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Screw It, I’m Eating Tater Tots- Episode 17 -Awakening

Thank you all for the loving and kind words about Joy. She still hasn’t returned home, and we are heartbroken. I’m not sure how to feel about where she might be, but I hope she’s safe and warm (but not too hot), and not hungry. I hope she’s with bird friends and flying high. She’s always been interested in other birds, so I’m hoping that’s what she was looking for. But I miss her small voice and her presence.

It is far too quiet in our home. 

I am publishing the August tater tot post a week early in honor of my friend Rachel, who has been one of my biggest supporters over the years and is just a wonderful person. She is a nurse in Ohio who is on bed rest due to coronavirus.

Continue to fight it friend, and keep giving your state HELL about wearing masks.

Love you.


Black and White Photo of Holding Hands

We are an ally to all of our friends. I believe we can be better, and I believe that those of you reading this want to be better as well, but don’t know how. Perhaps you don’t know what an ally is and are too afraid to ask. It’s okay to ask questions, so here is what an ally is:

Being an ally means someone is willing to act with and for others in pursuit of ending oppression and creating equality.  An ally is someone whose personal commitment to fighting oppression and prejudice is reflected in willingness to educate oneself about different identities and experiences.

Being an ally to our friends and family is not only a nice thing to do, but it is also the right thing to do.

Surprising the girls with Mamie and Papa

By the way, senior citizens? We love you. We want you here. You are a valuable resource to all of us. Your stories are important, and we still have so many things to learn from you.

And yes, they’re getting the message that they are unwelcome on this planet.

Isn’t that heartbreaking?


This month’s tater tot post won’t be easy, but it will awaken your senses and make you THINK because I believe we have become too complacent.

So I shared this with my girls last month and asked them to think about it for the following month. They’re still thinking about it.

I am still thinking and I don’t have an answer yet.

So I have homework for each of you.

What would you rename yourself?

Or do you like the name you were given at birth?


My mom emailed this to me a few weeks ago. I love this story, and I love Dr. Bertice Berry (her voice is so soothing too). Take the time to watch it.



Free Mom Hugs founder shares her beautiful story

Ways to be an ally

Do you want to hear a perfect example of a full-circle moment? My dad liked the following link on Linked In, so I clicked on it and discovered it was written by a friend I met at an Erma Bombeck Writing Conference several years ago.

How do we teach our children anti-racism

Facts matter: coin shortage due to COVID-19, not conspiracy

Snopes is a fact-checking site. Pass it on to someone you know who might need it. How does it work? If you are unsure about the validity of a story you are reading online, type it into the search bar on the site and it will look the story up for you.

Mask shaming won’t work. Try these 5 things instead. 

I love Bill Nye the Science Guy

6 Reasons “All Lives Matter” Doesn’t Work In Terms Simple Enough For a Child


I used to get irritated with people who were ignorant of what was going on in the world. Those with a distorted view of the virus, science, politics, and the people in other countries.

Then I’d unfollow them completely because I needed to preserve my sanity at the beginning of all of this because it was too much to bear.

But then I thought about this quote:

Courtesy Goodreads website/ quote by Barack Obama

Seeing that quote from another time jolted me awake.

A few days before seeing that quote, I was watching an interview between a reporter and our president in which our president said divisive things about his own country, mainly about leaders of major metropolitan cities within his own country.

Now, this wasn’t the first time I’d heard these words used by our president regarding citizens in his own country, but it was the remarks in this interview that jolted me awake.

And it made me think, how on Earth did we allow this to happen to us?

Person Protesting next to Cops

This is happening HERE.

In the United States of America.


Definition of united: joined together politically, for a common purpose, or by common feelings.

Grayscale Portrait Photo of Man Wearing Helmet

In the course of being nasty (and we are being very nasty, I am watching) to one another, we are kind of missing the point that the person who is meant to unify us as a country has completely divided us. Instead of running a country, he is running a smear campaign.

So I have an interesting perspective; an analogy of sorts.

Stay with me and let me know what you think. I am not trying to sway you to my side of the fence. I am just sick and tired of seeing people being mean to each other.

It’s one thing to have an educated give and take about differences. It is quite another to call each other names, pick on factors like weight, color, gender, and so on. It has become so mean-spirited, so vindictive, so hateful.

So personal.

Here is my analogy.

Person Wearing Blue Long-sleeved Shirt While Raising Hands

We have been fortunate to have supportive parents for many years, but then those parents got divorced and we got a new stepfather four years ago, which some of us didn’t like.

The new stepfather decided he didn’t like some of his new stepchildren and began telling those stepchildren things about themselves.

Things like…

You are dumb. You are stupid. You are bad. You are a mess. Horrible. You never listen. That being soft makes you a snowflake, which makes you worthless, no good, and that the way your household is conducted is horrible, that we need to do things differently. It’s either HIS way or the highway.

After a while, the step-siblings on the other side who are hearing this language come to accept all that is being said and begin to repeat what they hear. Reminding the other sibling that yes, you ARE stupid, you ARE dumb, you ARE a mess, go AWAY.

Woman Holding Protest Sign

And THEY learn to believe those statements about that sibling as well. They begin to see their siblings in a new light. Those same siblings, who they had gotten along with for years, had suddenly turned into foes as a result of the words they were hearing over and over and over. I mean, who can blame them?

You know, all of this has been psychologically proved to be true. I’m not making things up for dramatic effect or to establish a point. It even has a name.

It’s called mental abuse.

We have evolved into a dysfunctional family.

It is no wonder we are all divided. It’s no wonder other countries are laughing at us, making fun of us.

We are that family at the company picnic who everyone is pointing, staring and laughing at. You know the one; the family that is arguing, punching, and fighting all the way to the car before heading home.

We are a complete embarrassment.

I feel so very sad for us.

Photo Of People Holding Hands

Oh sure, there are always some “siblings” that never liked us to begin with, who prefer to argue for the sake of arguing, who want to stir the pot, who enjoy drama. I’m sure we’ve known some “siblings” like that.

But I have never seen so many “siblings” like this in my entire life, and that is because we don’t have a leader.

We have an evil stepfather.

action, activist, blur

You know, being soft isn’t always a bad thing.

I suppose being called a snowflake isn’t the worst thing one could be called.

I mean, I can think of a lot worse things.

Being caring and kind is good. It means you’re human.

Smiling Man and Woman Wearing Jackets

Promise me that you’ll approach next month with fresh eyes regarding anything you don’t necessarily understand about your “sibling.”

Reconnect with your “sibling.”

Try and remember what it is that you used to like about your “sibling.”

You know, your “sibling” was never awful in the first place.

Keep that in mind. 

Photo of Woman Holding Rainbow Flag

You have two items of homework this month:

1- what would you rename yourself if you could?

2- reconnect with a “sibling”

I never said reading my blog was easy.

PS- I promise I’ll be funny again next month.  

PPS- But for real, put on a mask. Do it for my Mom, Dad, and Rachel. They’re all pretty fucking fantastic. 

Beautiful, beautiful snowflakes, floating down to earth

All created to be unique, each holding significant worth

Just like an intricate snowflake, we come from up above

To bless the world with beauty, to sparkle the world with love

No two of us are alike, we hold our own design

And because we are so different, we get a chance to shine

When God makes snowflakes, I think he takes great care

He works on every detail, he makes them precious and rare

He lovingly spends time on every one, he blesses them all the way through

He cares this much about snowflakes, imagine what he thinks about you 

-Mandy Williams (No Two Are Alike) 

40 thoughts on “Screw It, I’m Eating Tater Tots- Episode 17 -Awakening”

  1. As an Ally I am good at being an ally. As for renaming myself, well– considering Ally is my blogging nom de plume, I’d say I’d rename myself Ally. Great post. Sending good vibes to Rachel.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. OK I know I say that this is my favorite post to every post to write but this is my favorite post ever.

    Your analogy is SPOT ON.

    I love that Bertice Berry video, she is amazing.

    That picture of your daughter with your parents is so precious. I can’t believe how selfish people have become. It’s a piece of paper to save lives. I just don’t get it.

    But you are right, it starts from the top and seeps its way down.

    I love the poem at the end. Perfect post in every way. Thank you . ❤️❤️❤️

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I love that you can’t possibly choose which of my posts is your favorite. That is a huge ego boost, thank you for that.

      I had trouble posting this analogy because I don’t want to get political on here but it isn’t only about being political. It is a human being thing now. It is a kindness thing. I am trying to raise two daughters in this world to be NICE PEOPLE and it is hard to do that when people are being horrid to each other. Sigh.

      I love Bertice too.

      I love that picture too and it wasn’t even posed. It was completely natural and caught in the moment, which makes me love it even more. And yes, the selfishness is so incomprehensible to me. I can’t even understand it.

      That snowflake poem was a last-minute addition last night. I found it on Pinterest and loved it. I feel like it softens what we all are. Being snowflakes. We ALL are snowflakes and it isn’t a bad thing. 🙂


  3. I always wanted to change my name growing up but now I just want to be me– maybe I needed to grow into it or just have more confidence to be me and not worry about who I am not?? I don’t know but I do know I wouldn’t change my name now.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. When I was in kindergarten, I have a memory of sitting in the Dairy Queen parking lot with my mom and telling her that I wanted my name to be Elizabeth because there was a Z in the name. That is the only reason.
      I never liked my name growing up because it was short and because it wasn’t short for any other name but now, I don’t mind it.
      So I am still thinking. But as I age, I like it more because my parents chose it for me.


  4. Thank you for being brave enough to write what those who aren’t hide behind.

    I see people sharing stuff online all the time. Throwing crap out on Facebook to start a war and leave it there. THAT is shitty and drama and it pisses me off.

    I love this completely. It’s starts at the top. We have become completely divided. It needs to heal.

    Thank you for saying what no one wants to.

    I love you and your writing.
    Keep saying it.


    1. So when I first wrote this post last month, it had a lot more content to it. I am not as brave as you think I am. I have edited myself a lot before I pressed publish. I still have a lot of evolution to go through but we are all a work in progress. I use the Barack Obama quote a lot though, if I can change one person’s point of view in one way, I am happy. Meaning, if I can get one person to be more open minded, then I am happy. I don’t need people to think exactly like me, I just don’t want people to be closed minded. I know a lot of “open-minded” individuals who aren’t willing to meet people in the middle as well and that to me is also closed minded thinking. It goes both ways.

      I agree with what I call “dumpster” Facebook posts. People trying to start fires and leave them to create drama. That makes me mad too and I want no part of that. Those are also the people who don’t want their minds changed. Walk away from those types of posts, is my advice. Don’t give those people the attention they want.

      Thank you for reading and loving my writing. It is my coping technique of choice during this shitty year.


  5. I love this analogy. If I’m being honest though, I didn’t like a lot of those siblings before all of this went down. But I’d like us all to get together at a family BBQ and just hash it out!

    I am planning on changing my name legally soon actually! My mom planned on naming me Lisa Marie the entire time she was pregnant, and it wasn’t until the day after I was born that my dad said that they were naming me Angela. His brother Angelo had passed away from leukemia while my mom was pregnant. I get that he was working through his pain, but it was hard for me to be named after someone who had died at 27, and who had haunted my grandparents house because no one was allowed to talk about him.

    Weirdly I also have a hard time saying Angela, it always sounds slurred in the middle. And when I say my middle name is Marie, everyone thinks I’m saying Murray.

    I’m officially changing my first name to Ani, which I go by at this point in writing, and my middle name will be Ben Rose, which are slight alterations of my kids middle names.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. LMAO, you are making me laugh so hard right now. Yeah, there are some “siblings” I didn’t like either! But I do like the idea of the BBQ and hashing it all out. I love the idea of having a give and take; an EDUCATIONAL back and forth. Not a fake facts/nasty meme/hateful words/Facebook/Twitter fight. That I am not at all interested in.

      OMG, I AM IN LOVE WITH THIS STORY. Of your name change. I love your name and in fact, I didn’t know how to pronounce it until Anthony Michael Hall told me so. Sidebar- LOVE LOVE LOVE that I got to sneak in that little morsel. I thought it was pronounced like Annie.

      Funny you should’ve asked how my name was pronounced because I never realized my name could be pronounced anything other than Kari like Harry until I moved to the Chicago suburbs when I was 19. I was working at a department store and was wearing a name tag and a customer asked me if I was Norwegian and I said no. But asked if it was pronounced KAARI.

      A few years ago, I worked as a freelance writer for a local magazine and one of my editors never asked how to pronounce my name but always pronounce it wrong. Like KAARI. And I was like, WHO SAYS IT LIKE THAT??

      So from now on, I am going to always announce myself as Kari like Harry. You know, the way Anthony Michael Hall says it. 🙂


      1. LOL! I love that he said Ani right! They only give you 250 characters and I didn’t want to waste them on how to pronounce my name. I still can’t get over what a stand up guy he is. You know this means that we have to take a road trip and kidnap him now, right?

        I was thinking that about your name too. Who would say Kaari? But obviously it’s a thing, because I wasn’t certain that you didn’t say it that way. Though if it was Kaari, what would you said, Kaari like sorry? I always think of Tamara from Tamara Camera Blog where she says Tamara like camera.

        Liked by 1 person

  6. This is a very thoughtful post; I loved it too.
    Dr. Bertice Berry; wow, she’s so wonderful. I’ve never seen/heard her before, but you’re right, she is a soothing soul to listen to.

    I love snopes. I constantly look up shit people post on FB and if I can find concrete evidence of BS, I’ll link the snopes post. People just like to throw out BS and believe everything they read. Makes me so angry.

    I couldn’t read the link to the coin shortage, but I did google it and it makes sense now. I’d been hearing rumors about why, but didn’t fully get it (nor did I think on it too much) But I’m taking in my laundry/junk drawer coin collections to my bank today! Thank you for spurring that thought.

    My name? I love my name. It would be freaking fantastic if everyone could get it right, but what the heck? I still love it. BTW: If I ever run into another Suzanne, she’s always in her 50’s. Can Suzanne make a comeback before I die? Please?

    So sorry about Joy. I think putting a positive spin on it (such as she’s out with her bird friends and is eating well) then it’ll be easier on your heart. XO


    1. I feel like Dr. Bertice Berry had a tv show years ago, like in the 90s when everyone did. But I do love her. 🙂

      Same, girl, same about the anti-Snopes people. Also, I love LOVE The Onion. Have you ever read it? It is a satire website and I love to throw articles out here and there to piss people off who don’t know real or fake news. It confuses them and makes ME happy.

      I mean, when this all started we were all told that we shouldn’t use cash BY the government because of hygiene. It makes complete sense that we have a shortage. NO ONE IS USING CURRENCY. Also, not as many people are going into physical stores as much as they used to, so dollar bills and coins weren’t being used, only credit cards online. I know this has since changed over summer but I am sure they are still making up for that from March, April, and May NOW. So it makes a lot of sense.

      I love your name. There is a book I love from the 90s and the main character had a baby and named her Suzanne. 🙂

      I felt that same way too! Until yesterday one of the pet people in the pet locator group told us that the hawks can eat parakeets and I got all scared for her. WAY TO BE A BUZZKILL. I still am positive about it, maybe I am delusional or it is just my way of coping but I just want to feel like she is okay. She is okay. She is okay. The butterflies will protect her. I just know it. 🙂


      1. Oh, and I meant to mention your girlfriend Rachel; praying she is back to feeling well very soon.
        I spoke to one of my longtime friends who lives in TX. One of those friends where we don’t talk for a long time, then can’t stop talking. Anyhoo…I texted her back in April and we kept meaning to CALL each other. We finally spoke yesterday and she told me nonchalantly that she had COVID months ago; she and her sister both caught it at the same time. She said that it took her 7 weeks to get better; she spent her days dragging ass from her bedroom to her home office. Her sister was better in about 3-4 weeks. The sister had a garden that needed looking after/watering every day. She truly thinks that getting out in the sunshine is what made the difference. If that might be of use to someone, pass it along. XO

        Liked by 1 person

      2. The past few days she has finally been fever-free, thank God!
        It is a scary virus, that is for sure. I know someone said that this fall/winter, we will ALL be touched by someone who will have coronavirus and we are already seeing that in our lives this summer. I am not ready for what this fall/winter will hold but I hope we will be able to hold it off with safe practices. I just remember you and I first bonding over you getting over the regular flu last winter! Do you remember that?

        Liked by 1 person

      3. Yes. I was telling my friend about my flu experience it was very similar to her COVID experience. I’m still not 100% convinced that I didn’t have the COVID virus, but I did test positive for the flu; does it mean I had one and not the other? Who knows?

        Liked by 1 person

      4. The coughing and the ice cream. I need to look for that post you wrote. I remember laughing so loudly, my husband came from upstairs to see if I was okay. Now THAT is a good blog post. 🙂


  7. Okay, first off- WOW!!! I love you too friend & am so proud of you! And secondly, I know a part of you was worried about making people mad with this post, but I have to tell you, throughout the entire read, I only felt it coming from a place of love. Anyone offended by that is just bananas. Third, this name homework is good, I’m going to enjoy thinking on that for a bit. I seriously, love this post so much, I can’t quit going back & re-reading every part. Dr. Berry? I loved lost enough to her. But, The fact that your mom passed that on to you, makes me love your mom even a little bit more too! I seriously loved EVERY. SINGLE. WORD. of this ❤️

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I love that you loved this post! I hope this was the chicken noodle soup for YOUR soul. I am glad you are feeling better with each day. You have always inspired me over the years; I know your life hasn’t always been easy but you are SO inspiring and SO thoughtful and you lift others up all the time. I am glad I know you, glad I met you all those years ago. 🙂


  8. I hated my name growing up. No one had my name or a name like mine. Rita was some old lady. And the only story I heard about it was that there was a girl in my parents’ high school named Rita that my dad liked, and my mom thought it would be good if I was like her because she was smart and pretty and nice. I’m named after a girl my dad liked in high school? Really?

    A few years ago, going through some stuff, I found my grandmother’s confirmation certificate, and her confirmation name was Rita. That changed things for me. I don’t know who St. Rita was (but I’m guessing, like most saints, she sucked up a lot of suffering), but I know who my grandma was and one of her names was Rita. As I named my daughter for both of my grandmothers, I really like that.

    Also, I kind of like now that I have a name almost no one else does, and I think it’s more pretty than weird.

    As for families and kindness and all…yes. And: you’ve got something in this post about self-care including not arguing with people who are committed to misunderstanding you. At this point, I think it’s pretty clear that a lot of people are committed to ignorance and misunderstanding. There’s a difference between having different ideas about policy and being committed to policies that oppress some of us because of our color, gender, sexual orientation, ability, religion, etc. I’m not reaching out any more to those who are committed to that. I just want them defeated. (Please keep in mind I live in Portland, where peaceful protest is being met with weapons and soldiers from our federal government, where citizens exercising their rights to free speech and assembly are being kidnapped and shot at. This is way more than a difference of opinion, and it’s in my backyard.) While I love the idea of Trump being a really shitty step-dad, the sad truth I’ve come to realize is that we didn’t have a stable family before. Many of us were not being cared for in the same way that others of us were. The step-dad is just exploiting the cracks; he didn’t make them. It’s been really painful for me to come to terms with this–to understand the deeper dysfunctions I’d been so unaware of for most of my life.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. OMG, there was a girl I went to high school who was also named after a girl her dad dated. WHAT THE HELL?? I like your name, honestly. It reminds me of Rita Moreno, who I ADORE. But I love that you came to love your name, that makes me so happy. My dad chose my name and I do like that because I feel like a lot of moms choose the baby’s name. I don’t know if that is true or not, maybe I just feel that way. My middle name is Ellen, named after my grandma Ella, only they didn’t like how Kari Ella sounded, so they changed it to Kari Ellen. For a long time, I wanted to change my name to Ellen but I have an aunt named Ellen and I wanted to be the only Ellen I knew, so there went that.

      I agree with all that you are saying, especially because we all know about what we hear and see and what is being portrayed. I know that Portland is currently being portrayed as completely under siege but I saw you shared a post about peaceful parks all over your beautiful city that was not being torn apart, unlike what is being told on some news outlets. I live near Chicago and it bothers me when I hear people talk about the violence in Chicago; saying things like, “Chiraq”; people who have NEVER BEEN TO CHICAGO IN THEIR ENTIRE LIVES. I want to tell them to get Chicago out of their mouths. People like that sound so uneducated, so racist, so stupid.

      But you are right about the cracks that have always been there, the cracks that the stepdad didn’t make. The deep dysfunction that has been there for centuries that we have been so sadly unaware of. I have been awakened so much this year and for that, I am grateful. Deeply saddened, but grateful.


  9. Kari (always pronounced like Harry in my mind) – this post is pure perfection and comes from love. People are so divisive and hateful these days – hiding behind screens. It’s shameful really. I have found that a large majority of people I know on Facebook (I am rarely there because I get so disgusted so quickly) don’t bother to fact check ANYTHING. And then we have to rely on Facebook (or any other social media platform) to moderate. And? Honestly, how can they possibly do that? I use Snopes for everything and I don’t stop there, I try to see every story from every angle. Sadly, others don’t bother and just take what they see on the screen as truth.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hiding behind screens YES. That includes the person at the top. 😉 But it is so easy to hide behind screens and what horrible examples adults are setting for children and by the way, the first lady was supposed to be a leader in online bullying. It is shameful. We all need to BE BETTER. 🙂


  10. I am behind in my blog reading. Also my writing. And laundry. Don’t get me started on how desperately the fridge needs to be cleaned out. Leaving town for a few days with most kids plus 2 cousins but hate coming back to my house in disaster mode after leaving it in disaster mode so trying to get my act together.

    I read this finally on the bike but too loud at club to hear video and I do not own ear buds- why have one more thing the kids can ‘borrow’? Anyway hope to listen to video on our long drive tomorrow. Love your message here. I do have some issues with siblings so had to keep stopping to remind myself you were not speaking about that (even though parts of it fit). I hope Rachel is better soon. I am not grasping why people don’t just wear a mask? These are scary times.

    You raise a good point with the name question. Hmm. Maybe something else to think about in the long car ride. Oh, Mini and I were just talking bout how she would have been named something else if my sister had not used my favorite name (which she used bc my mom told her she did not like the name she had picked out already) and Mini said “Oh, well. . . I really think I am more of. Mini anyway.” How sweet is that?

    Liked by 1 person

    1. You are making me laugh. I don’t know how you get anything done. God bless you.

      She is feeling much better but is on day 11 to give you an idea of how bad this virus is. I also don’t think we realize what it does to the inside of the body AFTER you recover. Something no one wants to talk about.


  11. So much to comment on and I apologize, but I keep getting interrupted (by my wonderful husband, lol) so my thoughts will be brief and a little scattered.

    I’ve always liked my name! But I’m also drawn to other “M” names such as Margot and Meredith.

    Love the step family analogy. I’m have a couple of “siblings” that I can think of in this context but I haven’t disconnected with them except for unfollowing on FB. 😉 Truthfully, I’m more concerned about my real life sibling who has “divorced” our entire family. (Not because of politics.)

    I wanted to thank you for your last two comments on my blog. They were so incredibly sweet and kind that I actually teared up while reading them. When you said our families don’t realize how much work it is (to maintain a home, do all the cooking and keeping everyone healthy, etc)…spot on, my friend! It is WORK – hours worth – every single freaking day to keep this house clean and picked up and meals made. Most days, my dishwasher goes twice a day. The work that even goes into meal planning for the week (sometimes I really suck at that) and then the grocery shopping to get everything we need for the week (and I always forget something) and keep the pantry stocked with things we can’t run out of (TP!) – it is WORK! I think that sometimes spouses and children think those things just magically appear. They’re just part of the household. They don’t have to think whether we’re running out of TP or toothpaste of shampoo. And then, thank you for always saying how much you love my home and that it’s happiness for your weary soul. You are so good for my self-esteem. 🙂

    Love and miss you, my dear friend. I’m so sorry we couldn’t connect in person last week. We will do so soon!


    Liked by 1 person

    1. Aww, I love that I am good for your self esteem! That makes me so happy!! But it’s true. I didn’t just say it to make you feel good even though I’m glad it did. It IS work. Hard work. And a lot of people would agree with me that they would pay a lot of money to other people to have that work done by other people. So you tell anyone who will listen about my comment. Maybe print it and put it on your refrigerator. 😉

      I love and miss you too. I am so thankful for my writer friends and so thankful for the blogs that I read. They have quite literally saved my life over the past six months and I know that they will continue to do so over the next six months. That’s why I continue over and over to tell my friends to keep writing. It’s selfish. I want to keep sane. 😂

      It’s okay, we will connect soon. ❤️


  12. When I was 8 (now 67) I wanted my name to be Mary Frances. As an adult, some years ago, I decided I should have been named Maria Francesca. Then I realized I was Mary Frances since I was 8 — Maria Francesca!! So that’s my nom de plume. My husband’s cousin acknowledges me as SAINT Maria Francesca!!

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