How Kari Got Her Groove Back with Durex

A Grace Full Life

In the name of finding distractive things to get your minds off of, well, everything, I found this post from long ago. In 2013 and after three years of blogging three times a week, I was starting to get offers to blog in exchange for a product. I was so excited at this prospect that I began writing for companies without being paid cash money. Just product. To be transparent, I have none of these products anymore and probably didn’t have them for long after writing this. But it was very exciting to me at the time to be contacted by a major company. A major condom company. That didn’t send me condoms.

First published June 7, 2013

So I mentioned to you in a post here about how my husband and I just celebrated our seventh wedding anniversary and heard from so many people about their fears and…

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2 thoughts on “How Kari Got Her Groove Back with Durex”

  1. Oh my lord. Thank you SO much for this laughter.
    You’re both so funny and I know you’re smarter than you think. Well, at least I hope so.
    How could they NOT send you condoms?
    Now, I want a massage. And no, I never want to GIVE a massage either; that’s not fun.

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