10 Reasons Why I Will Never Be Featured on Huffington Post

A Grace Full Life

This was my first (and probably last) post to go viral. This post was originally written when I was on the Blogger platform and at the time, I had Disqus handling all of my comments. Then Disqus got all messed up at Blogger, so when they migrated over here, they ALL said Kari on them. So it looks like I commented on my blog 47 times. I thought about deleting those comments but then I decided to leave them because it just makes this post seem that much more random. 🙂

Side note-Huffington Post has a contributor section that is completely different than the “news” section that you are probably more familiar with. This is what this post is referring to. 

First published July 31, 2014

When I started this blog, I had no idea what the Huffington Post was.
Was it even in existence in 2010?
This is…

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15 thoughts on “10 Reasons Why I Will Never Be Featured on Huffington Post”

  1. OMG – these are some hilarious lists. My writing teacher just suggested I submit something to Huff Post – um, now I am scared. I don’t typically write in list fashion, I tried last year and came up with 13. Isn’t that unlucky? Anyway, this was so fun.

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    1. Well, this was six years ago so maybe it is much tamer over there so don’t be scared! I definitely think you should do it!
      I used to think 13 was unlucky until Anna was born on the 13th and now it is very lucky. 🙂

      I am trying to keep posts light going forward. We see enough heavy stuff in the news every day. But seriously, submit to Huffington Post and beyond. I think it’s a great idea to submit your work to other places.


  2. HAPPENSTANCE and SUPERMARKET; thus far you’ve captured my attention with this post!
    I think you are awesome with the whole hyperbole thing. BTW, I like to pronounce it as it appears, just for shits and giggles. Hyper-Bowl.
    Just so you know, I never read HuffPo.
    I also do not like mean people nor do I want to attract the meanie weenies.
    Why in the hell did you comment on that post yourself 47 times? 😉 See, sassy is much better than mean.

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      1. Just got home last night for a mountain getaway and hoping to post something soon; up to my eyeballs in laundry, house tasks, butterfly business, emails, and bills. 🙂

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