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It’s My Ten-Year Blogging Anniversary and I Can’t Eat Cake

Long story about the cake to come later. 

This upcoming Sunday marks ten years since I first started this blog.

A decade ago, I sat down in our then-basement “office” and began a blog on our old desktop computer. I say “office” because it was really the only space in the basement that wasn’t covered in toys. But it had a door that I could close, and it was quiet down there when Ellie was napping and Annie was playing with her friends in the backyard.

For the first several months, I would write most of my posts from the basement then later, I got a laptop and was able to move upstairs (moving on up!) and that opened up my writing world completely. I began to write during naptimes, late at night in bed before my husband got home from work, or at the library or Starbucks on Mike’s day off. Writing has been my sidekick for ten years this week, my favorite hobby, my best source of self-care, my passion.

I can’t believe I made it to ten years. I never thought this would be a lasting thing but rather a get me through this part of my life thing.

Just call me the blogging Bo Derek.


Photoshop courtesy Jaimie Hudson




I started on the Blogger platform before Google bought it. Not sure if that makes me an official old-school blogger but it does make me old. Did you know there are people still blogging who began before 2005?

After six years, I then migrated to WordPress in 2016 thanks to help from my friend Rosemary and her husband David. I loved it much more than Blogger but it cost more and all of the upkeep was my responsibility. I chose to do this smack dab in the middle of menopause and Anna being a teenager, so in hindsight not my best blogging decision.

After three years, I decided that it was too much work and I wasn’t making ALL the money I had planned with the new platform, so I decided to downgrade to an easier WordPress platform. I know all of this is boring to those of you who don’t blog, but it explains my path, and it’s my ten year anniversary, so give me this. 

Circa 2011

I don’t know how many page views I have had over the past ten years total because of the above moves back and forth between Blogger and WordPress. But I can tell you that from 2010 until 2016 on Blogger, I had 832,097 pageviews. I have no information on the pageviews I had from 2016 until 2019 but since moving to this current platform (where I intend to stay for the long run), I have had 45,300 and counting.

Pageviews are important in the lives of bloggers who make money to write, I have been in the midst of that struggle for many years. I remember in the first two years of blogging how frustrated I was because a blogger who had started blogging after I had, reached a million page views before her one year anniversary. I was so jealous. SO jealous.

I don’t even remember the blog now or if it even exists any longer. Isn’t that funny? I was so obsessed with her numbers and how I wasn’t stacking up to her and now I have no idea if she is even writing.

I don’t think I truly loved writing back then and it showed. Striving for higher page views and scrolling Pinterest for content ideas, I didn’t care what I was putting out into the world as long as someone clicked on it. And I have the posts to prove it.

It was around 2014 when I began loving writing; four years after I started blogging. I mean, I loved blogging but it was after four years when I began to become really comfortable with it and began to be me and began to connect with all of you on a much deeper level.


Circa 2020

In my ten years of blogging, I have met so many wonderful human beings. I have had so many meaningful connections with people I never would have met if it hadn’t been for blogging.

Since the summer of 2010, I have learned how to write, I have learned how to use HTML (kind of), learned how to use a DSLR camera (kind of),  how to use keywords in a post to help draw more traffic in (kind of), learned about SEO and how it is important for business as well as to get your story and or platform heard in a sea of noise.

I learned that I am a better humor writer than I am a DIY writer. That I am better writing my stories for entertainment than I am for selling you things. I learned that as much as I deeply love writing, it might not be the way I become rich and I have become completely okay with that.



But hopefully, when I am gone, this blog will be what I was most remembered for. How I was able to write about our crazy up and down life without sounding like I was bragging (or complaining), how I was able to communicate to my readers how much I dearly loved my husband and kids, how important my family relationships were to me, and how much I loved my friends and appreciated them.

I hope I have made you smile and laugh when you didn’t feel good, that I made you forget about your problems for just a few paragraphs. I hope you learned a thing or two or were motivated to try a new recipe or a new vacation destination or even paint your furniture (even if you didn’t want to).

I know I am better for meeting all of you and hearing your stories in my comments section. Thank you for listening to me through the years, from migraines to John Hughes, you have made me feel like I am a celebrity without having to wear sunglasses in public.

Thank you for ten amazing years. Here’s to ten more.


28 thoughts on “It’s My Ten-Year Blogging Anniversary and I Can’t Eat Cake”

  1. Oh, Kari–there are so many things in this that I love. Maybe mostly the testimony about the power of just sticking with something. And allowing yourself to change as you grow within whatever that thing is you’re sticking with. I’m so glad you’re here. I know we’re really different kinds of writers/bloggers, but you are absolutely a kindred spirit. You make a positive difference in my life because I really need what you put out into the world (not in spite of how I’m different from you, but because of it). The world needs the kind of story you’re telling.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. I had to go to my ‘about’ page to see how long I have been blogging. I would’ve guessed 2012 but it was Feb., 2013. So you are winning. 😉

    Love that I stumbled across your blog, that we can hangout if we plan well, AND thst you had the foresight to attend my wedding.

    It is fun/cringe-y to look back and see what I was writing about when I started. I love blogging and I feel like I have learned a lot about myself and other people. I so enjoy reading what other blog friends are up to, dealing with, laughing about, etc. You never fail to make me chuckle and I look forward to your posts.

    Happy blog-versary and hooray for the next ga-zillion posts!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I love winning! 😉

      My old writing is so cringy but it’s fun to look back and see I have improved. It would be sad if I looked back and saw that I was getting worse with each year. When that begins to happen, I will stop blogging LOL.


  3. I’m SO very thankful to have found you; you inspire me in so many ways.
    You are a fantastic writer, storyteller, truth-teller. (are you a bank teller too? Kidding, but I was going there)
    Happy anniversary and keep ’em coming. YOU are a light!

    Liked by 1 person

  4. You HAVE. You have done all that! I am sitting now waiting on xray reading your words that I love so much while not thinking about my wrist now the size of an orange.

    10 more years! YES!!

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  5. You HAVE. You have done all that! I am sitting now waiting on xray reading your words that I love so much while not thinking about my wrist now the size of an orange.

    10 more years! YES!

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  6. I just realized this past week that this weekend makes 8 years of blogging for me.. and I too have found that I have completely changed my tone, my focus, and even my goals with writing. I never thought I’d blog much past my first year (and threatened to quit so many time!).. but I do love the sharing, the community, the record I have of our lives to look back on. Without blogging I wouldn’t have met wonderful bloggers like you!! So happy anniversary (even if you can’t eat cake). 🙂

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  7. Happy blogging anniversary! Your writing does indeed make me smile, laugh out loud, give me ideas and inspiration, movie and music suggestions that I hadn’t heard of, etc. Let’s put it this way: I would read your blog even if you weren’t my friend IRL!


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  8. Happy blog-versary! I’m an old school blogger-ish (I was late to the bandwagon) as I’ve been doing this *counts on fingers* for eleven years now (HOW?! And yes, those early posts of mine were very cringey) and am still on Blogger (which has gotten progressively worse – I really need to look into switching….). You are correct – one of the best things about blogging (old-school style) is all the relationships you have with people you would have NEVER EVER met in real life, most likely. So happy we stumbled across each other in the vast ethernet!

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  9. Congratulations on a decade of blogging. This is truly remarkable, considering the number of blogs abandoned every day. Also very happy to hear writing is a source of self-care for you – this is really wonderful to read.


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