Green Doors Can Heal You

A Grace Full Life

Anna goes back to college tomorrow and this week I’ve been sad about her leaving. By the end of next week, I will be good but this week is tough. My friend Rita said it best when she said, “it’s like a long, slow breakup.” It is like the first year she went away all over again. She has been my rock during all of this pandemic and I am so going to miss her. 

First published June 4th, 2018

In 2013, we had a burgundy front door.

Front exterior door

That looked like hell because 13 years of wear and tear will do that to a door. Or to a mom.


So I decided that I was going to paint it myself.

Our house color is boring white so I wanted a color that popped. I chose Paradise Green by Sherwin Williams because screaming green…

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8 thoughts on “Green Doors Can Heal You”

  1. I LOVE your green door! Isn’t it great when you can be so comfortable with something (a bold color) that would scare the be-jesus out of someone else? YOU are bold and I love that.

    I have boring white doors and have wanted to have some color, but I was vetoed out. Which is funny, because the house decor is always MY department, but you know, sometimes I give in.

    “but I did what I do best when I am stressed: do what’s not even remotely necessary.”
    We are the same. 🙂

    Best of luck this week my sweet friend.

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    1. I love that sweet green door so much that all throughout quarantine and lockdown, I have opened it up every day so I could look at it. I have a storm door there too that has a lock on it, so that is why I do it. But that green door gives me so much joy and I am so glad I painted it green again two years ago.

      Thank you, friend. Today we pack up the car as she is driving herself this year for the first time. I think that is a good thing. I love her independent spirit. It is what we raise them up to do. 🙂

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  2. I love bold colors and use them in much of our decorating!

    You know we still have over a thousand homes without power in our state– going on 10 days now and our temps have been over 90 just about every single day. I feel so bad for those poor people and hope they have big, huge generators!!

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  3. Oh, I do love the green. Very much a statement. Love that it reminded the senior girls of freshman year – hilarious! I will admit, I was not a fan of the spicy color. Like my food, I guess – I am not into spice.

    I also suffer from, ‘Well, this doesn’t need to be done until after the party, so I will dive right in and get it started to make the party preparations interesting, painful, and stressful.’ It’s how I roll. I always thought it was because I am a lefty. Are you a lefty? Or just a fellow ‘let’s keep things interesting’ type like myself? I can brag about it here, but when I walk away from the computer and face the dozen or more photo albums STILL spread all over every surface in my downstairs, I will probably kick myself a bit. Our combo grad party for Lad and Reg and one cousin is tomorrow. Did I say THAT out loud? Yikes. Gotta go!

    Good luck with your sendoff. I will miss Eddie too, he leaves on Thursday. I am just hoping he gets to have a somewhat normal college year and doesn’t get sent home in 3 weeks. I want these kids to get back at it.

    PS – I did not even know I could comment here, I usually comment back at the original post . . . not sure which is correct from a blog etiquette standpoint . . . is that a thing? Or do you ‘front door painter extraordinaire’ have a preference?

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    1. You can comment wherever you like. 😘

      So she won’t be sent home because she’s living off campus this year for the first time. Also, all classes are being offered online or hybrid but I have a feeling they will go to completely online by mid-semester.

      Sending you a hug on Thursday. ❤️


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