Netflix Knows Our Family Dynamic

A Grace Full Life

A shortened version of the story of us but perfectly sums up our family. Back in 2015, I was writing for Netflix once a month in exchange for a Roku and a free subscription. This working relationship lasted for three-plus years and then I got three free years (accidentally) of Netflix. They found me out in the middle of a pandemic and we are now paying for our Netflix. 

First published May 22, 2015

Each month we are given a prompt by Netflix and this month it was about being in an unconventional family, to tie in with the new show Grace and Frankie.

what is it about your modern family that you wouldn’t trade for anything in theworld?

Mike, Anna and I 2005 2004

Our little family has been very modern, unconventional, quirky, whatever you want to call it, for almost nine years now.

Nine years on the 27th of May…

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6 thoughts on “Netflix Knows Our Family Dynamic”

  1. You have the best family! Divorce and second marriages bring many dynamics to us, you, all, but you’ve done this so well and with Grace. (see what I did there?)

    How the hell did Netflix find you out? You had a nice free-streak there.

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  2. This is such a sweet post. I know just how hard the blending is. Cane and I used to say that we weren’t blended, but stirred. Maybe that’s why we had such a hard time–we needed to be more all-in, more willing to be pulverized. I know that doesn’t sound right (or even good), but I think it might be truth. We’re finding our way back, but I wish we’d been able to be more the kind of family that the four of you are.

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