How Gilmore Girls Saved My Life

A Grace Full Life

I can’t believe this show turned 20 on October 5th but I am celebrating because it feels like we need to. 

If you’ve never watched Gilmore Girls, 2020 is the year to break your GG cherry because you need Stars Hollow, Connecticut more than ever. 

First published on March 28th, 2016

I have so many things that I can thank my friend Rebecca for bringing into my life: CK One perfume, Tim Tam cookies, Filipino egg rolls, world peace.
But the one thing I am eternally grateful to my friend for bringing into my existence is the television show Gilmore Girls.

In January of 2008, I was at home with my then-newborn Ella and I wanted a television show to watch during the endless days and nights of feedings.

Something to give me a boost, to get me through my post-partum blues, my husband’s long hours…

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14 thoughts on “How Gilmore Girls Saved My Life”

  1. I used to watch and enjoy Gilmore Girls but not consistently enough to know all the characters you reference here. There was lots of chemistry and clicking and you’re right about the cerebral humor. That fast talking makes people sit up and pay attention. I might tune in now with NETFLIX!

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    1. I am so happy that you are finally on!! I feel like we need to have watch parties now!

      I know, this post will lose a lot of people because it’s definitely a specific demographic but I will always have a special place for them in my heart.


    1. It is! And they do? Not sure what you’re referring to?

      But it’s not for everyone, I totally get it. It took my parents a couple of tries. This year is a good year to watch. We need mindless happy shows. ❤️


  2. The Gilmore Girls is 20 years old! I cannot process that. I watched some episodes when it was first on, other episodes in reruns over the years, but have never seen it in order. I liked the characters well enough, but don’t see me binge watching it now. I’ll just live my life not knowing the whole story.

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    1. I can’t binge watch it either. I watch episodes here and there. I only binge-watch things when they are new to me anymore.
      I am now hooked on Schitt’s Creek and find it filling the tank that GG used to fill. It is lovely. ❤️

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  3. I’m almost ashamed to say, I did not watch this show. What was I doing in 2000? I need to figure that out….possibly I was worried about Y2K?
    You have me intrigued with the characters here though and I do love Lauren Graham in anything she’s been in.
    I’ll add it to my list because I do not want to be left out of this cool cult.

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    1. Y2K…wow that takes me back. I was pregnant with Anna then. Actually I had a newborn in 2000, so I was busy then which is probably why I wasn’t watching GG.

      I really think you would like the humor of this show. ❤️


  4. GG is also comfort food TV for my daughter and me. We also discovered it in 2008, the same year I became a single parent. I know it was her fantasy of what life could be like if her father weren’t…her father…and if her brother didn’t exist. And I was a LOT cooler.

    Some of it really makes us cringe now. Our 2020 eyes can see things our 20teens eyes didn’t. But I think we love it as much for what it once was for us as for what it actually is. (Lorelei is really kind of terrible sometimes, and so is Rory. And YES to what you said about money.) It will always have a special place in my heart.

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    1. Yes to all of this.
      And I never addressed how they stayed so thin while eating so much crap.

      Lorelai was SO terrible and at times, my least favorite character. When it wasn’t Rory. Actually, they were my two least favorite characters now that I think about it which is funny since the show revolves around them.
      The town is my favorite character. ❤️


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