Gingerbread Cookie Making for the Soul

A Grace Full Life

This felt like a good share for this second week in December. 🙂 
Also, keep the cards for my friend Tonda coming! 
If you missed Monday’s post, here is her address again. 


Oak Grove Manor

1670 Crider Road 

Mansfield, Ohio 44903

Attention: Allison

First published December 21, 2015

We have established that my youngest daughter likes gingerbread.
Making it, eating it, looking at it, bathing in it.
It started with my mom and her love of gingerbread.
When she lived closer, she would make a gingerbread house with my oldest daughter every Christmas.
Then when they moved away, they would keep up the tradition when we would visit them, but when little Ellie came along, my mom would also make gingerbread cookies for her to decorate so she would feel like we included her.

I believe the subliminal gingerbread making seeped into Ellie’s soul as her comfort Christmas…

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8 thoughts on “Gingerbread Cookie Making for the Soul”

  1. So very sweet. A few years ago I did a surprise party for Curly’s b-day. It was a sleepover and we made Chritmas cookies and I wanted to jump off a cliff when it was done, but THE GIRLS LOVED IT. Curly was over the moon. I got them all blank aprons so they decorated those as another little activity. Never enough activities for little hands.

    I love the reference to Little House on the Prairie – you deserve a medal for making your own brown sugar. That whole bit made this post timeless . . . wanting to stay in jammies and not go out, so similar to our current ‘situation.’ I also loved Ella’s little cookie cutter photo op.

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    1. That made me laugh because I was usually the same way when the kids wanted to bake with me. Sounds like a good idea, wants to pull out your hair instead. 😂 But I remember this day she was so focused and happy to have me all to herself. I felt the same way too. ❤️


  2. My mind is blown that you can actually make BROWN SUGAR. I had NO idea!!
    I adore the fact that Ellie equates Christmas with gingerbread. This means she equates Christmas with her Grandma, (and yours) the original Gingerbread Queen.
    Can I have your bee spreaders? I mean, they SHOULD be mine.
    What a very sweet and wonderful tradition with both of your girls. Your Grandma would be proud you are keeping her memories alive.

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    1. I only found out from sheer laziness!
      Both of my girls still LOVE Christmas. This is in part due to my mom. She has always made Christmas so special. Obviously I do too but she is a very magical grandma. I do love that my girls are 20 and almost 13 and are just as excited now as they were when they were little. ❤️

      Those bee spreaders were a gift from my mom! Lol I think you’d love her too. I swear we all need to meet when the pandemic is over.

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