How To Make a Blog Header Without Really Trying

A Grace Full Life

You will be rewarded if you read to the end. That is all I will say. 

First published June 30th, 2014

Recently, I had been noticing other blogs’ headers.


A few days later, I happened to be on Etsy and I noticed that they actually sell blog header packages.
I guess I didn’t know there was a market for such things. The prices were like $30 for a “package” but I didn’t inquire as to what a “package” was. Tee hee. Sorry, bathroom humor.

By the way, for those less inclined, package is another word for penis

Then a few days later, I saw a blog post by my friend Jeanette who created a really cool header on her blog using only Pic Monkey, and I was like wait, WHAT. You can do that?!

*Side note- for those who aren’t bloggers, it will get more interesting…

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4 thoughts on “How To Make a Blog Header Without Really Trying”

  1. I just love the cartoon version of yourself. So cute! Love that you referenced that your mom would say circles. Put my mom in that category. (She literally cannot handle it when people say ‘pissed’ – thank goodness I don’t talk that way).

    This post has made me look at my header for the first time in forever, maybe? I drew mine (obviously, having never heard of pic monkey or canva or whatever). Anyway, I am noticing that my text ‘feet’ and the cross out circle thing that is supposed to hover over ‘feet’ only line up on my desktop. When I view my blog on my phone the two sort of intersect and on my laptop they aren’t even close. I live in fear of changing something and having it turn out worse, so thinking I’ll just leave it be ultra confusing and amateur.

    Sort of surprised that balls are not part of your current header knowing your fixation and all.

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  2. I’m dying.
    This was so damn comical.
    1) I need a cartoon of myself
    2) I laughed every time you wrote balls
    3) I snorted when you wrote blue balls
    4) I double snorted when you said you went nuts with all the balls
    5) We are both 12 years old

    I honestly used to go bonkers trying to make a header for myself. It was so challenging for me. But, you’ve made me want to make one now.
    Wait, didn’t I say I wasn’t going to EFF with my blog ever again?!?

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