Birthday Week: Make it a Thing

A Grace Full Life

I felt this was an appropriate post to share at the end of my 50th birthday week; how it all started. 🙂 

First published May 1, 2017

Birthdays are important.

My parents have always made me feel this way, especially my mom by carefully planning my gifts, the dinner I wanted, my favorite cake flavor.

I am the same with my children, talking about their birthdays for weeks in advance. I want to make sure they know how important the day they came into this world is to me and to others.

I didn’t always do that for myself, however. In my first marriage, my ex-husband never made my birthday feel special because it wasn’t on his radar even though I expected it to be. On my 30th birthday, he got me a candle and one could argue that, yeah, at least he got me something but I had just…

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6 thoughts on “Birthday Week: Make it a Thing”

  1. I’m right there with you Sister. I love my birthday week. Hell’s bells, I love my birthday MONTH.
    I love to celebrate AND be celebrated. My Mom used to always make sure we had a cake on our birthday. As an adult, I wasn’t into the cake thing and it used to bother her that Coach nor the kids got me a cake each year. They acknowledged my day in ohter ways.

    I laughed so hard about your husband having a penis; I mean, I thought mine was the only one with one. But…..yes, they don’t usually make a big deal out of it because they don’t really care about theirs.
    I’m so glad you upgraded husbands; see, not only are you a good person, you are a smart cookie.

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  2. My birthday is coming up and I’m TOTALLY celebrating myself with a birthday week because corona is kicking my ass and I deserve some freaking hoopla.

    But first I have my mom and my sister to celebrate. I love May. And I love celebrating my people probably even more than I love celebrating myself.

    Also that cupcake frosting color is EVERYTHING right now.

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  3. When I was growing up birthdays and holidays were a big deal. So when I got married, I taught my husband that they are a big deal and that he would treat them as such. I got a rare one – he caught on quick!

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