Things People Say on House Hunters that Annoy the Crap Out of Me

A Grace Full Life

First published January 27th, 2017

Do you get as annoyed at House Hunters as I do? What happened to just being thankful for having a roof over your head?  Why have we become so spoiled when it comes to searching for a home? First world problems abound when watch this guilty pleasure show but here’s the thing: most likely it is staged.


We are now learning, that House Hunters is probably fake.

This shouldn’t really surprise us but I hate that the Wizard behind the curtain is being exposed because this is one show that my husband and I love to hate.

So here are some of our thoughts on HGTV’s most annoying show, House Hunters.

Make it a drinking game and get completely shit faced tonight.

all photos courtesy

A Photo of Mother and Daughter

1- “What mommy wants mommy gets”

Ew, you just called yourself mommy.

Assorted-color Apparels

2- “This closet isn’t even

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8 thoughts on “Things People Say on House Hunters that Annoy the Crap Out of Me”

  1. HA! All of this. I too, know it’s mostly fake, but I believe the ‘hunters’ are being their true authentic selves that way we can really hate them.
    I saw a recent episode and the woman specifically asked for POPCORN CEILINGS.
    I shit you not.
    WHAT do you want Karen? Popcorn? How about a side of asbestos with that?

    That being said, I would be the pickiest person. We’ve been in our house for 23 years; we built it on a very small budget, but we’ve renovated every room in the house at least once. Some more than that. I dream of down-sizing, but I would hate most homes that I can afford, so we stay and update.
    also, I want a bigger closet because of all my flip flops. Now, you know I have a shit ton of flip flops. 🙂

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    1. Oh wow, they usually request NO popcorn! I personally am the least handy person on the planet, so I would probably need a brand new home. Or just live off the land and die within a month.
      I wish I lived in a place that would require me to have a shit ton of flip flops. I have a shit ton of wool socks, so you know what kind of weather is prevalent. 😉

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    2. What do you mean by “fake?” Fake as in they are just actors pretending to be house hunting or they already bought one of the 3 choices and they are going around to see the other homes just to fill up space?


  2. I don’t watch enough to have phrases that annoy me but I am always amazed at the budget in comparison to the jobs! “I work as a public school teacher and my husband is starting his own company so we can’t possibly spend less then $800,000!”… or some crap like that.

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    1. YES! That is another one!! Good one! I think it got worse as each new season appeared. I also think it depends on where they live. I know that California budgets are insane! I don’t know how people can afford to live out there. Any California people..chime in, please!


  3. Of course it’s fake…well, I guess it is. They even say the popular reality shows are fake. There’s a show I like to watch on HGTV called My Lottery Dream Home. I like to watch it to see if they choose the house I’d choose. Well, I recently read that they’ve already bought their dream home before they ever film the show.

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