Things About Me That Will Make You Feel Good About Yourself

A Grace Full Life

Will you still be my friend? 

First published August 18, 2015

My primary aim here on the blog is foremost, to be brutally honest but not honestly honest if this makes sense? Sarcastically honest? Better?
And squeezing in my love of tacos and Bruce Hornsby, but not in that order.
Unless it is about my love for John Hughes.
Then it is John Hughes, sarcastic honesty, tacos, thenBruce Hornsby.

Sorry, Bruce.
That’s just the way it is.
Some things will never change.

I like to share posts with you to make you feel good about yourself. The reason is three-fold.

1- I feel you might read my blog while you’re doing something unpleasant (ie- at work/working at home/mopping the floor/staying at home with the kids), so you need a lift.

2- Life can suck, why add to the suck by writing about other things that suck?

3- Why…

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4 thoughts on “Things About Me That Will Make You Feel Good About Yourself”

  1. You make me feel good about myself because you are willing to try to make me feel better about myself rather than attempting to make me feel worse about myself. So thanks. Also, spelling *psychology* is difficult for me to spell too. I’m glad I didn’t want to major in it.

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  2. You had me at vagina sweats.
    That IS ET.
    Informative Gossip====IG. Insta-Gram. Instant Gossip. Informative Gram. I do not know where I’m going here, but I can’t stop.
    I also can not spell psychology. Wait, I JUST DID IT. I’m CURED! Really, all of the psy words fail me.
    Jesus, by the time I got down here, the RED light went on and Indeed I DID Spell it wrong and had to go back. Lord help me, please.
    Does anyone sell amway anymore? It is a damn cult, I just know it and I’m sure they are NOT allowed to eat peanut M & M’s. Only the regular kind.

    This had me in stitches, but not the Doctor kind. The good kind. That’s just the way it is. Somethings will never change. You make me laugh.

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