once that happens. Edibles make me feel icky too, we can talk.

      I am loving the idea of being 49 for a whole other year. Maybe I just stop counting years going forward. ❤️


      1. When I was a kid, my grandma always said that her age was 39–even when my dad was into his 30s. Later, I asked her why she chose that age, and she said it was when she felt she was at her best. I like the idea of choosing an age and sticking with it. I don’t quite now how to feel about her choice of 39–seems a little early to peak there. But that’s definitely a physical high point, and maybe she just had her shit together way earlier than me. I was a hot mess at 39! I still haven’t reached mine. While my body is definitely on the downslide, my insides are still improving. There’s a balance in there somewhere.

        And amen to getting rid of the electoral college.

        Liked by 1 person

      2. I love that idea! I actually do feel at my mental best right now, can you believe that? With all of this mess, I’m actually doing pretty good mentally. I need to write a post about my anxiety and how I’m doing better. There’s a good analogy involved. ❤️

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  8. A 13- year-old fish? That is taking your ability to nurture to a whole new level.

    I like “All About That Bass” by Meghan Trainor and “Smooth” by Santana. Both of those songs instantly put a smile on my face. There are others but those are the two that come to mind.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Those make me smile too!

      If you saw our fish (Lucy), you would laugh. She was in a trifle bowl from Walmart for the first six years of her life. Now she’s in a small tank but no toys no rocks just tap water. She really is a miracle. 🐟

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