Ten Stuffing Recipes Because Stuffing is Good

A Grace Full Life

I know most of you probably already have your ingredients for stuffing/dressing but I thought I would reblog this today because stuffing/dressing is my favorite part of Thanksgiving. 

Also, since I am making Thanksgiving this year I asked my mom for the recipe for stuffing and she was telling me that she didn’t have a “recipe” per se because she is a true chef, old school style. Then I found this post and laughed because the recipe is here. AND THIS IS WHY IT’S GOOD TO HAVE A BLOG. 

Happy Thanksgiving, my friends. 🙂 

First published November 19th, 2018

So many synonyms for good but could I think of one to put in the title?

Tip-top was one.

Tip-top just isn’t used enough.

How was your stuffing, dear?

Fine job! TIP-TOP!!

This post is twofold!

You will not only get ten of the best stuffing recipes you’ve ever laid your…

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10 thoughts on “Ten Stuffing Recipes Because Stuffing is Good”

  1. I serve dressing because I don’t stuff it anywhere. (I’m married to a food distributor who is food safety certified and there is NO WAY he’s allowing us to stuff anything inside that we’re planning to eat later.) I started with The Pioneer Woman’s recipe years ago and have been playing and fiddling with it for years until it’s perfect. I don’t have a recipe either.

    My favorite is my grandmother’s cranberry jello salad which i made earlier today so it has plenty of time to set. Violet and I will eat those leftovers straight from the bowl on Friday morning.

    Hope you have a special and lovely holiday tomorrow!

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    1. I was just watching the first ever episode of The Pioneer Woman this afternoon and she made mashed potatoes with cream cheese and I think I’m going to make that tomorrow.

      That jello salad sounds amazing! I love jello salads and I don’t know why I don’t make them. This year calls for jello more than any other.

      Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family! 😘


  2. I think we grew up calling it dressing and no one was from the south. We eventually called it stuffing more often. So much debate about whether to cook it inside the turkey or outside of it. I still stuff.

    I had my girls squeeze the water out of the bread (4 loaves because I am making two turkeys), tonight for my recipe which was from my mom’s side. It’s so simple. Dried bread, dip in water, squeeze out water, chopped onion, butter, and rubbed sage, salt and pepper.

    I have never ended up with such ‘wet’ stuffing but that’s OK, I can’t eat it anyway. I went way overboard this year on what I am making. I usually don’t cook more than one dish because I don’t host since we have Irish dancing championships the weekend after. Of course this year I get to do both – cook for my gang and THEN head off to Irish dancing champs. I plan to sleep all day Sunday and let them eat leftovers for a solid week.

    Enjoy your day!

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  3. It’s always dressing in our home and it’s a recipe that my Mom and Aunt have from when they were growing up. I’ve made it once, and it was good, but when my Aunt makes it, like most things it’s even better!!

    Please for the love of everything, sign me up for this annoying blogger pontoon boat conference.

    You added in more balls. I’m completely shocked.

    Not really.

    It’s dressing.


    I said THE END.

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  4. OMG! I just left a long and witty comment and it’s gone. Gone with the damn wind!

    We always call it dressing because it never GOES INTO THE TURKEY. Don’t make me get all up in your beeswax about this. It’s dressing. It’s ‘dressing’ the turkey.
    My aunt always makes it except for this ONE year when they couldn’t join us and I had to make it. It didn’t taste as good to me because I love everyone elses cooking. The recipe came from my Aunt and Mom’s family and it’s been used for a billion years. Yes, they were the cave people who started Thanksgiving before the pilgrims and native Americans. A little known fact…

    I hope you guys had a lovely day and I’m sure ALL the food was delicious because I didn’t make it.

    Oh, and please for the love of all things, include me in this annoying blogger pontoon boat conference. Or else.

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  5. Yesssssss! Stuffing. Because my leftover turkey sandwich would be nothing without cubes of bread on the bread! I might’ve dried out the stuffing my son made a little bit this year because the oven was too high and the turkey breast wasn’t temping high enough soon enough (I blame the ‘Rona fog…or the thrill that I came off “isolation” that day–either way it takes the blame).

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    1. My stuffing turned out horribly this year. I made it in the crockpot so the bottom was burnt and the rest was soggy. 😂😂

      I’m so glad you were able to be with your family for Thanksgiving. ❤️


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