My FAQ Post Means I Never Get Asked Anything Frequently

A Grace Full Life

First published January 22, 2018

I recently read an article that a good blogger should always create an FAQ post on their blog, which is silly because how do they know what “good bloggers” need for their blog? I bet the author of the article isn’t even a blogger but someone with a deadline, who gets paid by the word, and a feisty editor breathing down their back.

Yet, it got me to thinking (fine job well-paid writer, FINE JOB), maybe I do need an FAQ on my blog.

FAQ is short for Frequently Asked Questions for those who don’t know.

You know, questions you get asked regularly about the blog, about blogging or even just about your life in general.

But here’s the thing: I never get asked anything about my blog frequently. 

Not to say that my readers aren’t inquisitive.

Oh, quite the opposite! They are engaging, lovely…

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4 thoughts on “My FAQ Post Means I Never Get Asked Anything Frequently”

  1. I never get asked anything either! I did a FAQ about homeschooling post after I had been homeschooling for a year or two but I NEVER get asked anything much about my blog or my day to day life for that matter.

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  2. I tried to comment on this earlier while in the car, but it didn’t work.
    I’m thinking you should call your section OAQ—-occasionally asked questions.
    I don’t think anyone as ever asked me a question and now I wonder if I already gave out too much info. Oh snap.
    I think people only visit me for butterfly pics.

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