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The Notes You Keep

I recently talked about sharing what’s in the notes app on my phone, and some of you had no idea you could take notes on your phone or that there was even an app to do so in the first place.

This surprised me because I am always late to the game when it comes to apps or technology.

Let me have this moment.

So this is your notes app on an iPhone:

I began using the app on a car ride when Ella was little and I happened to be in the backseat with her to keep her busy, I opened the notes and started writing little love notes to her, and then hand her my phone and she would write them back to me and so on.

After that, I began using the notes app for things like grocery lists, things to do while on vacation, or blog post ideas.

Person Standing While Using Phone

Currently I have over 25 different notes on my notes app, and it was while adding yet another note one day in February at coffee with a friend that I said how it might make a fun blog post; what notes are on your phone.

Notes in my phone right now

Walking trails– we are working on a cool quarantine-survival project.

Walking stats – I never said I was interesting.

Words we need to use again– so far I only have scram and yikes. 

Ella’s 100 Things I love list I made one a few years ago and thought it would make a cool writing project for her.

Ella’s passwords– because we never remember them.

Makers– my friend Kristen and I were at a cool coffee house in February when we came up with some ideas about a sitcom that WE would love to see. That was the same day that I came up with the notes on your phone post. Wow, I was productive in February. Good times.

Favorites tabs computer– when I spilled coffee on my laptop back in March, I wrote down all of the “Favorites” tabs on my laptop in case it died and I needed to remember what was on there. I never said I was interesting.

The first thing that comes to mind when I hear THIS song– it’s a running idea for a blog post. To be transparent, there isn’t one song in this note yet.

John Hughes tour stops– I mentioned this last month. Hopefully it will happen next summer, fingers crossed.

Restaurants I want to try– I get inspiration from different websites, social media, and tv shows of area restaurants that I want to try. It was born of the idea that whenever I am pressed to choose a restaurant, I can never think of any. So now I have plenty in my notes section.

This is just a screenshot. I have over 30 restaurants on my list.

50th birthday party ideas– Sigh. I mentioned this in my 50th birthday post if you are new here.

What to buy at Trader Joes– I keep this in my list in case I am ever at one (which is kind of rare). You can read about it here.

Weight Watchers fast food options and points– I don’t use this as much as I used to because of the quarantine but if you are out and are getting fast food and need to know points, this is a great place to put them in one place. I never said I was interesting.

Anna’s favorite snacks and foods (care package)– when Anna went to college for the first time in 2018, I asked her to tell me all of her favorite things she might like to receive when sending care packages.

Things to do in the Chicago area- I created this list last summer when we were looking for outside of the box ideas. It’s just fun to have a list of quirky things to do with the kids (or just Mike and me) on a random summer or winter day.

Old Christmas lists from the girls– the older they get, the harder it is to delete these old lists. It’s so fun to see what they asked for when they were younger. Fun fact- you can see your old Amazon orders all the way back to the beginning. That is also a fun way to see what your now-20 year old wanted when she was 5. SOB.

My library password– I NEVER SAID I WAS INTERESTING.

Band names– I wrote about this recently.

Three good things– last year, I was struggling with winter and needed reminders that good stuff was happening.

Do you use the notes app? If so, what are some of your notes?

26 thoughts on “The Notes You Keep”

  1. I admire how you’ve taken to notes on your phone. I have a Remember the Milk account and I use it for not much. I especially like your Restaurants I Want To Try. Definitely need to start that one for that magical day when we leave our house to go out to eat again. 🙄

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  2. I rarely use my notes so I checked to see what I had in it. Really exciting! My measurements for ordering online and also the combo to my front door lock. My husband replaced the key with a number combo that he just chose randomly from a number he used in the past?? I rarely use the front door but can’t remember the four digit combo for the life of me. My last note-some random capital letters. No idea what they mean.

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    1. I love that you had to check to see what was in the notes of your phone! Ha!

      I am the same way about my calendar on my phone. I never use it and some people swear by it and love it. I would love to change that but I feel like I’m always going to be a paper calendar girl.


  3. The restaurant one! I cannot tell you how many times I’ve been out driving with Cane and we see someplace we want to remember to go to later, and then it’s later and we’re all:

    Where do you want to go?
    I don’t know, where do you want to go?
    I can’t think of anywhere…
    What was that place we wanted to remember that one time a few weeks ago when we were out?
    I don’t know.

    And then we go to one of the same old places we’ve always been.

    Except, now we don’t go anywhere. 😦

    Damn. (Hard not to go to a hard place these days, even in a light-hearted post. I totally didn’t mean to! Sorry! Please let me keep hanging around anyway!)

    I am now going to try to remember to use the Notes app for this purpose, to use whenever I feel like it’s safe to go to a restaurant again.

    But one another thing I’ve used it for in the past: measurements of house things, so that when I’m out shopping I know what size of something (like curtain rods) I need.

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    1. Yes!! To all of this! We are venturing out to restaurants now but obviously only doing carry out or curbside pick up. Today the weather was lovely and we went for a walk and ended up having a picnic in the parking lot of Portillo’s which is a restaurant here. It was so lovely and I said to Mike why did we ever eat inside restaurants before? So there’s a bright side. ❤️


      1. Yes, that was the conversation we had this weekend–that we could go to restaurants with outside seating that has space between tables. And we’ve done a little bit of carry out through the whole thing, mostly to support our favorite restaurants that had it. I am planning to get in as much of this kind of thing as I can during the summer, while we can.

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      2. So Annie has worked for a restaurant locally for the past three years and this summer, she won’t have a job until possibly June or July, if at all. The street where the restaurant is located is thinking of closing the street and having socially distant seating outside in the street and I love this idea. It might change how we do things going forward and that isn’t necessarily a bad thing. 🙂

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  4. I love this post…you are sharing something that makes your life easier/better and that helps us all at some point.
    I just looked; I have two lists on my note app and they’re both shopping lists.

    I don’t use it often, but I really should. Sometimes I’m out doing something, or driving and think of something I need to do/see/remember, but I don’t write
    it down and guess what. Ten minutes later the thought is GONE.

    I just moved the app to the first screen on my phone.

    Also, you are interesting. Don’t try to kid yourself or me. 😉

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    1. I also email myself to remember things. So I never use my notes to remind myself to do stuff but I should because I can send it to text or email or whatever. But for some reason I always just email myself from my phone to remind myself to do things. How did our parents survive before the invention of the smart phone?? 😂😂


  5. I have used the notes app; I tend to use it to write grocery or Christmas gift lists. I’ve used it to take notes while touring the Newport mansions so my blog post would have SOME facts included with the photos. Things like that.

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  6. I am one of the few android users AND I am clueless about apps – similar to my cluelessness about instagram and most social media stuff. For awhile I used notes on my ipad to sit and type while out and about because I did not yet have a laptop. I am an old fashioned pen and paper list maker who carries around a notebook like a security blanket. While you are warning us that tou are not interesting (NOT the case), I am just a not-quite 50 yr old secretly pushing 80.

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    1. I TOTALLY FORGOT I HAD NOTES ON MY IPAD! Thank you for reminding me! I use my iPad for things like Pinterest and watching YouTube or Hulu when I am in bed but I don’t have text on there so I don’t use it as much as my phone.

      Tipping my cane your way, my friend. 😉


  7. I love that you email reminders to yourself…I do that ALL.THE.TIME. If it’s something I need to remember to do, I email myself to my work email where I know I’ll definitely see it. I may not actually act on that reminder but I WILL see it!

    I’m sporadic with my notes app on my android. I keep forgetting about it – mainly because mine is tucked away in an icon that includes several other apps that I never use. (Sending an email to myself to figure out how to set this app apart or download a different one). My current notes include places we loved to eat at when in Wrightsville (I fear there will not be a beach trip this year. 😦 ). Books I want to read, blogs I keep meaning to check out, possible blog ideas (none of the ideas in there make any sense anymore), items I want to buy, some house measurements and some random notes that seem to be something along the lines of me obtaining a healthier lifestyle.

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    1. I had an Android years ago and now I remember it being tucked away! I’d never remember to use it either. 😂

      Honestly, if the iPhone app wasn’t front and center, this post wouldn’t have been written!

      Books I want to read! Yes! I used to have a note like that and then quarantine happened and the library closed and all hell broke loose and and and….😂


  8. I use my notes all of the time! I used to keep a paper grocery list near the fridge and would ALWAYS leave it at home. The notes on my phone replaced that immediately. Ha!

    Also, you’re very interesting. 😘

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  9. I think my phone has some kind of notes app, lol. I’ve never really looked for it or obviously used it, because I’m a pen and paper person. I keep notes in notebooks and I write on a paper calendar, too. Putting notes on your phone sounds more organized though. Maybe I’ll actually start using the app!

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    1. I am a pen and paper calendar girl too, so I get it.
      I used to leave a grocery list on my refrigerator too but then forget it at home lol. So my notes have become handy for that. But most of my shopping is Instacart now, so it doesn’t even matter. 😂


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