When Life Hands You Lemons, Throw Them at Your Computer

A Grace Full Life

This part two of last weeks reblog is going to be as long as the post itself. When I was rejected from the book It’s Really 10 Months, I had some feelings about it, as you are about to read. I won’t explain the post because you can read it below but I am apologizing here ahead of it because I didn’t really thoughtfully digest the email the authors sent to me before kind of slamming them in my blog. I will write notes within the post addressing certain things as it is easier that way.

Also, the comments I received on the original post didn’t migrate with my blog transfer. I got a lot of comments on this post in my defense and not in my defense. But I didn’t want anyone to think I deleted them on purpose, I swear I didn’t. I wasn’t in that much of…

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10 thoughts on “When Life Hands You Lemons, Throw Them at Your Computer”

  1. I can understand your fury. To be told one thing then dumped is difficult to process, regardless of your hormone levels. I have to think that in the long run your response, how they treated you, and where you are now– is good. But in the moment, sometimes you have to defend yourself from what seems to be a direct attack to your character. No regrets, eh? Just a learning experience.

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  2. If you’ve ever been in a 12-step group, you’ve probably heard that rejection is God’s protection. I found that idea pretty annoying when first introduced to it, but it has proven to be surprisingly true. Yeah, I know that maybe that’s just how I’m choosing to interpret some things because we can never really know how they would have gone with different outcomes, but sometimes we do get to see what it likely would have been. I applied for a job this summer that I didn’t get. It didn’t feel right and I probably wouldn’t have accepted an offer even if I got one–but I might have. (Ego, hope, you know.) The person hired is already gone, and I think I dodged a bullet. You might have gotten more positives from this experience from how it went than you would have if it had gone the other way. Maybe. I used to always tell my students that if they tried something in my class and it didn’t work but they learned something important from the attempt, it was still a success (because learning is the point of school, duh). Maybe that applies here, too? I’m glad you kept writing and didn’t let this derail you. I know it hurt. (Of course it hurt!)

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    1. I’ve never heard that “God’s protection” but I like that.

      I agree it wasn’t my time. At the time, I couldn’t see it. I was so angry but I am able to see it now, so that makes me feel better.

      I’m sorry about the job for you but I love that you look at it as a success because you learned something. That is the good stuff, right there. ❤️


  3. Yowza. Sorry that this happened, and on the same day as another rejection? How’s that for timing? I’m glad you stuck with the blog. You do have quite the following and you are funny as shit. No doubt a female John Hughes.

    I once wrote a letter, dear God I shutter to think of it, to a boy that I went on one date with because he did not call me back. I was in college, not 8th grade. Oh the awfulness of it.

    Hindsight is 20/20 – oh look at that -a different spin on those numbers then what we are used to lately. I think as much as this experience sucked, it made you grow.

    Bumped out of the fb group- that was mishandled.

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  4. Hey Lady,

    I started reading this while we were busy in GA, then wasn’t able to finish it until now.
    Goodness. The fact is, rejection hurts. And you felt TWO of them the same day, so double whammy. I get it. I think we all ‘get’ it and understand your fury at the time.
    2020 Kari has grown as a writer and as a person.
    I love what Rita said about rejection being God’s protection; how that resonates with me and I’m sure you too.
    Thank you for sharing this with us and thank you for giving us the GOOD STUFF. 🙂


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    1. OMG. My old blog keeps linking to my damn account.
      Also, It probably sounds weird when I say hey lady, my girls do that to me all the time…a term of endearment, not weirdness.
      Well, maybe weirdness too

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      1. I keep wanting to mention something to you but I saw your blog in my blog feed again yesterday, so that’s good news!
        I love when you say that.
        As my mom always says, “call me anything just don’t call me late for dinner” ❤️


    2. Aww I love sharing these for so many reasons. I’m so glad that my ten year blog anniversary happened to fall in this year because that is the whole reason I decided to do these re-blogs on Fridays. They turned out to be saving my soul every single week and I might even keep doing this into 2021. It’s so good to go back and read posts from a different time and just laugh (or cry) a little and forget the heaviness for a little bit.

      Also, it is helped me become a better writer! So good stuff…all within a pandemic. ❤️


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