I Love Lucy

A Grace Full Life

Our sweet Lucy passed away on Tuesday and I felt like it was necessary to share this post today. Two pet deaths in 2020 has just been devastating for us. I know devastating is a big word for a small fish but Lucy was a miracle. Fourteen years. 
Here is her story.

First published May 2, 2014

When people ask us if we have a pet, we normally say “no”.
Then quickly say, ” oh wait, YES, we have a goldfish!”
Then the laughter usually ensues from the other party, because I have learned that fish, especially one fish, isn’t really considered a pet, per se.
At least, by “pet people”.
Maybe it’s because fish are low maintenance, they eat their own poop, they don’t make any noise.
But our goldfish is special.

We begrudgingly became fish parents in the summer of 2006, when our then six-year-old daughter brought him/her (there…

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16 thoughts on “I Love Lucy”

  1. Awww….I love her Story. I’m so sorry for your loss, and yes, that is a loss. She had a very long life and it makes me wonder what the life expectancy is for a goldfish to begin with? That might be a world record.
    Big hugs to you guys.

    Back in (I think 2014) within a week, we had to put down our rescue boxer Ozzie, our rescue cat Maisy and Lolo’s leopard gecko died. It was a shitty week.

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      1. She’s fine. It turns out that she needs it to be 73 degrees or warmer in the house. We just got a new central air unit and it’s been colder than normal in our house so that’s probably the culprit. So now we are sweating our balls off. But as long as the bird is okay….😂😂😂

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  2. Lucy sounds like a very special pet. I had a friend who released several goldfish in a stream, then he fed them almost daily. They came back every day at the same time and would “dance” in the water when they saw him. This went on for years and amazed all of us who watched it. So, yes a goldfish can be a special pet.

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  3. Aw, damn. I’m sorry, Kari. I love this post. I think only you could have a goldfish who is a real pet and keep it alive that long. And now I understand in a different way why you’re wishing for that time machine. Sending you love.

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