I’m a Badass, He’s a Badass, She’s a Badass, We’re a Badass, Wouldn’t You Like to Be a Badass Too?

A Grace Full Life

First published on May 22, 2017

Last spring, one of my friends told me about this book titled You Are a Badass by Jen Sincero.

Courtesy of Amazon

I saw it at Target for 12 bucks then whipped out my phone and bought it on Amazon for $7.75 because I like my money a lot more than an evolved state of being.

That was last May/June 2016.

It is now May 2017 and I am only halfway through it, so if you’re looking for a life coach, I think you know where to find it.

I always bring a book when I fly on an airplane. Even when the kids were smaller and I knew damn well there would be no reading being had for mom on the plane. But a book is something I always tuck away in my carry-on because we don’t pay for WiFi and apparently, WiFi is…

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10 thoughts on “I’m a Badass, He’s a Badass, She’s a Badass, We’re a Badass, Wouldn’t You Like to Be a Badass Too?”

  1. I always have a book on me and usually carry at least a few on vacation (even when the kids were little and reading time was non-existent!).


  2. As much as I loved re-reading this post, I loved re-reading my response to it. 2020 Me misses 2017 Me. Or, at least, the 2017 Me who wrote that response to you. I remember last New Year’s Eve, thinking: OK, so, the 20teens were mostly crap and really hard and I guess that’s how I’m going to think of that decade but we’re starting a new one, baby and let’s embrace a new chapter.


    But I’ve got two real takeaways from your post this morning:
    1. All times are a mix of good/bad, high/low, slog/sprint.
    2. Some things could be a lot worse (not all things, but some), so better embrace the good while you’ve got it.

    Oh, and
    3. Kari is a badass.

    Thanks for the reminders.


    1. This is why I love reblogging these posts, not only do we get to re-read old posts but you also get to re-read old comments.
      It’s like digging up old time capsules and this year we are truly in need of revisiting US.

      We all need to take a virtual Exlax and or maybe a real Exlax. This week alone was so heavy. For me personally and for all of us in real life.
      I told a friend on Twitter this morning (and it’s only 9;50 am central standard time) that I need blood pressure meds to get to November. That is if November is what we think it is. GAHHHHHH.
      Ooh, it felt good to write GAHHHHHHHH.
      Think I will do it again.


  3. You are a badass. Apparently, I’m not looking deep enough, because I didn’t realize you were a negative Nancy. Maybe that NN was before I started reading your stuff?
    You had me in stitches here with this post. “It’s okay, she doesn’t read my blog because the internet causes cancer.

    I accidentally wrote DINE, which would be way cooler.

    Tori Spelling wrote a book? Books? What the hell. Without googling, I’m thinking her books might have to do with an unhealthy relationship with her Mom.

    Anyhoo….I’m pretty positive for the most part aside from any headache = brain cancer.
    But, apparently, that happens when you use the internet as much as I do.

    So, I need this book? maybe?

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    1. That’s because this was three years ago! I am a changed woman, Suz! You need the book. Or just keep reading this blog.

      By the way, I got in the car today, and guess what song came on Spotify? THE song. The one I talked about in your comment section.

      I am writing a post about it. Why? BECAUSE I AM A BADASS! See how that works?

      Tori wrote FOUR books, my friend. Four.
      Why are we gonna die soon?? WHAT DID YOU HEAR??

      Maybe get the book at the library. Don’t pay for it. Yet.

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