14 Reasons Why I Cannot Blog While Awaiting the Crimson Tidal Wave

A Grace Full Life

You will be noticing a theme in my posts over the next week…
So someone in the original comments (which were accidentally deleted when this blog was migrated from Blogger) had said they thought this post was about Alabama football because I guess they are called the Crimson Tide? So I am sure that demographic was shocked by what they got when they landed on this blog. I don’t think this will be your cup of tea if that was what you were looking for, just an inkling.

First published on October 14, 2014

That means “premenstrual” but I didn’t want to write “premenstrual” in the title because that would bring readers I am not sure I want to attract. Of course, saying “premenstrual” three times in the first paragraph of a blog post is just the SEO (aka- search engine optimization.. it’s okay, I had to look it up…

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