Stay Beautiful and No It’s Not Just a Taylor Swift Song

A Grace Full Life

I was going to share a post about when I started admitting I suffer from migraines back in 2015 but I started this week with a depressing post and didn’t want to end this week with tat. Instead, I am sharing this post because when I re-read it this week, it made me so happy. I love this story and these people. 🙂 

First published on March 9, 2015

Lately, I have been feeling like shit.
Did that slip out?
It’s true.
You all know it and my closest family and friends know it too.
They have been amazing and supportive and I love every single one of them for it.
Even if someone has sent me a text to say hi, it has helped so don’t think you have to send me a fruit basket or jelly of the month club or anything.
Honestly, just remaining my friend on Facebook…

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6 thoughts on “Stay Beautiful and No It’s Not Just a Taylor Swift Song”

  1. I love this story and I love your friends so much; they are angels and I’m so glad the good Lord was listening and sent in the best sign ever.

    I think we have those childhood friends who we grew up with because there is a history. Then there are the friends who we find later because we need each other, we lift each other, we get each other.

    Ellie in the bar. I love that story. It reminded me of Sweet Home Alabama where Reeses says to her high school friend: “you have a baby. In a bar” 😉
    It makes me laugh every time.
    I think a child in an Irish pub on a Sunday is expected. Right?

    Big hugs to you and your sweet savior friends.

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