New York City, Baby! (How NOT to Look Like a Tourist)

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This is the last reblog in the series. I find myself missing traveling, missing people, missing being normal, and I felt like these posts were a fun diversion especially with what has been going on this week. 

First published November 22, 2013

New York City is so many things to so many people but to me, it is where Sesame Street is.
The first show I can remember ever watching was Sesame Street and I simply adore that show.

My children have loved that show as well but to this day, I will stop and watch Sesame Street alone, if it’s on. It is mesmerizing.

So when I had the opportunity to visit New York City with my friend Jennifer, I was so nervous and excited (nexcited) to finally get the chance to see this city up close and personal.
Here is my guide to the things we…

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12 thoughts on “New York City, Baby! (How NOT to Look Like a Tourist)”

  1. I can’t believe you saw Bruce Willis!
    I’m SO happy that you pushed yourself out of your comfort zone, way out, and went on this amazing trip!
    I had totally forgotten about that Seinfeld clip—LOVE! And I also loved Serendipity. The movie, I’ve not been to the dessert place yet. But 1k? I honestly thought you were going to say something else about John Cusack that didn’t involve his leftovers. Hmmm….
    Unlike you, NYC is not a favorite place for me. I’ve been there four times and it’s just not my scene. I suppose I’m not a city girl, to begin with, but the noise, OH lawd the noise, it gets to me. BUT, I do like NYC pizza over Chicago pizza, I know, totally different, but there you have it. Speaking of Chicago, it’s always been one of our favorite cities to visit, if I’m going to a city that is.
    That bra IS famous. 🙂

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    1. Bruce Willis mmm mmm mmm.

      John Cusack, also mmm mmm mmm. He’s local though (Chicago) so much more doable. Read into that how you’d like

      So I have to say, I didn’t LOVE LOVE it. In retrospect, it wasn’t my favorite big city but that’s because I am so in love with Chicago. New York City smelled like burning hair the entire time we were there and the fact that I still remember that seven years later is frightening. 😂 But I would definitely go back to see places I didn’t get to like museums and neighborhoods etc. We only did Manhattan.

      If you ever get back to Chicago, please PLEASE let Ernie and I take you to Lou Malnati’s for pizza. Unless that’s what you had? We would have so much fun together, by the way.

      That bra is gone. 😳

      Why didn’t I save it. For the Kari museum? 😂


  2. These pictures are amazing and they LOOK like what we see on TV about NYC. I took Reg and Tank into the city for a few hours on a beautiful sunny fall day. We ate a picnic lunch in central park. We just wandered around a bit before we went to watch Lad play water polo at Fordham. I’d like to go back, see a show. Or something. Water polo being the focus made it tough to do much else.

    That pizza looks AMAZING. I think I might be drunk just after looking at that margarita. That was a jam packed day. I love the bra ditching AND the power nap, of course. It all sounds so fun. It does make me miss traveling a twinge.

    I temporarily lost the rental car when I was with Reg and Tank. We could not find where we parked it because we ditched it and then RAN like the wind to the subway so we had time to get into the city before the game. That was super stressful. I prefer to travel with other adults so I don’t have to be in charge of everything and REMEMBER everything and then if I got tipsy on one drink everyone would still survive.

    The area around Fordham – near the zoo was very cool. We ate at a sweet little mom and pop Italian place.

    So glad you got to go on this adventure. Great memories.

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    1. Traveling as the sole adult with kids IS super stressful! And I give you even more kudos for driving in NYC. I couldn’t have done that at all. The fact that you did NYC with the kids alone makes me respect you even more. 🙌🏻❤️

      I do miss traveling so much. I am so glad I have these posts to look back on. These opportunities were so special. Such great memories. ❤️


  3. A cool conclusion to your story. The only celebrity I saw in NYC was James Cromwell who is most definitely NOT Bruce Willis. You win on that point. [Is there a competition?]

    I like your “New York City smelled like burning hair” summation in a comment above. I agree, it had an odor to it that I found less than pleasant, but like you I was only in Manhattan so who knows about the whole area. Someday we might go back, maybe…

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  4. I love NYC and have had the opportunity to go 4 times. Hubs HATES it. I could absolutely live there – as long as I lived in the UES or UWS. Downtown is WAY too busy and people-y for me.

    Hubs parents are out there now and I bet it’s SO amazing post Biden’s win.

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    1. I would love to explore neighborhoods. Manhattan was insanely busy. Too much. I compare it to Michigan Avenue in Chicago. That’s my least favorite part of the city. The tourist parts. When people say they love Chicago and only mention American Girl, The Bean, Navy Pier, Wrigley Field…I roll my eyes because they are missing CHICAGO. I imagine that’s what this post is to New Yorkers but again, we only had two short days to see things.

      I saw all of the celebrations in the cities and it made me smile. Cringe a little too because of the pandemic. 😷


      1. I absolutely get the pandemic cringe and definitely wouldn’t be out in the streets celebrating in crowds (though their case counts are MUCH lower than ours) but the idea of being in my apartment and listening to people celebrating and cheering sounds WONDERFUL.

        I’m jealous that you got to see a famous person! I have never seen a famous person – except for the ones I paid to see perform 😉

        Can I tell you I’ve been to Chicago probably 35 times and I’ve never seen The Bean? And I’ve only been to Navy Pier once. I love Shedd and the Field Museum though. (I love museums – another reason I love NYC). Speaking of touristy – on our last visit to Chicago (in early November) we bundled up and took a night time carriage ride and we could see in windows of gorgeous old homes. It was so fun.

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      2. The sounds of cheers make me so happy! AND I love the sounds of cities all over the world celebrating as well. It honestly made me cry yesterday. The solidarity because we’ve felt so locked up and alone for these past nine months. Yesterday was so lovely.

        Can I tell you I live outside of Chicago and I have never visited The Bean! LMAO. I have seen it so many times, driven by it, walked by it but never actually taken a picture of myself reflected in it. Maybe it’s because it is always so busy? We do act like tourists in our own city all of the time because that is so much fun to do but The Bean is just not one of those places. Maybe after this is all over, we might have to do that.

        We actually took a carriage ride (IN EARLY NOVEMBER!) a couple of years ago with the girls and it was magical. They loved it and so did we. We had never done it before and I am so glad we did it. Every time we go down now, they both say, “remember when we took a carriage ride?” 🙂


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