The Bench

A Grace Full Life

I love this story so much and hate that it is buried under four years of writing, which is why it is being reblogged today. 

First published May 16, 2016

Ten years ago this month, my daughter and I got married to my husband in a barn.
I have talked about it here before and since I don’t really want to rewrite that post, head to the link if you’d like the backstory.
Our wedding was held in a historic barn from the 1800s that was moved down the road to the site where it sits presently, and on the day we got married in 2006.

If you look closely at the bottom of the picture, you will see “the bench”

The barn isn’t that particularly nice to look at from the outside as far as barns go. I mean it isn’t ugly but I have seen more charming barns…

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6 thoughts on “The Bench”

  1. Oh, how I love this story! The shenanigans. I love shenanigans!!

    I went back and read about your beautiful wedding in the barn; what a special couple you are. What a special family you are. XOXO

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  2. I remember this story! I love that I remember almost all of the posts you re-blog. I’m guessing all of us who write love revisiting the past. It’s like we’re writing letters to our future selves, so they can remember wonderful things we might otherwise forget.

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