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The Day I Found Out I Was in Menopause

A Grace Full Life

I promise this is the last in the menopause posts. This is a big week for me and I have been writing about this for a while. Let me bask in this, okay? 
Next week I have a fun post lined up. I know we have heavy shit going on in the world and you all seem to like the lighter stuff better. I get it. 🙂 

First published May 11, 2015

I’m nothing if not blunt; that is just who I am, unfortunately.
My whole life I have been known to have what is called, “a way with words”.
That is a nice way of saying “I have no tact at times when tact is very much needed”.
I would never have done well in olden times.
You know, when women were required to be quiet and discreet.
Don’t even get me started.
I can actually hear my grandma…

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12 thoughts on “The Day I Found Out I Was in Menopause”

  1. Assholery or not, your girls adore you and they will forgive you for such things. This post touched me and I can’t put my finger on why. The love between you and your Mom? The way you adore your girls? It’s all very tender, familiar and it feels good.
    I recall being a complete ass to my family and I have regrets too; it’s hard when you’re in the moment and it feels so damn heavy.
    BTW: I thought about you on Wednesday; wondering if you were in fact throwing confetti in the air. Big hugs. XO

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    1. I know the assholery was the hardest part. I do not miss the PMS part of my period at all and that is the part that I realize is gone. I don’t have those horrible up and down emotions like I used to and those were really bad. I still have the migraines but I hope someday those will be gone too.

      I celebrated on Wednesday, actually! Ella and I took the day off of school, went to my mom and dad’s, and socially distant visited and she even made me a cake! I have good people. 🙂

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  2. I so enjoy girl time with my girls watching movies from when I was younger. We recently watched ‘Some Kind of Wonderful’ – finished it all in one night, a rare feat for me. I have no idea when the women folk in my life started the change. Maybe I should get that research going.

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