My Kind Of Town

A Grace Full Life

This post was from my first year of blogging. Ellie was only two years old and Annie was only ten years old. We got a babysitter and felt so fancy heading into Chicago on a Friday night. 

Little big things. 

First published December 5, 2010

Last night, my husband and I went into the city for a little date night and it was so much fun. The lights, the shoppers, the music; Chicago is truly magical during the holidays.

We are so lucky to live close enough to the largest city in the Midwest so that we are able to just pop in and out rather than making a trip out of it and we never take that for granted.

Both of Mike’s parents grew up on the north side of Chicago.

Mike’s grandpa

His grandparents came to the city from Ireland many years ago and all of the men…

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6 thoughts on “My Kind Of Town”

  1. I assumed your child was flipping the bird in that photo. Hee hee. Chicago is a great city and we don’t get there very often. We had a membership to the Shedd one year and to the Museum and Science and Industry another, so that brought us down in the winter months. Every summer for years, we did a beach day combined with Lincoln Park Zoo. We’ve never done the Walnut Room. So lovely, I might have skipped it with my people because I think we DID wait to hours to eat there when I was a kid. That is a form of child abuse. So much to do there that we have never done. Oops.

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    1. Lol yes, let’s say she is!

      I do miss going to the city. We used to go every year the week of Thanksgiving with the girls and of course now we can’t. I can’t wait until this is all over.

      We never did eat at The Walnut Room. I guess you can do curbside pick up though now. We should do that and eat in the car. 😂


  2. I love Mikes’s family history around Chi-Town! I’m kind of glad he didn’t go into law enforcement; can you imagine the anxiety that would ADD to your life? (side note, my anxiety might be ramping up because of such a thing)
    I’ve not heard of this fabulous popcorn…how did I miss this on all our trips to Chicago? For sure, I probably can’t have it now because I’m sure it tastes so good because of all the cholesterol.
    So, nine years. NINE YEARS? What is the deal?
    The city does look magical this time of year. I’m gonna go check out the Department store link because I grew up in a time when the Department store was everything and I sure do miss that. Food, shopping, memories.

    I totally forgot about the movie Funny Farm. Loved it and yes, Eddie Murphy was the white guy…who could even argue about it? Idiots. That’s who.

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    1. OMG, GIRL, YOU NEED THIS POPCORN. Funny story…my friend Rebecca and I were on a food tour in Chicago a few years ago and we met this couple and they had never had this popcorn before (they were tourists too) and the husband ate an entire bag in one night in the hotel room. It’s caramel and cheese mixed together and it was all over the white sheets in the hotel room. They said it looked like a crime scene and it made us laugh so hard. Anyhoo. IT IS GOOD POPCORN. 😉

      I miss all of this stuff. Stupid covid.

      I love department stores. Department stores used to have a smell too. Not a stink but a specific department store smell. Ahh. Memories.


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