Why Raygun Won’t Let Me “Pimp Them Out”

A Grace Full Life

I had to share this with all of you because it was the first time I tried to get a company to send me free shit. Also, I love this company and I think you will love it too if you’ve never discovered it. I thought it would be a fun find on the week I shared, Shit I Bought During a Pandemic. 

First published April 12, 2013

I did a “thing”.

I think I discovered a company.

Okay, maybe not “discovered”.

I found them through another blogger on Instagram.

Same thing.

I bought myself this:

Don’t be jealous of my threads.
Even if you don’t blog, Raygun has really cool stuff.

When my tee-shirt came in the mail THREE DAYS after ordering it, there was even a handwritten note on my receipt.

Get out!


That was their first mistake. Making handwritten contact with…

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12 thoughts on “Why Raygun Won’t Let Me “Pimp Them Out””

  1. How are you this funny? Also 2020 You interacting with 2013 You is like lunch with two hysterical sisters.

    I miss lunch.

    Totally visiting that awesome company’s website. They were kind (with impressive vocab) when they coulda been asshats. Kindness should be rewarded. Maybe even with money. Do like that Midwest tee. Clearance!?! Piffle! That’s Ironic Kitsch! Trendy! *furrows brow worriedly* Right?

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  2. So, that Suzanne, you know she HAD to check out your blog or else she wouldn’t know you have two girls. Suzanne’s are so smart like that.
    I love that you did this. YOU HAVE NO SHAME and I love that about you. What a cool company though. Roger. Shirley. Suzanne. Jess. Mike. ALL OF THEM.

    Kari, I think we DO need to touch on one thing. It’s 2021. 2020 was SO last year. 😉

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  3. This is awesome. You crack me up. I think I would’ve been asking for free stuff from my blog if I had known that was a thing. You are several steps ahead of me, which unfortunately isn’t saying much.

    I have never heard of Raygun and now I must check them out. Love that free stuff they sent you. I’ll be sure to tell them Kari sent me.

    Also, I DID NOT EVEN CATCH THE 2020 THING. Does the GREAT MINDS THINK A LOT thing apply here?

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