What I Wish People Would Write on Facebook

A Grace Full Life

I left facebook almost a month ago and I don’t honestly miss it. In fact, I am writing a post about it that will publish on Monday about how I came to my decision to leave it altogether. I think if it was more like what this post is about, I would have definitely stayed. 🙂 

First published November 21, 2014

I would like to credit my friend and fellow writer, Alison Lee for this idea, this brilliant idea.
She wrote this post back in October about random thoughts and ideas that don’t make it onto Facebook.

So I commented:

I have a way with words.

Then a few days later, Alison wrote:

So if Alison Lee says to please do it, you do it!
Because Alison Lee is awesome.
And so pretty.
I am not a stalker.
She is glad she lives in Malaysia. 
Far, far from me.

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