Nobody Puts Gravy in a Corner- I Didn’t Make That Up

A Grace Full Life

I can’t believe this was last November. This feels like FIVE years ago. The comments alone were fun to read to see what some of us were doing last year so don’t look at this reblog as depressing. Look at it as hopeful for what is in store for next year because next year will be better. 

First published November 18, 2019

I needed to add “I didn’t make that up” to the title because nobody puts gravy in a corner is pretty funny but it’s not something I came up with. It’s a play on a Dirty Dancing line and no, I won’t elaborate because if you’ve never watched Dirty Dancing, I don’t know that you can read my blog anymore.

I did however google “nobody puts gravy in a corner” to see if it was copyrighted but it’s not. It is in a Country Living magazine article…

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4 thoughts on “Nobody Puts Gravy in a Corner- I Didn’t Make That Up”

  1. How could anyone not have seen Dirty Dancing? Have they been living off planet? As for putting gravy in the corner I’m sure my mother would have been onboard with that idea. She hated the stuff, refusing to make it.

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    1. RIGHT? Oh, I am so sorry. That reminds me, I need to add gravy to my list of things to make next week. I am so used to my mom making it every year. I swear I am not trying to rub it in. Just not used to making Thanksgiving dinner. Stupid Covid.

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    Suz to herself: of course Kari has a Thanksgiving playlist.
    Chicken leg pants….oh my goodness. Who would’ve thunk it?
    Brown Friday? That’s just grosser than gross.
    I wish you were coming over, we could have laughs and dranks together.
    My Aunt is in charge of the dressing and she does it SO very well; it’s my favorite part of the meal. Can I have that with high cholesterol? Probably not. Damnit

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